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Moments and Memories of Whitesburg High School



1995 senior trip to New York

Excitement filled the air as the bus left the WHS parking lot that Thursday night at 8 p.m. However, five or six hours later, sleep had overtaken most of us. We arrived at our hotel on the New Jersey Turnpike early Friday morning. With only a couple of hours to get ready, we departed for a visit to the Metropolitan Museum. Later that evening, we attended a wonderful performance of “The Phantom of the Opera”.

Our second day was led by our two-hour late actor, model, singer, dancer, tour guide, Kevin. He showed us Central Park and all the homes he claimed celebrities lived in. After ditching Kevin, it was off to Shea Stadium where the New York Mets defeated the San Francisco Giants. Dinner was at the Café America followed by touring the Empire State Building where our express elevator whisked us up to the 82nd floor. Afterwards, we headed back to the hotel for some much needed sleep.



Sunday, our last day in the “Big Apple”, we took the ferry to Liberty Island to see the Statue of Liberty. Then, after a walk through Greenwich Village, we shopped the day away at the beautiful South St. Seaport. Dinner that night was at the famous Hard Rock Café. All too soon, we were saying good-bye to our super bus driver T.J. and boarding the bus for home. This is one trip we seniors will never forget.

1995 senior favorites

Car – Camaro. Movie – “Forrest Gump”. TV rerun – Andy Griffith. Music group – The Eagles. Talk show – Jerry Springer. TV Series – “ER”. Soap Opera – “Days of Our Lives”. Female vocalist – Reba McEntire. Actor – Brad Pitt. Actress – Julia Roberts. Commercial – Budweiser frogs. Male vocalist – Garth Brooks. Album – “Hell Freezes Over”. Cartoon – “Scooby Doo”. Cartoon character – Scooby Doo. Color – Black. Song – “Feel Like Making Love”. Magazine – “Cosmopolitan”. Book – “Of Mice and Men”. Hang out – McDonald’s. Pro Athlete – Michael Jordan. Sport – Basketball. Food – Pizza. Drink – Mt. Dew.

Teacher’s Choice Awards

Most mischievous – Jerome Hatton and Valerie Wynn. Most studious – Tony Back and Wendy Ward. Best all around – Greg Bailey and Amanda Pike. Citizenship – Aaron Kincer and Tammy Short. Most courteous – Matt Cox and Heather Collins.

Senior superlatives

Eyecatcher – Dwight Harvey and Mhairi Watson. Most lovable – Stephen Mercer and Denise Aragao. Chatterbox – Jonathan Potter and Stephanie Bates. Biggest flirt – Jerome Hatton and Christy Trout. Most popular – Paul Banks and Angie Burton. Most athletic – Chester Adams and Tennille Blair. Most dependable – Tony Back and Stephanie Bentley. Most fun to be around – C.B. Hall and Brandi Hogg. Most school spirited – Robert Spangler and Rebecca Meade. Most likely to succeed – Aaron Kincer and Cathy Civis. Jacket Joker – Charles Vance and Chassidy Howard.

Mr. and Miss

Whitesburg High School

The honor of Mr. WHS was bestowed upon Aaron Kincer. He is the son of G.C. Kincer and Anna Craft. The honor of Miss WHS was bestowed upon Heather Collins. She is the daughter of Jerry and Vickie Collins.

Miss Yellow Jacket The honor of Miss Yellow Jacket was bestowed upon Cathy Civis. She is the daughter of Jim and Diane Civis.

Senior class officers

President – Derek Cook, Vice-President – Meairi Watson, Secretary – Chassidy Howard, Treasurer – Kevin Lucas.

Valedictorian – Wendy Ward, Salutatorian – Christy Trout and Tony Back. 12 years perfect attendance – Amanda Pike, Rebecca Mende, Tony Back. 4 years perfect attendance – Holly Breeding.

Senior honors

Top 10% – Tony Back, Mandi Bates, Kelly Bentley, Holly Breeding, Cathy Civis, Heather Collins, Brandon Combs, Courtney Day, Candy Eldridge, Jason Hylton, Aaron Kincer, Amy Lewis, Jarrett Lewis, Rebecca Meade, Melody Sexton, Tammy Short, Robert Spangler, Christy Trout, Wendy Ward. D.A.R.E. Student Leader Award – Tony Back, Amy Banks, Holly Breeding, Courtney Day, C.B. Hall, Dawahare Award – Chad Bates and Felisha Isom, Dugan Award – Brandi Hogg, Harris Award – Robert Spangler, Letcher County Area Vocational/ Technical Center Awards – Scotty Adams, Kevin Breeding, C.B. Hall, LaShawna Holbrook, Jamie Hooper, Felisha Isom, Jarrett Lewis, Ricky Lucas, Wendy Ramsey, Richard Wright, Art Award – Tabitha Brown, Heather Collins, Jennifer Hall, James Stallard, Biological Sciences Award – Cathy Civis, Drama Award – Chassidy Howard, Aaron Kincer and Charles Vance, Creative Writing Award – Chassidy Howard, English Award – Wendy Ward, French Award – Karen Bailey and Melody Sexton, John Phillip Sousa Award – Brandon Combs, Library Award – Jennifer Thomas, Math Award – Wendy Ward, Retailing Award – Amanda Fleming, Chris Gilley, Casey Halcomb, Donna Lowe, Angel Profitt, Tina Sturgill, Social Studies Award – Wendy Ward, Writing Award – Aaron Kincer, Yearbook Editor’s Award – Amanda Pike.

1995 Yearbook dedication

The 1995 Yellow Jacket pays tribute to a special person who in many ways can be considered the glue of our school. She greets everyone with a welcome smile full of enthusiasm. Her warmth and caring are always available for a quick pick me up.

Throughout her years of dedication to Whitesburg High School, she has seen that the school runs like clock work. She is much more than a secretary — she is a friend to both the students and the faculty as well as an integral part of the school. In return for her gracious contributions to education, we extend our warm thanks and best wishes as we dedicate the 1995 Yellow Jacket to Mrs. Pat Yinger. Mrs. Yinger served WHS from 1972 to 2002 making 31 years of dedicated service.

The 1994-95 Football Homecoming Queen was Angie Burton. The 1994-95 Basketball Homecoming Queen was Mhairi Watson and the Homecoming King was Paul Banks.

WHS Drama

The WHS drama class ended the year with performing a collection of original student-written, one-act plays May 20 at the Appalshop Theater.

The play was called “When the Leaves fall.” It consisted of eight one-act plays. “The Hanging”, by Chassidy Howard, “Justice”, by Aaron Kincer and Charlie Pease, “Injustice for All”, by Chassidy Howard, “C-ya Later”, by Jody Webb, “Coming Home”, by Laura Boggs, “‘Til Death Do Us Part”, by Chassidy Howard, “Like Father, Like Son”, by Kyle Hopkins, and “When the Leaves Fall”, by Amy Banks, Brandi Baker, and Cammy Sparks.

This school year produced not one but two drama classes. First semester performed two plays together, “Dracula” and “The Christmas Plays.” Due to complications, second semester was forced to cancel “The Wizard of Oz” to begin work on their original plays. Of which I’m proud to say was a success due to the hard work and dedication of the students.

From the pigpen — It’s about that time. The time that every senior is looking forward to, graduation. In the relief, there is also a sadness. I know that not all of our seniors here at WHS have that feeling but, I do believe that everyone has that anxiety of going on and leaving this same old cycle that they’ve gotten used to over the past 13 years. The whole life thing is a pretty scary deal, not counting leaving your friends and family. Well, I don’t want to give you some big sappy speech about all that, so I suppose I will sign off for the last time. First though, advice for underclassmen. Enjoy it while it lasts, because it doesn’t last long. It is over before you know it. To my fellow seniors: Good luck. I hope I hope you live entertaining and careful lives. See ya in 10 years! Until next time, good-bye.

(The above articles were from the 1995 Black Kat and the Yellow Jacket yearbook)

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