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Moments and Memories of Whitesburg High School

1953-54 Whitesburg High

1953-54 Whitesburg High School Football Team The starting 11 of 1953 were: B. Holbrook, quarterback (#13); Buddy Fields, right halfback (#18); Bobby Kincer, left halfback (#14); Jimmy Enlow, fullback (#32); Richard Adams, right end (#16); F. C. Hammonds, right tackle (#39); Don Caudill, right guard (#10); Garland Stallard, center (#21); Bobby Adams, left guard (#25); William “Trim” Richardson, left tackle (#38); Ralph Ogelive, left end (#17).

1953-54 Whitesburg High School Football Team The starting 11 of 1953 were: B. Holbrook, quarterback (#13); Buddy Fields, right halfback (#18); Bobby Kincer, left halfback (#14); Jimmy Enlow, fullback (#32); Richard Adams, right end (#16); F. C. Hammonds, right tackle (#39); Don Caudill, right guard (#10); Garland Stallard, center (#21); Bobby Adams, left guard (#25); William “Trim” Richardson, left tackle (#38); Ralph Ogelive, left end (#17).

School Football Team

Football results: Looks like our football team is off to a good start this year, beating Prestonsburg for the first time in about five years. Buddy Fields made both of the touchdowns, for one of which he ran about 85 yards, and Bobby Kincer’s kicking made both of the extra points. Coming in the second half, the Bobcats had a better spirit, scoring, and the ball game ended 14-7 in our favor. Keep the good work up, boys, all the fans as well as we students are really backing you this year.

The Yellowjackets are at it again. Sept. 11. They traveled to Paintsville, and of course we won. Not bragging, but we think we’ve got a team this year. At the end of the first half, the score was 7-0 in our favor, but coming in the last half the Tigers finally made a touchdown while the Yellowjackets crossed the goal line for three more TD’s. The game ends with the sensational score of 27-7.

“A Stroll for Our Scroll”

Well, it’s one, two, three, months and back to school. There seems like no better time than the present to take a little stroll around our fine school.

First of all, we’ll venture over to the grade building, you go up to Mr. Bank’s room only to find the “Brains” of the school, hard at work on Chemistry. Right across the hall is Mr. Breeding’s room, one look at all of these many fine displays and, need I say more? Then, downstairs to Mr. Boggs’s and Mr. Boyd’s rooms, and of course you will find most of the football team, ‘hard at work?’

Finally, up the walk to the high school building and by the way, have you noticed the big, warm “Welcome” sign at the foot of the steps? Oh yes and the improvements on the stairs? There in this building you will find Mrs. Day’s, Mrs. Pigman’s, and Mr. Stallard’s rooms. And last but not least by all means, Miss Raleigh’s hardworking English classes. Also, on this floor is the office of our new principal, Mr. Boggs.

Upstairs are Miss Jenkins’s and Mrs. Combs’s rooms. These, as you know are used chiefly for typing and the Black Kat.

Out into the study hall you will find the bright faces of freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors trying to sneak in a word when the teacher is not looking.

And have you ventured by the band room lately? Well they are really doing a fine job; keep up the good work, Mr. Taylor.

Well, I have left out a few places but I’m tired of walking — this “heat wave” you know. So I will end this little stroll and go have a Coke . . . will you join me? Shirlee Butcher

Expressions from the staff

You may look ahead and say nine months is a long time to study, but really, time will fly. Although your teachers will give you hard assignments to do that require some studying, there is also the fun side of school to look forward to such as football games, movies and recess. But remember the more you study, the more you will enjoy your classes. Shirley Frazier.

Off to another year at school, I do hope all of you new students will be as happy here at W.H.S. as I have been. It really is a swell place. We are proud of our teachers and also our new principal. Glenda Brooks Noble

The Pep Club met last


The cheerleaders had selected about 40 kids who they thought would attend every game, and who would really work. They are going to have pep rallies and snake dances. This should really be a good year, don’t you think? Denita Combs

The band has been showing great improvement this year. This is mainly due to interest of our new band director, Mr. Jack Taylor. They have been putting forth their greatest effort on the field as well as in the room. Shannon Fields

After school had been going on for almost three weeks, the student body had more energy than they know what to do with. This year we have a pep club and on Thursday night, September 17, everyone got together at the back of the grade school, there we had a big bonfire and everyone let off some steam by yelling. With the band leading we went through town singing, yelling and bringing the team toward the goal of our victory. Joyce Kincer

We would like to express our greetings to you and hope you all have a lot of fun this year. We are all looking forward to a good time, and also work a little while doing it. The freshmen seem to be catching on fast in school this year, so keep the good work up. Doug and Claude

Mr. Boggs is doing a wonderful job and everyone should give him cooperation. He has been so busy since school started that you can hardly get into his office to see him. I haven’t seen any shaking knees or chattering teeth go into the office so he must be a pretty nice fellow, don’t you think? Mary Combs

After all the fun of summer, swimming, loafing and just being lazy, it’s awful hard to start back to the old grind. We have to so let’s make the best of it. Okay? There are new people to meet and new friends to make. Mr. Boggs seems like he’d be a grand guy if he had half the chance. Let’s get to work and make this the best year ever. Ella Polly

As for the freshmen, I think they are catching on to all the keys and licks to this place very well, but just stick around with the upper classmen and before long, we’ll all be going places. Oh, yes, something else you “greenhorns” get used to this name because it’s very commonly used. Take it as a joke and remember you have to be green to grow. Ruthena Smith

Driving a car at a dangerous speed is a very fascinating thing and everyone is sure to do it at one time or another, but there must be a safer place to do it than on the hill where everyone is standing around talking and relaxing, and children are playing! Sue Auton

What? School again so soon!! Yes, isn’t it a shame? Again we are back to the old grind of school. Back again to the never ceasing test, the lectures and all that makes a miserable day. Oh, will it never cease? That is the question most of us ask. But wait — let’s think together for a minute. Look what we would miss? There are our football games. My, isn’t it fun to watch our team in action? Then, after football comes basketball. What could be more fun than watching the dribbledribble of a basketball going into the basket to bring us to victory? And this year we have a new principal. Won’t it be fun to see how long it will take him to find the many hiding places of our — well, our couples Sheila Lane Moore

My Impression of

Whitesburg High, by

some of our freshmen.

When I arrived at Whitesburg High, Monday, the 31st, the first thing I noticed was the big WELCOME sign. It made us all feel welcome right at the start. When I went into the building, I noticed how well the upper classmen had kept the school in the past years. I hope we can keep it looking as nice as or nicer than they have. Then we met all of the teachers and were very happy to find they are the nicest teachers that any school can have. We especially want to welcome Mr. Boggs, our new principal and we hope we can make him proud of us — and not sorry he came to W.H.S. Boyd Hampton

They have a good bandleader and a good band. They always have a good basketball team and good cheerleaders. Donald Lee Polly

I think Whitesburg has a wonderful school. It off ers us many opportunities. We have warm lunches and good buses. I like all the teachers. Everyone seems so nice. The upper classmen have not tried any pranks on us. I hope to complete four years of high school at WHS. Edith Herron

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