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Moments and Memories of Whitesburg High School

(From the 1949 Black

Kat) Halloween Carnival Virginia Hollan and Jimmie Bert Tolliver

Crowned King And

Queen Of WHS

On Monday, Oct. 17, Whitesburg High began their annual Halloween Carnival. The students got behind the drive with the spirit for which WHS is famous. All classes elected their nominees for King and Queen. They were as follows:

Freshmen: Loretta Profitt and Burl Lucas

Sophomores: Virginia Hollan and Jimmie Bert Tolliver

Juniors: Bennie Faye Blair and Gene Giles

Seniors: Geraldine Smith and Billy Ray Cooper

When the final votes were cast, it was found that the sophomore class came out on top, putting both their King and Queen in. The sophomores had approximately $320. The senior class were runners-up. The total amount of the high school was $580.

The Prince and Princess of the grade school were Margaret Collier and R.T. Holbrook.

The grade school worked very hard to get their nominees in. The total amount they raised was $603.95. The high school wishes to thank every one who helped in the Carnival. Bulldogs prove more bark

than bite!

On Friday, Oct. 7, the Whitesburg Yellowjackets met and stopped a mighty Hazardous gridiron machine. Whitesburg drew first blood and then outplayed the visitors only to have the game end in a 15-15 tie. Yellowjackets get revenge

for ’48

On Friday, Oct. 14, the Yellowjackets met and defeated a very inferior Hall High 11 by a score of 51-0. Every boy on the squad saw action against the Gamecocks.

Yellowjackets slaughter


On Friday, Oct. 21, the Yellowjackets met and defeated a fighting Jenkins 11 by a score of 60-18. The Cavaliers showed a brilliant passing attack which netted them 2 of their 3 touchdowns, but that was not enough to down the Yellowjackets.

Yellowjackets defeat Pirates to clinch conference

On Saturday, Oct. 29, Whitesburg met and defeated a spirited Fleming 11 which put up a vicious fight throughout the game. With the exception of one time, Stapleton, Burns, and Jerry Tucker, were bottled up. Then the final whistle blew and it was Whitesburg 14 and Fleming 6.

October, 1948

Linda Lou Franklin and Ralph Collins crowned in

Halloween Festival

Linda Lou Franklin from the senior class, gowned in a gold satin formal carrying an arm bouquet of gold and lavender mums, and wearing the purple and ermine train, carried by Larry Goodwin of the first grade, walked proudly down the aisle with Ralph Collins, junior class, who wore the King’s regalia, train bearer David Combs and were crowned by Prof. Millard Tolliver in appropriate ceremony, as Queen and King of the Halloween Carnival of 1948. Their attendants and runners up in the great Class Contest were Spicey Bates and Douglas Polly of the freshmen class; Jean Ramsey and Bill Longmire of the sophomore class.

After they were crowned, they dubbed the Prince and Princess of the eighth grade, Burl Lucas and Esta Cook, whose attendants were Douglas Blair and Marcia Burkelow, seventh grade; Bert Holbrook and Sharon June Williams, sixth grade; Charles Day and Phyllis Ann Hall, fifth grade; Ronald Newton Collier and Patty John, fourth grade; Otis Nelson Mohn and Rosemary Collier, third grade; Johnny Lee Taulbee and Rita Kathryn Hale, second grade; Bill Blair and Sandra Moore, first grade. The King and Queen ruled over their court and were entertained by the High School Girl’s Glee Club, directed by Mrs. Tolliver.

Preceding the crowning, the huge crowd had the opportunity of all types of entertainment, including a variety show, a minstrel, freak show and other booths.

The Halloween parade, at 10 a.m. through Main Street, led by the High School Band, was the most colorful and comical of any parade of other years. The junior class carried posters of Mrs. Jack Harter, cochairman, report the sum of $3817.09 raised by the carnival. The Carnival is sponsored by the Parent Teachers Association.

6th period study hall has student government

A new program of discipline has been inaugurated in the 6th period study hall. It is student government. The students seen to be cooperating in every way with the idea. Gene McKnight was chosen by the study hall group as head of the council. Other council members are Jane Raleigh Lewis, Judy Picklesimer, Jesse Hogg and David Adams.

New faculty members

Miss Pauline Amburgey is a graduate of Whitesburg High School and Eastern State Teachers College. Formerly she has taught in Alliance, Ohio, and McRoberts Junior High School. She is our new health and history teacher and sponsors the Art Club.

She says she likes our high school very much.

Mrs. Ira Whitaker, commerce teacher, is a graduate of Kingdom Come High School and Elizabethton College of Commerce.

The high school girls are very happy to have a handsome young bachelor on our faculty, Mr. Bill Collins. He is a graduate of Eastern State Teacher’s College and teaches general math and government.

Whitesburg High

School Faculty — 1949.

Miss Martha Jane Potter, Letcher County Schools Superintendent. Mrs. Hazel B. Childers, Secretary.

Prof. Millard Tolliver, Mrs. Millard Tolliver, Mr. Carlice Breeding, Miss Vera Raleigh, Mr. Isaac Hogg, Miss Viola Cook, Mr. Ray Pigman, Mrs. Major Day, Mr. Edgar Banks, Mr. W.L. Stallard, Mr. Paul T. Boggs, Miss Ann Dugan, Mrs. Ira Whitaker, Miss Jeanette Lewis, Mrs. Stephen Combs, Mr. Bill Collins, Mr. Hugh Adams, Miss Pauline Amburgey.

Class Colors; maroon and white, Motto – ‘Impossible is Un-American;’ Class Flower – white rose. Class officers: President – Glenn Pendleton, Vice President – Richard Webb, Secretary/ Treasurer – Judith Picklesimer.

Whitesburg gym moves rapidly toward


Whitesburg’s new gymnasium is fast approaching completion and should be completely finished by the middle of April, T.G. Green, building superintendent says. When finished, it will be the best high school gym in the state and one of the most modern buildings in Kentucky.

The cost of construction will be between $200,000 and $300,000, Mr. Green states. Built by the Armstrong Construction Company, Kingsport, Tenn., the building covers a total ground space of 138 by 141 feet. It has a front entrance of Indiana sawed stone and is of modern architectural style.

The gymnasium itself will seat around 2,000 and cement is being poured, prior to laying the hardwood floor, this week. Two rows of bleachers seats and two balconies are being built to accommodate the basketball spectators.

The basement floor of the new building will contain the Whitesburg High School coach’s office, a first aid room, a room for pep rallies, a storage room, girls’ and boys’ showers with lockers, a boiler room, and a coal room.

The first floor will have a large storage room for books, a clerk’s office, and office of the county superintendent of schools, a reception room, a storage room, and a large hall with stairways at each end. In addition the first floor will contain the gymnasium. A ticket booth, enclosed in glass, will be located in the hall.

The playing floor of the gym will be 45 by 84 feet and will have a hardwood finish.

On the second floor of the building will be a home economics room, a class room, and a supervising teacher’s room. A large hallway with 30 lockers will also be on the second floor.

All the corridors in the building will be of glazed tile and all the first and second story floors will be of asphalt tile. The building, when completed, will be equipped with telephones, and an electric scoreboard in the gymnasium.

The Whitesburg High School basketball team has been handicapped by lack of a home gym for the past few years and it was hoped that the new building would be completed in time for at least part of the season. But the problem of getting building material has hindered construction.

(The above article appeared in the Mt. Eagle Feb. 10, 1949)

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