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Moments and Memories at Whitesburg High School

Honors to the Hill

Rita Katherine Hale — Ruby Jewel Craft

Two honors have been brought to the hill this year, and we are justly proud of both. Ruby Jewel Craft was school and county winner in the I Speak for Democracy contest. She represented Letcher County in the state contest. Rita Katherine Hale won first place in the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Essay contest at the school. She placed second in the district.

Homecoming 1956-57

On October 5, 1956, WHS had their third annual Homecoming with Lana Lykins Jones relinquishing her regal position and crown to this year’s lovely queen, Ella Yonts. Her attendants were Emma Walker, Bobbie Sumpter, Mary Johnson, Sandy Gibson, Judith Combs, Wanda Collier, Bobbie King, and Carol Brown. Our ‘Stinging Jackets’ really stung the Lynch Bulldogs with a score of 42 to 14. Preceding the game and coronation, there was a parade through town led by our high-stepping band. After the game the Homecoming Dance was held in the newly erected Harlow Motor Company building. A great day for everyone in Whitesburg!

On the Hill, with

Betty Pratt (1957)

The Regional Speech Festival at Pikeville proved to be quite a success for the Whitesburg Speech Department. As a reward for our efforts, we will receive a trophy to be presented at the University of Kentucky during the State Festival. We’re proud to say we received more points than any other school in this region. There were four Superiors: Ruby J. Craft in Oratory, Norma Stallard in Oratory, Barbara Holstein in Dramatic Reading and I was selected in Extemporaneous Speaking. We will represent the Speech Class at Lexington on April 8, 9, and 10. The Excellents were James Reynolds, Extemporaneous Speaking, Donna Spangler and Carol Brown, Poetry Reading, James Adams and Sylvia Owens, Discussion. Wanda Rogers, Expository Prose, and Lilly Jane Collins, Humorous Monologue. Those who received a good rating were Ray Adams and James Adams, Radio Speaking, Wanda Collier, Serious Monologue, Billie S. Amburgey and Margaret, Discussion, and Annette Raleigh, Dramatic Reading.

The Superior rated people will give their readings in Chapel on Thursday.

The people in debate, Kathy Adams, James Reynolds, Ronald Collier and I, do not receive a rating. This is also true in public speaking. Ruby J. Craft won second place with her speech ‘Integration in Kentucky.’ Inez Pratt and Pat Fulton had very good speeches on Alexander Hamilton but they, as other public speakers, did not receive a rating.

It seems as though Ruby Craft is always winning so the Kiwanis Public Speaking Contest was no exception. She won third place and a medal and $10 as a reward for her hard work on the speech ‘Integration in Kentucky.’

The Inter-Mural Tournament is now in progress. So far, the freshmen beat the eighth grade, and the seniors edged the juniors in two very exciting games.

On Monday, a representative from Spencerian Business College spoke to the seniors who were interested in a business career. Free pencils and leaflets were given out.

On March 24, the E.K.M.C. named Wendell Meade as a member of the All Conference Team. We’re certainly proud of that and congratulate him very highly. At the meeting, Mr. Boggs was elected vice president for l957-58.

This week has been declared Teacher Appreciation Week by Governor Chandler. Poems are being read over the public address system as a tribute to the teachers.

I mentioned recently that the Journalism Class has been working on a project to better the safety of our school by eliminating the congested traffic on the hill during the rush hours of school activity. The Journalism Class wrote letters to the Department of Highways and the Mayor of the town, asking to have the dirt road circling the campus blacktopped so that oneway traffic could be used instead of everyone coming up and going back down College Drive. I must admit we received fast results. On Tuesday the Highway Department started graveling the dirt road that we proposed to have blacktopped. Our special thanks to Hassel Stamper, head of the Letcher County Department of Highways.

The time is once again approaching when the Black Kat is dedicated to the senior class, and so the Journalism Class is busy selling ads. If there is anyone who has not been visited please notify us and we’ll be there on the double.

Till I see you again then — remember — ask and ye shall receive, seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you.

Join me on the hill.

(The above article appeared in The Mountain
March 28, 1957.)

On The Hill, by Betty Pratt

Last Wednesday morning, the student body had the pleasure of listening to some very distinguished speakers over our new P.A. system in the gymnasium. Mr. Boggs introduced that small exuberant man and faithful servant to Letcher Countians we all know and love, Dr. Collins, and he in turn introduced Dr. Donald P. Cromwell, who has led a very exciting life. He has been a medical missionary in the Belgian Congo and his speech centered around the topic. He had numerous things that the natives of the Congo use and some of them he demonstrated. At the present time he is with the Louisville Health Department. The talk was very good and everyone enjoyed it immensely, and we would like to thank Dr. Collins for presenting him to us. Mr. Boggs also introduced another of the Letcher County Health Department, Burl Boggs. Yes, that’s right — he’s the brother of our principal. And once you’ve seen him, you’ll understand why they are mistaken for each other constantly.

Mardi Gras fun

The biggest event of the year was a huge success, and the junior class and sponsors really worked hard to make it one. Mrs. Hall had charge of the food and it was really delicious. Mrs. Combs was in charge of the decorations and believe me, it was the most beautiful in the history of W.H.S. At least, we think so.

Mrs. Lewis planned all the games and put them into action. Mr. Preston was the general chairman. At 10:30, the Teacher of the Year, who is Mr. Jim Preston, was presented and he crowned Bobbie Sumpter and Lloyd Hodge queen and king over the Mardi Gras. The most wonderful thing of all was the orchestra! The Jack Taylor Quintet, which was composed of five members, Ed Minor on the piano, and also a very fine vocalist, Gene Mitchell on bass, Doc Williams on drums, George Luke on the saxophone, and our own Jack Taylor on the trumpet. The junior class really put a lot of work and, as Mr. Preston put it, a lot of cold cash into the Mardi Gras and on behalf of the senior class I would like to say, Thanks, juniors, for a fine evening of fun and recreation. The seniors are really feeling like seniors now! On Tuesday, every senior received a card from Bradshaw Jewelers telling us they were giving us a free gift. Of course, we rushed down right after school and he presented the girls with very stylish chain necklaces of the year ’57. The boys received tiepins which were very cute, also the year ’57.

Play was great success

The seniors gave their production of ‘The Angel Brats’ on Tuesday morning and again that night. Everyone is saying that it was the best senior play ever to be given at WHS. Of course we all agree with them.

I would like to thank Dana Caudill and Betty Adams Sexton for the fine posters they drew to advertise the event. And also the local radio stations, WTCW and WNKY for announcing it so many times. I hope the play cast of next year has as much fun as the one this year. It was fun for me just to put their make-up on. The cast included Ronald Collier, Don Walker, Kathy Adams, Norma Stallard, Inez Pratt, Pat Fulton, Arminta Ison, Julia Adams, Janell Callahan, Rodney Kincer, William Raleigh, Ben Everidge, Annaleigh Combs, and Andy Boring. They were really good! They were under the direction of Vera Raleigh, and Ruby Craft was assistant director.

Now that school is nearing its end, all the teachers are concerned with our futures and are trying to do something to help us. Example — Mrs. Bates is teaching the typing class to cut stencils and run the mimeograph machine. All girls who are going into secretarial work will certainly need this experience.

Picnics scheduled

The day for the club picnics has been set for Thursday. Everyone is looking forward to a good time and a good hike since no buses or automobiles are being taken.

That’s all the news for now. I hope you’ll join me again next week. Until then — remember this selection from Alexander Pope: Good nature and good sense must ever join — to err is human, to forgive, divine.

(The above article appeared in The Mountain
May 9, 1957.) Seniors at WHS find this

week best, by Betty Pratt

I’m sure that most seniors will be forced to agree that this is the most enjoyable week of school ever spent! This is what we call Senior Week. We only check into homeroom and then we are free except for practice for that big night commencement.

The baccalaureate was held last Sunday night, with Rev. E. K. Meyers bringing the message. Rev. Clel B. Rodgers gave the invocation and benediction.

The Class Day exercises were held on Wednesday. The address was given by Ronald Collier, President of the class. Then the senior class sang ‘Singing the Blues’ accompanied by Barbara Holstein on the piano. The version was quite diff erent than the one that has been on the hit parade for many weeks. Mrs. Combs re-wrote it to go with graduation motif. Then we sang ‘Graduation Day’. Jack Taylor was the director.

The class history was given by Norma Stallard, Rodney Kincer, Julia Adams. The class will, which kept everyone laughing, was given by Annette Raleigh, Kathleen Adams, and Barbara Gumm. Anita Sue Scott, Dana Joyce Adams, and Yvonne Sexton gave the class prophecy, and most of us are praying that they aren’t good fortunetellers!

Then came the presentation of awards. Miss Raleigh almost gave me heart failure when she presented ME with the English award, which was first on the list. Ronald Collier received the science and math awards. In the social science field, Mr. Enlow gave Dana J. Adams the medal. Phyllis Reed was given the award for the commerce department. Of course, the public speaker herself won the speech award. She was Ruby J. Craft. Mr. Taylor presented Barbara Holstein the award for the best chorus member. James Reynolds was the best bandsman. In home economics, Miss Dugan presented Julia Adams the medal. This is right down her alley since she will become Mrs. James Gilley in the very near future. I was called again to the platform to receive the journalism award. The Senior Athlete of the Year was naturally the co-captain of the football squad, member of the All State Grid Team, and basketball player, Lloyd Hodge. This award was presented by Coach Moore.

Mrs. Ruth Rice presented Kathy Adams with the Business and Professional Women’s Club award, which was a $25 savings bond. The Harris Award, presented by Mrs. Stephen Combs Jr. in memory and honor of her father, Professor H.H. Harris, former principal of WHS, was given to Ronald Collier.

The valedictorian and salutatorian trophies were presented by Mr. Boggs. Our valedictorian is Ronald Collier and Sue Carrol Caudill is the salutatorian. Congratulations to you both. To close the program, Supt. W.B. Hall presented the perfect attendance awards.

The highest ranking students, Ronald Collier, Sue Carol Caudill and Barbara Holstein, were given scholarships to Union College in the amount of $250 per year for four years.

The seniors then went to buy the group pictures and select the proofs for enlargements. Wainscott Studios sent representatives on Monday to take pictures of the seniors.

The Black Kats were given out Monday morning. They were made by The
Mountain Eagle
office this time, and they were very good, something we will cherish all of our lives. Here are the business firms that made it possible: Whitesburg Farm Service, Coca- Cola Bottling Company, Rogers Dairy Bar, J. Clyde Frazier, Craft Department Store, Harlow Motor, Messenger Florist, Elmer Collins Market, KYVA Motor Company, Pigman Brother’s Cleaners, Home Lumber Company, Bradshaw Jewelers, Style Shoppe, The Bank of Whitesburg, Dr. Pepper Co., Royal Crown Co., Dawahare’s, and Kermit’s Super Market.

Last week, the speech class gave a one-act comedy, ‘Sparkin’’, with Betty Webb, Roberta Brown, Shelby Sparks, Lee Caudill, as the cast. Nan Lou Holbrook directed the play and very well, I might add. They only charged a nickel for the fine entertainment is the best part! (The above article appeared in The Mountain
May, 1957.)

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