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Moments and Memories of W.H.S.




Anita Adams b. May 7, 1944: Favorite TV Show- Dr. Kildare; Actor-Richard Chamberlain; Ambition-To become a beautician; Song- You’re the Reason I’m Living; Parting Advice-Don’t go to New York unless you can stay overnight.

Virgil Back b. Sept. 18, 1944: Favorite TV Show-Bonanza; Actor-Burt Lancaster; Ambition-Go to work; Song-Limbo Some More; Parting Advice-Try to make it through.

Lana Carter b. Sept. 19, 1944: Favorite TV Show- The Eleventh Hour; Actor- Robert Goulet; Ambition- Interior decorator; Song- Twenty Miles.

Delmer Fields b. July 12, 1945: Favorite TV Show- Three Stooges; Ambition- Work away from home; Song-You’re the Reason I’m Living.

Judy Mae Hall b. April 5,1945: Favorite TV Show- Dr. Kildare; Actor-Audie Murphy; Ambition-Teacher and author; Song-If You Want to be Happy; Parting Advice-Work hard-studybut have fun.

Eugene Ison b. November 25,1944: Favorite TV Show- Looney Tunes; Ambition-To be a millionaire; Song-If You Want to be Happy; Parting Advice-Have a ball on the senior trip.

Sue Lewis b. Oct. 19, 1945: Favorite TV Show- Monday Night at the Movies; Actor-Troy Donahue; Ambition-To go to college and be a medical technologist; Song-Guitar Man; Parting Advice-Study as much as you can, and have as much fun as you can.

Willie Lucas b. July 27, 1945: Favorite TV Show- Bonanza; Actor-Bridget Bardot; Ambition-Go to college, be a millionaire; Song- If You Want to be Happy; Parting Advice-Have a ball while you are young.

Linda Nelson b. Sept. 19, 1945: Favorite TV Show-Dr. Kildare; Actor-Troy Donahue; Ambition-To become a teacher; Song-Let’s Go Steady Again; Parting Advice-Live it up, but have some time for study too!

Darrell Profitt b. August 17, 1946: Favorite TV Show- The Virginian; Ambition-To work and make plenty of money; Song-Ghost Riders in the Sky; Parting Advice- When you get almost ready to graduate, don’t think you’re big enough to tell your teachers what to do.

Pat Spangler b. March 12, 1945: Favorite TV Show-Mr. Magoo; Actor-Connie Stevens; Ambition-To work and be a housewife; Song-End of the World; Parting Advice- Teachers, be a little harder on the seniors next year.

Jimmy Stamper b. Nov. 3, 1944: Favorite TV Show-Bonanza; Actor-Juliet Prowse; Ambition- Attend college on a scholarship and be successful; Parting Advice-Be happy and enjoy your senior year. Have a ball.

Jackie Walker b. Feb. 15, 1945: Favorite TV Show- The Lucy Show; Actor-Troy Donahue; Ambition-Sleep, eat and sit back and watch the world go by; Parting Advice-Have as much fun as you can; Song-Alice in Wonderland.

Billy Whitaker b. April 17, 1943: Favorite TV Show- Bullwinkle; Actor-Jayne Mansfield; Ambition-Go to Ohio and work; Parting Advice-Don’t get caught smoking in the restroom; Song- Do Ron Ron.

Larcena Whitaker b. July 18, 1945: Favorite TV Show- Dr. Kildare; Actor-Richard Chamberlain; Ambition-To be a beautician; Parting Advice Don’t miss the senior trip; Song-Let’s Go Steady Again.

Danny Wilson b. April 13, 1945: Favorite TV Show- Bonanza; Actor-B.B.; Ambition To go to college and become an engineer; Parting Advice-Have a ball in your senior year; Song-Blame it on the Bosa Novia.

Physical education

There were approximately 15 physical education programs this year under the supervision of Roma Radar. Some were archery, badminton, basketball, boxing, softball, track, weightlifting, and wrestling. The third period class won the volleyball tournament. James Salyers won in horseshoes, Larry Hughes was runner-up in archery. Kendall Hicks was runner-up in horseshows. Newton Sexton and Larry Maggard were champs in the badminton tournament. Larry Maggard was runnerup boxer of the year, and Larry Fields was boxer of the year. James Wright was elected Mr. Whitesburg in bodybuilding and weightlifting. Hillard Howard was wrestler of the year. The physical education class will elect a Physical Education Student of the Year.

Next year the first-year physical education students will be in teams and the second-year students will play individual sports.

From the desk of Mr. Burkich

Another school year is drawing to a close. The year 1962-63 will be one long to be remembered and because of the jinx that seemed to have been laid upon us. Icy roads, snow, zero weather, floods, flu, measles, mumps, and scarlet fever kept our school doors closed many days and kept many students at home — even when the doors were open.

This is the first year our school has ever ended in June — the first year we have had school on a Saturday. But by lengthening our school year to make up the lost days, we will end with all the loose ends gathered together. This is a history making year — because we will have summer sessions for the first time starting June 17.

Our calendar will be complete. Our senior class will march proudly and bravely into a world of further education, business or work to meet their places in society. Perhaps the darkest side of our picture will be the “dropouts”. Too many get discouraged because of low grades, too many give up without trying; too many let things come between them and an education. My advice is “Stay in school”. Come back next year. Determine to study harder. Do your best and be a graduate of Whitesburg High School.

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