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Moments and Memories of Whitesburg High School

KLASSROOM KWIZ — James Caudill, Kyleen Campbell, and Charles Ward participated in a TV show in Bristol, TN.

KLASSROOM KWIZ — James Caudill, Kyleen Campbell, and Charles Ward participated in a TV show in Bristol, TN.

This is the Whitesburg High School “Klassroom Kwiz” team that won three weeks in a row at Bristol, Tenn., recently. James Caudill, Kyleen Campbell, and Charles Ward were selected from the Beta Club of our school, which is an honor society for scholastic achievement. They defeated teams from Rye Cove, Va., Whiteswood, Va., and Clintwood, Va. Whitesburg High School is very proud of these students for their fine showing.Valedictory

Kyleen Campbell, Valedictorian of the 1966 senior class, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Campbell. She has maintained a 4.0 standing in her four years at Whitesburg High. She has held many offices. Among them are vice-president of the Student Council, president of Tri-Hi-Y, secretary of the sophomore class, vicepresident of the Science Club, and secretary of the Beta Club. She was a National Merit Finalist, and the 1966 Homemaker of Tomorrow. Her plans are to attend Virginia Intermont College and major in dietetics.


Cindy Hatton, Salutatorian of the 1966 senior class, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Hatton. She is a member of the Science Club, Beta Club, Bible Club, Senior Committee, and secretary of the Student Council. She has maintained a 3.9 standing in her four years at Whitesburg High. Her future plans are to attend Good Samaritan School of Nursing.

Congratulations to:

All seniors upon graduation. Nina Morgan’s marriage to Harold Fields. Olivia Maggard on her wonderful dance recital presenting her pupils showing her youthful ability and technique. Kyleen Campbell on winning Betty Crocker Award; being valedictorian; representing us on Channel 5; and winning first place in the National Merit Scholarship test. All senior Beta Club members for getting Beta Club seals on diplomas. Freshmen girls for winning girls’ basketball intramural championship against the lady teachers. The art class and Mrs. Juanita Day on her art display and outstanding accomplishments with the art students. Miss Cornett on teaching all the home ec girls to knit. Mrs. McCleese and the annual staff for a bigger and better Yellowjacket. James Kenneth Caudill on making the highest score in the junior class on the National Merit Scholarship test. To all seniors who are going to college.

Black Kat staff opinions

Why I am glad school is out — I am glad because I can go where I want to and do what I want to do. I can sleep late and not have to be in school when it is warm and pretty outside. Brenda McDaniel.

I am glad school will soon be out because I will not have to get up so early in the morning and get dressed every day. Carolyn Buchanan.

I am glad because this is my last year and I will know I am through high school. Barbara Kincer.

I am glad to be leaving dear old school where teachers are mean and grouchy, and Mr. Burkich sends people home for good measure, and Mr. Ritter likes to use the paddle. Drondia Collins.

I want to leave because I am tired of all of this place. Sharon Terry.

I am glad school is out but I know Uncle Sam will probably get me in the near future. This thought is running through the minds of every male senior; eligible for the service. Warren Lee Hall.

I will miss all my friends and teachers. I will miss going to the office and telling Mr. Burkich and Mr. Ritter my excuse for being absent the day before. But most of all I will miss putting out our Black Kat every six weeks. Paul Dent.

New award offered at W.H.S.

The Ann Dugan Award for the senior girl most outstanding in character and leadership will be presented for the first time on Awards Day, 1966.

The Harris Award for the senior boy most outstanding in character and leadership will be presented for the 13th time on Awards Day.

Folk Dance Club

The Whitesburg Folk Dance Club encourages the preservation of our cultural heritage through enjoyable participation in authentic folk activities. The Whitesburg group includes the following students: Sharon Garrett, Phyllis Day, Kyleen Campbell, Susie Day, Patsy Day, Sandra Day, Linda Biggerstaff, Linda Ferguson, Marcy Frazier, James Earl Mohn, Junior Holbrook, Bobby Dan Blair, Jeff Hunsaker, John Bill Brown, Jack Cox, Gary Adams, Joy Pritchard, and David Jones, under the capable direction and training of Mr. Dan Polly.

Teachers get a lounge at


At last, the teachers have a lounge located in the English building. In the lounge there are chairs and a table for the teachers to use. There are books to read. There is a beautiful brown couch.

Oh, I forgot, don’t look or bother the teachers when they are resting, planning lessons, or grading papers. This is their private room. Barbara Kincer.

It’s Miss Cornett who?

Hey boys! Have you been seeing the cute little redhead on campus? Well, she is Ruth Ann Cornett, fresh out of Eastern College, our new home ec teacher. About 5’5″ tall, her favorite singer is Ray Charles; favorite colors are blue and green. She is originally from Gordon, but now residing at the home of Mrs. Sanford Adams during this school term. She plans to return to Eastern for the summer term. So come on down and become acquainted with a real sweet redheaded teacher in the Home Ec Dept. Phyllis Maggard.

Senior honors

Miss WHS: Sharon Garrett; Mr. WHS: Hoover Nease; Miss Yellowjacket: Pat Goins; Most Popular: Phyllis Day and Hoover Nease; Wittiest: James Earl Mohn and Kathy Barker; Most Talented: John Bill Brown and Lynda Ferguson; Most Likely To Succeed: Charles Ward and Kyleen Campbell; Most Studious: Larry Crase and Cindy Hatton; Cutest Couple: David Jones and Linda Biggerstaff; Best School Spirit : Curtis Niece and Teresa Franklin; Best Dressed: Scooter Quillen and Debby Webb; Most Handsome and Beautiful: Johnny Fairchild and Carolyn Jones; Ring Dance Queen and King: Linda Biggerstaff and David Jones; Best Personality: Joella Taylor and Luther Proffitt; Senior Class Officers: President Sharon Garrett; Vice President Debby Webb; Treasurer: Gary Fields; Secretary Phyllis Day.


Senior candidate: Debby Webb, junior candidate: Sandra Lynn Day; sophomore candidate: Janie Adams, Homecoming Queen: Jan Yinger. Majorettes: Clayshan Caudill, Barbara Poloskey, Candus Honeycutt, Mildred Crase, and JoLinda Maggard, Leigh Crawford. Cheerleaders: Ava Adams, Lana Watts, Teresa Franklin, Jeanie Anderson, and Becky Boggs.

Senior varsity football

Co-Captain Hoover Nease, End; Bobby Fisher, End; Larry Freeman, Tackle; William Pace, Halfback; David Setzer, Guard; Co- Captain Curtis Niece, Halfback; Ronnie Cornett, Tackle.

Note: I have learned that part of my article printed from the October 1952 issue of the Black Kat was incorrect. It was in regard to the officers of the Bible Club that year. In that issue, the staff of the Black Kat mistakenly typed that the president was Coleen Craft, but it should have been Coleen Caudill.

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