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Moments and Memories of Whitesburg High School

Changes in staff were man at Whitesburg High School during this time in the 1981-82 school year, as can be seen from portions of articles taken from the Black Kat student newspaper and the 1982 Yellowjacket yearbook.

Stanbaugh added; Boggs promoted; Adams new cook

Several changes have been made this year in the Whitesburg High School staff. A member was added to the custodial staff. Lucian Stanbaugh told us he liked his job, as long as he gets paid enough. Other members are Juanita Adams, Marion Holbrook, Eugene Holbrook and Bill Collins.

Mary Lou Boggs is the new secretary at the school. She was a member of the custodial staff last year. She says she likes her secretarial job much better than her job last year. Pat Yinger is the secretary in the main office. Margaret Adams, a cook, is now with the lunchroom staff.

Drive ends

The senior magazine drive ended on Monday, Oct. 5. Every senior wanting to go on the senior trip was supposed to sell eight magazines. Those who did not sell eight magazines will have to pay more money in order to go on the trip.

The total amount of money received as of Oct. 1 was $11,547.58. The amount turned in by each homeroom was: Mr. Dollarhide, $613.56; Mrs. Webber, $1,665.01; Mr. Arthur, $1960.97; Mrs. Arthur, $1970.12; and Mr. Jackson, $2176.07. Mr. Polly’s homeroom turned in the most money with a total of $3,161.85. The seniors are working hard to raise enough money to visit both Washington and New York City on their trip.

Students attend universities

During the summer, several colleges offer special programs for high school juniors and seniors. Students wishing to enter these programs must apply and wait to be accepted. This year, two of Whitesburg’s ex-juniors participated in summer programs.

Kitty Gish attended Duke University’s Pre-College Program. Seventy-seven other juniors and seniors from across the U.S. participated. Each student took two classes for college credit. Kitty chose to take psychology and anthropology. She said that she enjoyed both classes. The thing that interested her most in each class was that in psychology she was hypnotized, and in anthropology a film was shown of Bushmen killing and eating a giraffe. At the end of the seven-week program, Kitty received an “A” in each class.

Ephraim Imperial attended West Virginia University, in Morgantown, W.Va. The program was called Medical Physics, and its purpose was to train young students in a few of the science fields. Radiation, lenses, embryology, and the cardiovascular system were a few of the areas in which the training was given. Five mornings a week, Ephraim attended a three-hour lecture. In the afternoons, two days a week were spent in lab, and two other days were spent at the hospital, studying a different branch during each visit. On Friday, instead of going to lab or to the hospital, different professors lectured.

No classes were held on the weekends; every student was given these two days for his own use. Ephraim said that he enjoyed this six weeks program very much.

Summer was great

As much as we all regret it, summer is over and fall is here. With fall comes school. It’s always interesting to hear how students spent their summer weeks away from books and teachers. We asked several WHS students how they spent their summers. The results of some of them follow in this part 1: Randy Frazier, a senior, went to football and basketball camp. He also went to Myrtle Beach and worked. Mike Wilson, a junior, said he “partied, worked, and tore up the car.” Beth Lucas, who is a sophomore, said she swam, went to Ohio, went bicycle riding, and bought albums. Suzanne Hall, a freshman, went to Opryland, met a guy, went to Gatlinburg and “flirted with guys.”

Jackie Craiger, also a freshman, went to cheerleading camp, 4-H camp, church camp, and visited with her mother. Greg Hall, a senior, said he played music and went swimming with Mike Wilson.

Michele Reedy, also a junior, went to Myrtle Beach, Cherokee Lake, and Lexington.

A freshman, Missy Halcomb, said, “I watched my soap operas and talked on the phone.”

Ozz Jackson held a basketball clinic at Whitesburg, and worked as a coach at UT Camp of Champions for one week. He also worked at Joe B. Hall’s Wildcat Basketball Camp. He sold ads for UK basketball calendars for Bob Chambers. He spent a week in Gatlinburg and in his spare time worked at the hospital.

Sandy Maggard, a senior, went to cheerleading camp. Annett Combs went to the pool and to cheerleading camp. She is a sophomore.

Mary Page Polly, a freshman, said simply that she “had a great summer.”

Trena Jenkins, a freshman, went to cheerleading camp, went skating, swimming, and to the movies.

Julie Boggs, a senior went to two basketball camps and spent a lot of time at the swimming pool in Whitesburg.

Denise Simmons, a freshman, said she “did a little bit of everything.”

Ernest Chandler, a senior, was a little wary of the reporters at first and asked, “Is this a dirty joke or something?” After reassuring him it wasn’t, he said that he went fishing and hunting.

Jamie Estep, a sophomore, learned to water ski, went to Myrtle Beach, and went swimming at the country club.

Teresa Wright went to cheerleading camp and went swimming at the pool. She is a junior.

Kaye Gose, a junior, went to Georgia, to Cherokee Lake, and to the football field.

Dawayne Sturgill, a freshman, said he “went to the beach, rode motorcycles, and went fishing and hunting.”

High ties the knot

Coach High was married to Reba Faye Kidd on Saturday, Sept. 19. The wedding took place at the First Church of God in Morehead. We of the Black Kat Staff send our congratulations to Coach High and his new bride.

Officers elected

Julie Boggs and Michele Reedy, reporters for the executive council of FHA-Hero, say the group has had several meetings to plan this year’s events.

Officers have been elected. Other than Boggs and Reedy, elected were: President, Jamie Estep; Vice President, David Holbrook and Teresa Wright; Secretary, Karen Halcomb; Treasurer, Missy Fields; Historian, Darhonda Brashears; Parliamentarina, Kaye Gose; Song Leader, David Gibson; Recreation Leader, Kenneth Burton. Sponsors are Phyllis Barker and Kathy Napier.


The Math Department has a new TRS-80 Model III computer. Soon the algebra I classes will be able to have the computer do problems for them. The algebra II, geometry, and pre-calculus classes will also learn of the basic ideas in computer programming.

Plans for the future include getting a cassette deck for storing programs. In the not-too-distant future, perhaps the computer will store all grads and be able to instantly figure grade point averages.

Cumberland falls to Whitesburg

The Cumberland Redskins were defeated by the Whitesburg Yellowjackets, Sept. 4. The final score was 21-10.

Mark Bates had two touchdowns, one of 53 yards, and the other 10. He had 12 carries for 116 yards. David Gibson totaled 47 yards from carries. David Holbrook carried the ball eight times for 42 yards. Morgan Blair had 9 carries for 29 yards, including a 5-yard touchdown. Randy Frazier had 4 carries for 15 yards. Tim Smith took the ball 12 yards in 2 carries. He also kicked 3 extra points.

Mark Powell completed 5 of his 10 passes-three to Stephen Burke for 50 yards, and 2 to Randy Frazier for 23 yards. Total yardage in the air was 73.

Ricky Smith had 5 solo tackles and 3 assists. Morgan Blair had 4 tackles and 3 assists. Randy Frazier and Charlie Gibson had 4 solos and 2 assists. Myrel Wynn had 3 tackles and assisted in 5 while David Gibson assisted in 1 and made 3 solo tackles. Tony Sergent made 3 tackles, 2 assists and had 1 interception. Tim Smith had 2 tackles, 3 assists, and an interception. Mike Wright had 2 tackles and 2 assists. Stephen Burke made an interception along with 2 tackles and 1 assist.

Retired school teacher Bennett Welch spent many hours working with Whitesburg High School students to publish “The Yellowjacket” yearbook every spring.

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