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Moments and Memories of Whitesburg High School

TOURNEY WINNERS — Finishing first in the Isom Days Horseshoe Tournament were (above) Eddie Stacy and Adam Stacey. Jody Mitchell and Tim Mitchell were second, and Steve Cornett and Pauline Cornett were third. Alvin Slone had the most ringers. In the Corn Hole Tournament, the winners were (below) Estill Sizemore and Kenneth Combs. Finishing second were Lonnie Johnson and Don Hall, and third were Jack Hopkins and Ricky Calhoun.

TOURNEY WINNERS — Finishing first in the Isom Days Horseshoe Tournament were (above) Eddie Stacy and Adam Stacey. Jody Mitchell and Tim Mitchell were second, and Steve Cornett and Pauline Cornett were third. Alvin Slone had the most ringers. In the Corn Hole Tournament, the winners were (below) Estill Sizemore and Kenneth Combs. Finishing second were Lonnie Johnson and Don Hall, and third were Jack Hopkins and Ricky Calhoun.


Senior picnic: Early Friday morning, May 2, the seniors of 1947 took cameras and their bright and shining faces aboard the snazzy new school bus and were off for a delightful day at the beautiful falls of “Bad Branch”. Mr. Isaac Hogg had the honor of driving these innocent seniors up the scenic Pine Mountain. About two long miles from the falls, these happy children alighted from the new bus and began the difficult climb to the falls. When they arrived, each was ready for their share of hot dogs, potato salad, cheese, potato chips, apples, cookies, and cakes. As we were returning, a few stranglers were sprinkled with the rain, while the remainder of seniors of 1947 were comfortably seated in the new bus. Many beautiful songs were rendered by the class in going and returning. Many cute snapshots were taken. Everyone reported a wonderful time. Other guests who had the honor of being present at this joyous occasion were: Miss Vera Raleigh and Mr. W.L. Stallard.



Who’s Who in the

Senior Class:

Prettiest girl – Barbara Adams; Most handsome boy – Gleason Maggard; Busiest boy and girl – Phil Holston and Wilma Holbrook; Jolliest boy and girl – Glenn Polly and Jackie Combs; Neatest boy and girl – Jack Amburgey and Carol Adams; Wittiest girl and boy – Lenore Kincer and Paul Polly; Best personality – Nellie Holbrook and Ellis Maggard; Best All-Around – Herman Sergent and Verniece Caudill; Most reserved – Jimmy Collins and Paula Finchum; Most studious – Ruth Hall and Jimmy Collins; Best Sport – Wilma Holbrook and Herbert Caudill; Most likely to succeed – John C. Newsome and Polly J. Hogg; Dreamer – Cleta Bentley; Old Maid – Dorothy Jenkins; Bachelor – Palmer Hamilton; Cutest girl – Margie Slemp; Best Athlete – Tom Fugate; Most popular – Ike Craft and Georgetta Collins; Biggest flirt – Patsy Ison and Ermel Ison.

Members of the Senior Class: Bill Fairchild “Fruehauf” – Football, Fish and Game Club, Journalism, Sgt. At Arms – junior and senior class. “He does what many dream of all their life”. Paula Finchum “Doc” – Book Club, Science Club, Black Kat Staff , 4-H Club, Home Ec. “She is very industrious.” Thomas Fugate “Mutton” – Football, Basketball, Journalism, Fish and Game Club. “Tall, blond, and handsome.” Emma Carol Frazier “Fuzzy” – Folk games, Dramatics, Home Ec., Science Club, Ph. Ed. “Quiet but not bashful.” Ruth Hall “Ruthie” – “Naughty but nice.” Palmer Hamilton “Plumber” – Club, Journalism, Baseball. “When in doubt, keep on talking.” Nancy Hilton “Nanco” – “Quiet and reliable.” Polly Jean Hogg “Pretty Polly” – Glee Club. “Like Ruth she gleams in the fields.” Nelly Holbrook “Tubby” – Home Ec., F.H.A., Science Club, 4-H. “The mildest manners and the gentlest heart.” Wilma Holbrook “Aunt Poll” – Science Club, Home Ec., F.H.A., Book Club, 4-H. “No matter where the fate of life may place her that smile is one that will always win.” Phillip Holston “Phil” – Science Club. “Slow but usually gets there.” Ermel Ison “Stinky” “Always looking for something to get into.” Patsy Ison “Dirty Legs” “What makes her talk so much?” Dorothy Jenkins “Dot” – Home Ec., Glee Club, Journalism, 4-H. “If intellect talked she’d be called noisy.” Glenn Polly “Oswald” – Football, Black Kat Staff . “Blushing — he’s never heard of it.” Herman Sergent “Sarge” – Science Club, Football, 4-H, Journalism, Fish and Game Club, Utopia Club. “He masters everything he attempts.” Carroll Shackleford “Shack”. “He gets by in his own way.” “Betty Sue Slemp “Bett” – Glee Club, Book Club. “Conscientious worker with high.” Margie Lou Slemp “Marg” – Glee Club, Book Club. ‘It’s nice to be natural when you’re naturally nice.” Lavon Sparks “Chicken” – Book Club. “ She’s in the groove.” Anna Lee Sturgill “Ann” –“The brightest light dims when she appears.” Lucille Taylor “Lucy – Loose” – Pep Club, F.A.A., Glee Club, Vice-President senior class. “Her genial manner has won for her a large place in the hearts of many.” Donald Wyatt “Handsome” – Science Club. “True wisdom is a rare thing.” Carol Combs “Honey” – Home Ec., Glee Club, Journalism, 4-H. “Is one of those girls who makes everyone happy around her.” Jacqueline Combs “Sugar” – Glee Club, Band, Home Ec., Cheerleader. “Will no one tell me what she sings.” Dallas June Craft “Junie” – Home Ec., Book Club. “She needs no eulogy; she speaks for herself.” Ishmael Craft “Ikey-Pie” – Captain Football Team, Basketball, President senior class, V.F.W., European Theater. “He’s a friend of yours, a friend of mine, today, tomorrow, to the end of time.” Colman Day “Corny” – “Small but mischievous.” Margaret Day “Gretta” – Home Ec. “She gets by in her own way.” Lenore Kincer “Canary” – Glee Club, Pep Club. “Brief but to the point.” Mary Atta Kincer “Coe” – Glee Club, Pep Club. “Small but mighty.” Larue Kiser “Blondie” –“Just Larue.” Ellis Maggard “Bad John” – F.F.A., Science Club. “Made a big hit with Maw Raleigh.” Paul Polly “Nun” – Football, Basketball, Journalism, Fish and Game Club. “True friend with a wonderful personality.” Della Mae Caudill “Dell” – Girl Reserve, Adelphia Society. “She got her man.” Rilla Vae Banks “Blondie” – Silence is more music than words.” Barbara Adams “Sweetie” – Glee Club, Girl Reserve, Pep Club, Book Club. “She’s as sweet as she is quiet.” Burtis G. Adams “Hoover” “Tall, True, and Tempting.” Jack L. Amburgey “Jackson” – Science Club. “Sky is my limit.” Anita Adkins “Deeta” – Home Ec., Dramatic, Folk Dance. “Her smile brought a wedding ring.” Cleta Bentley “Lee-Lee”. Home Ec., Glee Club, Science Club, Cheerleader, 4-H, Journalism. “Friendly and wonderful sport.” Herbert Caudill “Herb” – Basketball, Football, Journalism, Fish and Game Club. “Loves everyone but the men.” Maelean Caudill “May” – “Perfectly Harmless.” Mary Caudill “Marybelle” – Home Ec., Book Club. “Slow but usually gets there.” Vernice Caudill “Neicey” – Book Club, Secretary of senior class. “Her ability and her general disposition will ever make her stand out as one who wins.” Georgetta Collins “Jett” – F.H.A., Home Ec., Black Kat Staff, Utopia Club. “Great, let me call him, for he conquered me.” Jimmy Collins “Jim” – Science Club. “Sincere, hardworking, good fellow.” Arthur Combs “Hodge” – Journalism, Science Club. “God bless the girls, I love them all.” Gleason Maggard “Lucky” – Editor Black Kat, Future Farmer, V.F.W., European Theater. “Wild as they come.” John C. Newsome “Speed” – Science Club, V.F.W., European Theater. “A jolly good friend.” Bill Pigman “Pig” – Football, Basketball, Fish and Game Club, Journalism. “She puts a song in my heart.”


On Wed., April 25, the senior boys played a scrimmage game with the varsity and won 7-6. Bill Pigman made the touchdown for the seniors and Ike Craft made the extra point. Gayle Fields made the touchdown for the varsity.

Basketball: For the first time in several years, W.H.S. had a basketball team. Counting both our “A” and “B” games during the season, our boys were fairly successful. Out of 30 season games, we won 16 and lost 14. We won 2 and lost 2 of the Kingdom Come games. Out of 3 with Fleming, we won 2 and lost 1. We lost both games to Robinson. We played 3 games with Viper, winning 1 and losing 2. We split with Dorton 2-2. Out of four games with Jenkins, we lost 3 and won 1. We won both games with Combs. We split 4 games with Hyden winning 2 and losing 2. We won all four games with Stuart Robinson.

Coach Saylor says, “I think the boys did very well for their first year in high school basketball when you consider the fact that none of these boys had played high school basketball.”

Thomas Fugate was captain of the basketball team and turned out an excellent job. He was high point man of the season and Herbert Caudill ranked second.

Coach Saylor leaves W.H.S. this year. He has been a wonderful friend to the student body and we regret that he is leaving us.

And now, as school closes and the seniors leave the hill, we wish W.H.S. all kinds of luck in their sports of the future.

Basketball lineup: Forwards – Herbert Caudill and Ike Craft; Guards – Paul Polly and Bill Pigman; Center – Tom Fugate.

Football lineup: R.E. – Herbert Caudill; R.T. – Porky; R.G. – Doug; C – Paul Polly; L.G. – Herman Sergent ; L.T. – Glenn Polly; L.E. – Tom Fugate; W.B. – Bill Fairchild; T.B. – Bill Pigman; Q.B. – Steve; F.B. – Ike Craft.

Song Dedications : “What Am I Gonna’ Do About You?” – Jimmy M. to Jinny C.; “Heataches” – Patsy Ann to Sonny; “Let’s Get Married” – Nolan to Nellie; “You’ll Always Be The One I Love” – Bill F. to Betty C.; “I’ll Close My Eyes” – Rosalie to Porky; “You Keep Coming Back Like a Song” – Robert P. to Cleta; “If I Loved You” – Frankie to Paul; “There’s No One But You” – Margie to Tom P.; “To Each His Own” – Mildred to Robert; “This Is Always” – Earl to Wilma; “Got to’ Get Me Someone to Love” – Tom Fugate; “It’s Always You” – Roy to Margaret D.; “When You Make Love To Me” – Margaret F. to Arthur; “I Dream of You” – Robert T. to Dorothy; “All the Time” – Bobby F. to Mary Atta;

“Night and Day” – Herman and Georgetta; “Sonata” – Betty S. to Bill; “Prisoner of Love” – Peggy to Alex; “I’m In The Mood For Love” – Steve to Betty; “I Love You Truly” – Gayle to Polly; “You’ll See What A Kiss Can Do” – Pat Ison to John N.; “The Whole World Is Singing My Song” – Doug to Nona; “It Started All Over Again” – Herbert to Carol; “ I Want To Thank Your Folks” – David to Anita; “Please Don’t Say No” – Vertis to Nell; “I Can’t Begin To Tell You” – Sarah to William; “How Are Things Way Out In Marlowe?” – Ermel Ison; “Is You Is or Is You Ain’t” – Elizabeth to Tom; “For You, For Me, Forevermore” – Ike to Lucille; “Headache” – Glenn to Black Jacks!

Black Kat Staff: Editor – Gleason Maggard; Associate Editor – Georgetta Collins; Business Manager – Paula Finchum; Exchange Editor – Wilma Holbrook; Joke Editor – Glenn Polly; Club Editor – Virginia Caudill; Sports Editor – Herbert Caudill.

(The above article from the April-May 1947 Black Kat.)

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