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Moments and Memories at WHS

This is the gravesite marker of Steve Matrick, located at the Sandlick Cemetery in Whitesburg.

This is the gravesite marker of Steve Matrick, located at the Sandlick Cemetery in Whitesburg.

The whole community and especially the school children were shocked on Thursday morning when one of the high school students found the body of Steve Matrick, the school janitor, who had a room in the basement of the high school, hanging by a cord made of electrical wires twisted together. Steve had been working for the school for eight years and all the students felt kindly toward him, talking with him and bringing him small gifts of food and other items.

He received his meals from the school cafeteria. He could talk very little English, but he was always appreciative of every kind word, smile or little attention which was given him. He had been ill for several days and it is thought his condition together with the lonely life he lived prompted the act.

Steve Matrick was born in Warsaw, Poland December 15, 1887. He came to America in 1918 and worked 20 years for Consolidation Coal Co. His dismissal was caused by an accident and he then came to Whitesburg. His best friend in this town was Mr. French Hawk, who had been kind to him, furnishing him food and clothing and at his death took charge of his body. He was prepared for burial by the Craft Funeral Home and funeral services were conducted by Rev. L.O. Griffith and Rev. K.E. Hill in the school auditorium.

The friends among the student body of the town attending. The high school Glee Club sang “Abide With Me, Now The Day Is Over” and “When You Come to the End of a Perfect Day”. The funeral services were very impressive when Rev. Griffith told the audience that immigrant Steve had no relatives here, still he had a country. He said many had the joy of having served and been kind to Steve, while many felt they had missed an opportunity in failing to render any kindness to him, but realize there are many others around us to whom we can minister.

Steve Marrick’s body was laid to rest by the side of Little Billy Flynn in the Sandlick Cemetery, a small boy Mr. Hawk had befriended in life and in death. The teachers, student bodies of the high school and grades also the county assisted Mr. Hawk in the funeral expenses of Steve.

(NOTE: This article appeared in The Mountain Eagle on Feb. 18, 1943)

Faculty of Whitesburg

High 1943

Curtis J. Reed, principal; Jody Adams, biology and general business; Edgar Banks, chemistry, physics and algebra; Bonnie Blair Day, American history and civics; Carlice Breeding, general math. and el. algebra; Ann Dugan, home economics; Mary Glen Jenkins, shorthand and typing; Isaac Hogg, geometry; Mrs. Hugh Hurst, physical geography, health and general science; Mrs. Rosa Jones, public speech and music; W.L. Stallard, bookkeeping, world history and journalism; J. Marion Stamper, English; Eunice Taylor, English; Miss Cleo Stamper, library.

Song dedications

“Low and Lonely” from Juanita Hogg to Don Murray. “Better Not Roll those Big Blue Eyes” from Till to Bill. “The Chicks I Pick Are Slender, Tender and Tall” from Betty Jo to Ralph Day. “Be Not Discouraged” from Homer Goines to Lucille Adams. “Wait For Me Mary” from Andy to Mary C. “Pistol Packing Mama” from Ossie to Unico. “Move It Over” from Larry Ann to Juanita. “You’ll Never Know” from Pruda to Ossie. “There’s a Cabin In the Sky” from Cleta B. to Herman S. “Don’t Get Around Much Anymore” from Mary Lou B. to Albert. “You Were Never More Lovelier” from Franklin to Carol Combs. “Wonder When My Baby’s Coming Home” from Lois to Ralph F.

Whitesburg Football News

The Yellowjackets opened their season with a well played and very interesting game against the Fleming Pirates. The final score being 7-0, favoring Fleming. We hope to be different the next time with Whitesburg coming home with the victory. A very nice crowd turned out, regardless the situation.

Whitesburg Yellowjackets are up and coming and they hope the faculty and student body will back them to the fullest extent.

The starting lineup for the first game was: Jack Fugate-LE; Clay Banks-LT; Robert Hall-LG; Robert Adams-Center; J. B Hall-RG; Don Murray-RT; Ralph Day-RE; Ossie Amburgey- FB; Cecil Caudill-WB; Ishmal Craft-TB; Wendell Collier-BB.

With the following substitutes: Herman Sergent, Bill Pigman; Bob Winstead, Douglas Moncrief, Fred Day, and Stevie John.

Black Kat Staff 1943

Editor Mary Ann Blevins; Assistant Editor Philmore Bowen; Business Mgr. Matilda Combs; Assistant Business Mgr. Wilma Monkin; Subscription Mgr. Pruda Williams; Typist and Artist Lois Boggs; Exchange Editor Jack Wise Collins; Advisor W.L. Stallard.

WHS Pep club news

This is the first year Whitesburg High School has had a pep club. It was organized at the beginning of school and has been progressing rather nicely, with the following students as officers: Carolyn Hayes, president; Mae Caudill, vice president; Geneva Collins, secretary and treasurer. At the first meeting, the following cheerleaders were elected: Matilda Combs, Iva Lee Hall, Sybil Dawahare and Eileen Bentley. These cheerleaders have made a special point to be present at as many football and basketball games as possible.

Considering the fact that this club has been in existence only this year it is a rather active organization. At the earlier part of the school year this organization, with the assistance of Mr. Sanford Adams, sponsored a pie supper and raised around $90 to pay for basketball equipment. In January the club sponsored a musical program and raised approximately $40 to help defray expenses for six sweaters and 25 letters, which the club awarded to football players.

Before the basketball season is over, the club hopes to award sweaters to the senior boys who are on the basketball team. This week the club is sponsoring a motion picture to raise money for these sweaters. It has been though the sustained effort of the faculty that the Pep Club has been able to function as is has.

The Pep Club, as well as the whole school, regrets the loss of the senior football and basketball players, but is has been a privilege to stand on the sidelines and yell for all of our players and for our school.

(The above information from the 1943 Black Kats)

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