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Moments and Memories of Whitesburg High School

(From the Black Kat May, 1962)

School song composed

At last a school song, both words and music, was composed by Mr. Bob Gatton and Rocky Davis. Hail, Whitesburg High School: Praise to thy name/ On the rolling campus/We will work for thy fame./ Glory and honor/We will bring to thee/Thy name within our hearts/Ever hallowed be./Whitesburg, we shall miss you/Through the coming years/Thoughts of thee within our hearts/Shall e’re be dear/Leading and guiding/Youth o’er all the land/Our Alma Mater!/ Loyal, True and Grand.

Song dedications. Seniors to underclassmen: “Funny How Time Slips Away”. Fulton to Sue Combs: “Falling In Love”. Rocky to Lorraine: “Puppy Love”. Sammy to Barbara: “I’ll Take You Home”. Peggy to Paul: “Soldier Boy”. Senior boys to Ted Cook: “Revenge”. Bill Stout to Mary Ann: “Baby, It’s You”. Journalism class to Mrs. Combs: “Little Twister”. To Brother Eddie Maggard: “Precious Memories”. Stevie to Cecila: “It’s Gonna Work Out Fine”. Mrs. Combs to Fult, Ramona, Sandy and Sammy: “You Talk Too Much”. To Mr. Estep, Miss Adams and Mr. Bentley: “You Better Move On”. Jackie to Charlotte: “If You’ve Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody”. Jenny to Timmy Adams: “Let’s Get Together”. Billy Mitchel to Lakie Wright: “Baby, It’s You”. Ramona Adams to Larry Breeding: “Lover Please”. Martha Sue to Coman Blair: “Irresistible You”. WHS majorettes to cheerleaders: “You’d Better Move On”. To Linda Adams: “Honky Tonk Girl”. Kenneth Burton to Vernell Cornett: “Dear One”. Sandy to Raymond Woods: “Maybe Tomorrow”. To Lorraine Day: “Just Fooling Around”. To the girls in “Specks”: Pushing Your Luck”. Tootie to John: “Anything That’s Part of You”. Genevieve to John: “Graduation Day”. Dickie C. to Angie B.: “Love Letters”. Janet to Frank: “Secret Love”. “On The Hill” with Jimmy

Brown (1962).

The Whitesburg High seniors have been very busy since school started. They have broken the magazine sales record for Whitesburg High School with a total of $5,000. With the magazine sale so successful, the seniors are hoping to go to Washington and New York.

Homecoming is right around the corner and each class has elected their candidates for homecoming queen. Representing the freshman class is Sharon Garrett, sophomore class Shirley Williams, junior class Sonja Boggs, senior class Barbara Adams. We wish each class luck with their race. The theme for our homecoming is “Folk Songs”. All of our clubs will be participating in float activities. The Whitesburg Yellowjackets will play Prestonsburg in the homecoming game. There will be a homecoming dance after the game and everybody is invited to come.

We are very proud of the Whitesburg Yellowjackets this year. The Yellowjackets have 5 wins, 1 loss and 1 tie. The Whitesburg Yellowjackets will meet with the Fleming-Neon Pirates Saturday night at 8 o’clock. The game will be held at Fleming-Neon. We wish the Yellowjackets all success in winning.

The Whitesburg High School marching band has won fame in people’s eyes over the state. At Louisville in the State Fair, the band ranked 13th in the state. The band marches 54 with precision under the direction of Mr. Frank Bickel.

(The above article appeared in the Letcher County Community Press October 1962)

Beauty of juniorsenior


“Stairway to the Stars”, the theme of the junior-senior prom, was carried out most attractively in the decorations, the programs and refreshments. Cute little sophomore girls wearing star-studded Roman tunics served. Senior girls in lovely formals and senior men in white dinner jackets and black slacks looked oh so sharp! Every dance from waltz to twist made the evening complete. King and queen of the prom, popular Commodore Craft and Sue Combs, were crowned by Mr. Burkich.

New Publication at WHS

The English department is publishing the best of literary skills of students. This brochure, to be published annually it is hoped, will be the beginning of a great booklet, one which will inspire creative writing. It will be an honor to have your work appear in it. The title of the booklet is “Lit, Wit and Logic”. The name was suggested by Delma Gilley, who received $5 for her suggestion.

Whitesburg School reports this week, by Billy Stout, Reporter. (September

1961) Whitesburg wins over


The game Monday night started the ball rolling for the mighty Whitesburg Yellowjackets. With a new coaching staff consisting of Head Coach Gardner Bates, Assistant Coach Rader and a good team of fine spirited boys, we came out with a victory of 20-6. Delano Thomas and Jerry Coots, two of the finest half-backs in the conference, carried the ball for Whitesburg. Kyle Raleigh and Wilgus Sturgill, two of the finest ends, did a very good job. With a line consisting of Hiram Wright, Fult Combs, Jimmy Stamper, Ricky Fields, Center J.D. Jones, Quarterback, Kenneth Frazier one of the finest in the conference, and fullback, Richard York, there is no wonder we won. But the boys alone cannot make a winning team. We need the support of the school and the public.

Whitesburg School

reports this week.

(October 1961)

Miss Marsha Frazier, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Frazier, Whitesburg, was chosen homecoming queen for the school year 1961-62. Marsha is a freshman at Whitesburg High School.

The first attendant was Linda Sturgill, senior representative, second was junior, Swelia Raleigh, and Mahala Reynolds, sophomore representative, and was third.

The queen, her attendants, and football players marched in a ceremony at the football field Friday night, when the queen was crowned, and the winners were announced.

The proceeds from the campaign will go for physical education equipment.

The winning float entered by the school organizations, was the Pep Club Float, and the Art Club Float was second.

The homecoming parade was held Friday, and the queen and her three attendants rode in beautiful new model convertibles. The Jenkins-Neon Bands and Whitesburg Band were present.

On Wednesday, Oct. 4, 1961, another parade was held. This was the welcoming parade for Governor Combs and his touring group.

A majority of students, teachers, and merchants dressed in long dresses, bonnets, old work pants, and caps to make an impression upon our Governor. The students carried plaques to emphasize the need of the junior college establishment at Stuart Robinson.

Other high schools in Letcher County and bands came to Whitesburg to march with the Whitesburg students and teachers.

The following week, Monday, Oct. 9, the photographer came to take club pictures. He will be back again in November to take other group pictures.

The Camp Nathaniel men visited Whitesburg High School, activity period, Oct. 10. We always welcome these men, who bring us very fine gospel singing and the word of God throughout the year.

The senior magazine sell closed for Whitesburg seniors Tuesday at 9:00. We didn’t reach our goal of $4000.00, but for a small group did a fine job.

Faculty Frolics proves


The teachers’ program Faculty Frolics had three successful performances, totaling the sum of $1126.00 for the purchase of new stage curtains and drapes to darken the auditorium windows. Every teacher of the grade school and high school faculty took part and the success is measured in the money, the praise of all who saw the frolics, and the fun the teachers had in taking part. The black curtains with the orange fringe will be installed this summer by the Knoxville Scenic Studios.

‘About Mrs. Combs,’ by Kyle. “Mrs. Combs: is the lady with the short gray hair./the lady who’ll give you a big surprise./with cool green eyes./makes you feel like you haven’t got a care./ makes you feel like you are up when you are down./ makes your head go around and around.”

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