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Moments and Memories of Whitesburg High School

“This Is Your Life” (Taken from the January 1958 Black Kat)

On November 7, 1905 in a little home on Little Cowan Creek you were born a big 8- pound bouncing baby boy. You were bestowed on the proud parents, Mr. and Mrs. John R. Banks.

At the age of six you were an intelligent little boy who started your first years of knowledge — and where should you start this educational period — Why!!! Little Cowan of course.

In 1924 Whitesburg High School was invaded with this masterpiece of genius ability. During your high school years, the teachers soon discovered that you had an abundance of intelligence, and the only trouble was you didn’t realize it. About this time it had been said that your ambition was to be a Holy Roller preacher and your second choice was to become a great scientist.

You walked 2-1/4 miles each morning and afternoon. There were no school buses or even cars on highways for boys to thumb a ride. So you walked all alone through the woods and the mountains. But you were not lonely as you walked, you thought of your lessons — what you had learned and the assignments for the next day.

After graduation, as the valedictorian of your class, in 1932 you enrolled in Eastern Teachers College. It was in this school that you took part in a fake murder charge and a roommate obligingly gave a $200 check for a getaway.

In 1934, you married a beautiful young lady whose name was Louana Gibson. Your marriage was blessed with two outstanding children, one boy and one girl. The boy is serving in the Air Force and the girl is training to be a nurse at Berea College.

As a recognized scientific and mathematical brain you have been teaching for 25 years and plan to teach until retirement age. Your favorite foods are French fries and watermelon. When asked what you thought about teaching at Whitesburg, your grim reply was — “It’s like skiing through a revolving door. You’re always in a whirl.”

Your philosophy of life is “Treat your fellow man right because he is your fellow man”. Your only fear is blackmail. You have only one ambition after retirement which is to buy your dear Louana a mink coat.

Since you are a great man and scientist, who else could realize this? “From way down in my cranium I this prediction make. That if you eat uranium, You’ll get atomic ache.”

One of the most outstanding scientists!!! Mr. Edgar Banks.

The 1961 Yellow Jacket staff also honored Mr. Banks by dedicating the yearbook to him: “To one whose friendliness and loyalty has won a place of high respect, deep admiration, and warm affection among both the student body and the faculty. With deep appreciation for his service to us as a teacher, friend, and assistant principal, we dedicate this, the 1961 Yellow Jacket to Mr. R. Edgar Banks”.

Song dedications (Jan. 1958 Black Kat)

Sugartime: Mousie Davis to J.L Adams. I Beg of You: Charles Wilcox to Rose Cook. You’re the Greatest: Ray Day to Miss York. Waitin’ in School: Gertrude York to Paul. Stood Up: Sonny Webb to Marylyn Monroe. Teenage Crush: Buck Sparks to “Bugs Daniels”. Teenager’s Romance: Owen Paco to Shelia Hall. You Can Make It If You Try: Coach Trosper to “Goose” Combs. Love, Love, Love: Tommy Fields to Vina Stamper. Treat Mo Nico: Bert Combs to Mr. Burkich. Come Back Baby: Esteva Collier to Windell Meade. The Stroll: Students going to lunch room. I’ll Always Be In Love With You: Pat Franklin to certain senior boy. I Miss You: Coach Hall to Polly. Helpless: Janis Bentley to Ross Chaney. Wait and See: Jean Spangler to Vernon Carroll. I Love You: Pat Ison to Bob. I’ll Be Seeing You: Donna Spangler to Kenneth Holbrook. Got A Job: Students to Mr. Burkich.

The rest of this column is taken from 1932, the year that Mr. Banks graduated from Whitesburg High School.


Open Season On Dec. 8 (1932).

Opening game with Hindman on home floor

With two weeks’ practice behind them, the boys up on the hill, better known as the “Yellow Jackets”, are about to open up one of the hardest schedules that a Whitesburg High School team has ever attempted. Only a small squad of eligible players reported to Coach Horky for the new team, but some real talent is sure to be shown before the season is very old. Whitesburg fans are certain to see several mighty interesting games, since the schedule, as announced, has contests booked with the following teams for the home floor: Dec. 9: Hindman, 16: Vicco. Jan. 14: Lynch, 19: Jenkins, 24: Fleming, 28: Pineville. Feb. 4: Hazard, 17: Pikeville, 21: Harlan, 25: London.

The Yellowjackets play return games with all these teams on their respective floors since all the games are scheduled on a home basis.

Season tickets are on sale and will be on sale until after the game Friday night. Members of the squad at present are: Clayton Day, Bert Day, Lum Haynes, Patrick Blair and William Hall with Archie Fields, Carlie and Frank Webb, Howard Adams, Willie Niece, and Billie Blair as substitutes. With the start of the second semester, this squad will be bolstered by such men as Earl and Arnold Amburgey, Homer Stamper, Ray Frazier and Billie Collins, who are all ineligible at present, due to the fact that they were not in school last semester.

(Note: This was taken from The Mountain Eagle dated 12/08/32.)

Variety program is great success!

A crowded house resulted on Friday evening, last, when the “Variety Program” was rendered by Miss Hale and members of her glee club at the grade school auditorium. The program was rather out of the usual order and was highly pleasing to the hundreds present. It was like a delectable feast in barren land — vital and satisfying. Receipts – $57.75, Ticket costs – $2.25, Total – $55.50, Bal. on Curtains – $50.00, Balance on hand – $ 5.50.

Citizens and school patrons are glad that the beautiful curtains, bought last year, now are entirely paid for and belong to the school. The variety program was a success and those who were so instrumental in making it so are entitled to the thanks of all the patrons of the school.

(The above article is from the Mt. Eagle dated Dec. 15, 1932.)

Whitesburg High and grade teachers

High school: Teachers employed in the Whitesburg High and graded schools for the term beginning on next Tuesday are: Prof. R. Dean Squires, superintendent (This is the position that would later be called Principal, when the city school joined the county system), Prof. E.B. Hale, assistant superintendent, Beckham Combs, mathematics and coach, Montjoy Savage, science and assistant coach, Miss Hazel Lewis, mathematics, Miss Mary Warren, French, Miss Mabel Eversole, English and history, Miss Dalna Hays, English, Miss Lavina Cook, English and history, Miss Eunice Combs, English and history, Carrie Dickerson, home economics.

Grades: Prof. H. H. Harris, 8th grade, Mrs. Lewis Ammerman, 7th grade, Miss Jimmie Caudill, 5th and 6th grades, Mrs. Arlie Boggs, 4th grade, Miss Vera Raleigh, 3rd grade, Miss Hazel Back, 2nd grade, Miss Cliffie Felix, 1st grade, Miss Mae Williams, Whitco, Miss Rosa Hale, music. During the absence of Prof. Harris, on account of illness, Ira Collins of Colson will be teaching for him.

(The above article came from The Mountain Eagle, August 27, 1931.)

The senior play

“It Won’t Be Long Now,” the farce at the high school auditorium on last Friday night by the senior high school students, was one of the best yet given. Only the highest praise for it was heard on every side. Miss Mabel Eversole has shown herself a skilled artesian for the training she gave the players. Each of the parts was played perfectly.

High school alumni meets

At a meeting of the Alumni Association of the Whitesburg High School, held at the office of J.L. Hayes in Whitesburg on May 10, the following officers were duly elected for the ensuing year: President – J.L. Hayes, Vice-President – S. J. Hale, Secretary – Jennie Caudill, Treasurer – Emerson Yonts.

A great deal of enthusiasm was shown by all present, and plans were made to further the interest in this organization. It was agreed that the dues for the ensuing year should be the sum of 75 cents for old members and 50 cents for the graduates. All members are requested to send their dues to Emerson Yonts, treasurer, or to Jennie Caudill, secretary.

(The above articles appeared in The Mountain Eagle on May 12, 1932.)

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