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Moments and Memories of Whitesburg High School




Miss Yellowjacket: Brandy Sexton has been selected as Miss Yellowjacket for the 2003-2004 school year. Brandy is the daughter of Allen and Betty Sexton. During her four years at W.H.S., Brandy has participated in many clubs, organizations, and athletic programs and has proven to be a true Yellowjacket.

Her individual club memberships include: Bible Club for four years, Beta Club for three years where she currently is vice president, Interact Club for one year, Student Government for one year, Pep Club for one year where she currently serves as treasurer, and a member of the LCCHS Steering Committee.

Brandy also participated in volleyball for four years where she was captain her senior year, girls’ varsity cheerleading for one year, and cross country for one year.

Brandy’s awards and honors include: All-District and All-Region volleyball 2002-2003, football homecoming for four years where she was in the queen honor court her senior year, basketball homecoming for four years where she was homecoming queen her senior year, and a member of the Gifted and Talented program.

WHITESBURG HIGH SCHOOL BIBLE CLUB— Advisor, Mrs. Sallie Hubbard. From top left, Ryan Sexton, Matthew Zopp, Andrew Fleming, Josh Tyree. Second row from top left, Elizabeth Day, Mary Beth Hampton, Teresa Fugate. Third row from top, Andrea Mullins, Emily Sergent. Kayla Lucas. Front row from left, Savannah Whitaker, Allison Day, Whitley Castle.

WHITESBURG HIGH SCHOOL BIBLE CLUB— Advisor, Mrs. Sallie Hubbard. From top left, Ryan Sexton, Matthew Zopp, Andrew Fleming, Josh Tyree. Second row from top left, Elizabeth Day, Mary Beth Hampton, Teresa Fugate. Third row from top, Andrea Mullins, Emily Sergent. Kayla Lucas. Front row from left, Savannah Whitaker, Allison Day, Whitley Castle.

After graduation, Brandy plans to attend Morehead University or Alice Lloyd College, majoring in science. We would like to wish Brandy the best of luck in her future.

Senior Favorites: Movie – Lord of the Rings; Actor – Vin Diesel; Actress – Julia Rob- erts; Book: Lord of the Rings; Cartoon – Sponge Bob; TV Series – The Man Show; TV Show – Saved by the Bell; Female Vocalist – Jennifer Lopez; Male Vocalist – Kenny Chesney; Magazine – Seventeen; Music Group – Good Charlotte; Album – Get Rich or Die Trying; Song – So Far Away; Pro Athlete – Kobe Bryant; Sport – Football; Car – Mustang; Drink – Dr. Pepper; Clothing Brand – American Eagle; Saying – Get on Up’er Boo Boo; School Activity – Class Tournaments; Website – Bluegrassprep.com..

Senior Superlatives: Personality Plus – Neil Sloan and Allison Day; Most Athletic – Joshua Murtaugh and Cassie Whitaker; Most Dependable – Chris Collins and Elizabeth Day; Most Likely to Succeed – Joshua Murtaugh and Elizabeth Day; Class Clown – Jeremy Blair and Roxie Smith; Chatterbox – Bobby Banks and Britta Short; Citizenship – Kyle Smith and Brandy Sexton; Most Popular – Joshua Murtaugh and Brandy Sexton; Most School Spirited – Steven Cook and Cheryl McBee; Eye Catcher – Matthew Maggard and Brandy Sexton; Trendsetter – Joshua Murtaugh and Amelia Black; Biggest Flirt – Bobby Banks and Sabrina Banks; Jacket Jokers – Trey Yinger and Mica Smith; Best All-Around – Joshua Murtaugh and Cassie Whitaker; Class Brown Noser – Matthew Zopp and Allison Day; Most Gullible – Ryan Fugate and Megan Stidham; Most Creative – Ben Fields and Crystal Ward; Most Likely to Get Lost – Kyle Smith and Megan Stidham; Biggest Fudger – Bobby Banks and Britta Short; Most Outgoing – Neil Sloan and Cassie Whitaker; Most Cheerful – Jeremy Blair and Allison Day; Hall Roamer – Jeremy Blair and Britta Short; Always Tardy – Timbo Wright and Britta Short; Craziest Laugh – Brett Lewis and Shelley Garrett.

The Junior-Senior Prom was held on May 8, 2004 at the Whitesburg Middle School. The theme that was selected was “Ancient Paradise”. The honor of Prom King and Queen for 2004 was bestowed upon Mr. Chris Collins and Miss Elizabeth Day.

Senior Awards: Perfect Attendance Awards – Samantha Back, Brittany Bates, Alex Bentley, Carol Boggs, Jessica Boggs, Robert Brown, Stephanie Cole, Jeremy Collins, Brittany Cook, Jamie Hall, Chris Hammonds, Kevin Meade, Tony Ng, Ralph Sexton, Rebecca Sexton, Tres Stallard, Jessica Stephens and Erica Tolliver. Dugan Award – Jessica Boggs; Harris Award – Jeremy Adams; Library Award – Daniel Potter; Governor’s Scholar – Jordan Collier, Matt Frazier, Jed Murtaugh; Art Award – Crystal Ward; Proficient Portfolio Scores – Neil Sloan, Crystal Ward, Margaret Holbrook, Ryne Johnson, Ashley Finn, Brandy Sexton, Daniel Potter, Josh Murtaugh, Charles Polly, Mica Smith, Derrick Wright, Phoebe Honeycutt, Allison Day, Jessica Boggs, Shelley Garrett, Trey Yinger, Cassie Whitaker, Brandi Cornett, Elizabeth Howard, Beth Cornett, Brett Lewis, Jessamyn Duke, Ashley Richardson, Matthew Zopp, Megan Stidham, Elizabeth Day, Leslie Pack, Angela Stamper, Nicole Disley. N.W. Webb Writing Award – Leslie Pack; English Award – Cassie Whitaker; Writing Award – Brittany Maxie; Yearbook Award – Cassie Whitaker, Neil Sloan, Kyle Smith, Cheryl McBee, Josh Murtaugh; Editor’s Award – Brandi Cornett and Shelley Garrett ; J.R.O.T.C. Award – Matt Howard; Math Award – Jeana Lucas; Science Award – Elizabeth Day; Social Studies Award – Jeana Lucas; Foreign Language – Allison Day and Elizabeth Day.

Yearbook Dedication: This year we dedicate the yearbook to a most deserving faculty member, Mrs. Sallie Hubbard. Not only has she taught 21 years, but in those years she has touched the lives of all those she has encountered, encouraged and inspired.

She practices and believes that every student has the potential to succeed. Her motto for living and teaching is that students don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Ask any student, past or present, to describe Mrs. Hubbard to you and you will most likely hear words like inspiring, friendly, patient, trustworthy, and many more descriptors that pages could never fill.

She has worked diligently to establish the Bible Club and her work with other programs throughout the years, beginning with her twelveyear career with the track and cross country organizations to her never-ending work with the annual food drive and the Baccalaureate Service that endears her to the students and inspires each of them.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs. Hubbard for her service to Whitesburg High School and all of its students. She continues to be an encouraging inspiration of faith and hope, and it is with pleasure that we acknowledge all of what she has done and strives to do in making our school a better place.

Whitesburg High hosts foreign exchange students

Ai Kagawa is originally from Japan. While at W.H.S., she has enjoyed her classes, the friendships she has made, and playing on the tennis team. Her hobbies have included: playing soccer, reading detective books, doing jigsaw puzzles, and singing karaoke. She will miss her friends and her host family when she returns to Japan.

Julian Machicao is originally from Germany. During his time at Whitesburg he enjoyed spending time with his friends on the weekends. His hobbies have included: playing soccer, snowboarding, and hanging out with his buddies. He will miss all the friends he has made and speaking the English language.

Commonwealth Diploma Recipients: Jessica Boggs, Chris Collins, Allison Day, Elizabeth Day, Amanda Wright and Amber Wurschmidt.

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