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Moments and Memories of Graded Schools

“Stray Shots” makes appearance

Letcher County Graded Schools 1928

“Stray Shots” is the name of the graded school publication which made its appearance in Whitesburg this week. It is published by the students of the graded school, with Teddy Kelly Fields as editor and Woodford Webb as associate editor. The slogan adopted by this new journal is: “Published monthly in the interest of the Lincoln Library Club and for the good of the whole school.” It started modestly, but promises more in the future. Its two pages are chockful of good news and funny jokes, well written and a credit to its sponsors. The Black Kat, the high school publication, will have to hustle to keep ahead of this paper. Editorial Staff: Teddy Kelly Fields-Editor; Woodford Webb-Associate Editor; Jimmie Blair-Mechanical Editor; Every other student- Reporters.

Three buildings to be dedicated

The dedication of the new graded school buildings at Blackey, Fleming and Whitesburg will be held Tuesday and Wednesday, April 24 and 25, with George Colvin, President of the University of Louisville, acting as chief speaker. These services were to have been held April 12 and 13, but had to be postponed on account of Mr. Colvin, who was held in Louisville at that time on ungent business. The program begins at Blackey Tuesday morning at 9:30. A delegation f rom Whitesburg and Fleming will meet the train there, and after the program, will go to Fleming for the services there. Wednesday at 12 o’clock the Business Men’s Club will act as host to Mr. Colvin and the other distinguished visitors in the county at a luncheon to be given in the dining room of the Daniel Boone Hotel. This luncheon will not be confined to members of the Business Men’s Club, but all businessmen in town and in the county are invited to attend if they desire. Here Wednesday night



An interesting program of music by the Girls’ Glee Club and the Boys’ Glee Club has been arranged. Mr. Glenn will please his hearers with a solo. The high school faculty and student body of the grade school building are inviting the patrons and friends to visit the building any time Wednesday. You will be welcomed, and it is earnestly desired that a great number will avail themselves of this opportunity.

Stray Shots

School is nearing an end. We have only six more weeks after this. Every boy and girl should work harder than ever and finish well on the last run. A splendid program will be given at the close of school. All of the commencement exercises will be given in the auditorium of the new building. There were several Gold Star Students in the eighth and seventh grades and all were pleased with them. They are trying to get another star for this month. Attendance holds up good despite a great deal of measles and mumps. New seats were put in Mr. Collins’s room Friday. Maurice Lewis is still collecting stamps We extend our thanks to Prof. Boggs for help in getting out this issue. Paschal Fields also helped us with this issue. Mrs. Boggs and Professor have moved upon the hill. Professor grumbles about climbing the hill a great deal. Stivers Blair prepared a very good map this week in the histor y class. The eighth grade memorized six selections this year and they have copied them into little books and they are exhibited in the schoolroom.

Professor Squires visits the grade school

Professor Squires visited our school the other morning and complimented us highly in our going in and out of the building. He talked about the circle to the seventh grade class. He gave a very interesting presentation. Latest school news

Miss Ruth Logan heard the seventh grade history class last Wednesday evening in the absence of Prof. Adams. She got along very well. In our Easter Drawing contest Misses Ruth Pendleton from the sixth grade and Ruby Caudill of the eighth grade were the winners. Annie Autrey was absent a week from school because of the mumps. Some of the boys are still interested in stamps. They are getting a splendid collection, and are getting several foreign stamps. Pearl Combs has been farming for a few days.

(The above articles from the April 15, 1928 “Stray Shots” Volume 1)

Have a Debate: In the Eighth Grade Language Class Tuesday April 10th, the question resolved, That the hoe of 25 years ago was better than the home of today was debated by the following students; Aff. Verna Combs, May Logan and Cora Addington. On the Negative side were Annie Autrey, Ruth Logan and Hazel Adams. All made good speeches but the Affirmative got the decision.

New Seats and Lights for Auditorium:

A Mr. Wick is here this week putting the new seats in the auditorium and also Mr. Huffman is putting the lights in. Our new building will certainly be a thing of beauty when finally completed.

The school board and the town is to be complimented for such a nice up to date building-it speaks for the progress of the people who live here. Hardly a week goes by that some stranger from out of town doesn’t come up on the hill just to see the building and all compliment it highly.

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