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Moments and Memories of Whitesburg High School

1933-34 WHITESBURG HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL TEAM — Left to right front row: Ralph Polly, Pat Blair, Frank Webb, Lum Haynes, Earl Amburgey, Dick Bourne, Coach. Back row: Bert Day, Carl Holbrook, Clayton Day, Ralph Adkins and Arnold Amburgey.

1933-34 WHITESBURG HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL TEAM — Left to right front row: Ralph Polly, Pat Blair, Frank Webb, Lum Haynes, Earl Amburgey, Dick Bourne, Coach. Back row: Bert Day, Carl Holbrook, Clayton Day, Ralph Adkins and Arnold Amburgey.

The high school schedule


The tentative basketball schedule for the Yellowjackets of Whitesburg High, announced today, includes 12 games at home and nine away. Three home games will be played before Christmas holidays. Knox County High, Barbourville, will be met Dec. 12, in the opener. December 16 brings McVeigh High School of Pike County here and then Dorton on the 21 will lower the curtain until after the holidays. The Jackets will journey to Carr Creek the 15 of December.

The prospects of a successful season are encouraging, as seven lettermen from last year’s squad will be available. The 20 candidates are: Bert Day, Clayton Day, Lum Haynes, Bill Hall, Ralph Polly, Pat Blair, Archie Fields, Ralph Adkins, Harold Back, Bill Holbrook, Wise Frazier, Lloyd Haynes, Kendall Boggs, Elmer Parsons, Earl Amburgey, Arnold Amburgey, Russell Hall, Homer Stamper, Carl Holbrook and Frank Webb. The lettermen have elected Bert Day as captain of the ‘Basketeers.’



(NOTE: The above article appeared in The Mountain Eagle, Dec. 7, 1933)

Whitesburg wins overtime

period game at


Whitesburg Yellowjackets play interesting game With Jenkins Cavaliers: score 24-22.

Last Friday night the Whitesburg Yellowjackets came into town to engage the local quintet in a basketball game. This proved to be the best game that has been played on the Cavalier hardwood in many moons.

The game was well underway before either team was able to loop the ball through the basket for a counter; as a matter of fact the lads had been in action for a period of five full minutes before the visitors scored the first point of the game. The first quarter ended with the Jackets leading the Cavaliers by the score of 4 to 2. The second quarter was very much like the first with the Cavaliers scoring four points while the Yellowjackets chalked up two to tie the score at six all when the whistle blew for the half. The two teams were able to score a more frequently in the third quarter. In this period, Jenkins managed to push ahead of the visitors and end the quarter by a score of 14 to 12 in their favor.



The fourth quarter was hard fought by the two teams and found them in a deadlock at 18 all as the period ended. They played the first overtime period which also ended in a 20-20 deadlock. The visitors, after tying the game up at 22 all, scored two points in the last few seconds to win the game.

(The above article appeared in the Neon News Jan. 12, 1934)

Yellowjackets win over alumni

The Whitesburg High ‘Basketeers’ defeated the alumni Monday night in a benefit game, 41-23. The first half closed with the alumni on the long end of a 10-7 count, but the second half was a different story as the effects of the first period began to tell on the tired ex- Yellowjackets, and the high school team slipped through their fading defense for one crisp shot after another.



Holbrook and Haynes led the high school scoring with 15 and 12 points. Whitaker and Emmette Fields were outstanding for the Alumni.

Scores for the high school were as follows: Bert Day: 6, Haynes: 12, Holbrook: 15, Blair: 4, Hall: 2. For the alumni, Whitaker: 8, Adams: 6, Adkins: 7, H. Hall: 0, Fields: 2.

Subs-Jackets, Webb: 2, and Stamper: 0. Alumni, Walter Enlow: 0, Day: 0.

(NOTE: This article appeared in The Mountain Eagle March 29, 1934)

Members of the W.H.S.

class of 1934

Elsie Caudill Banks, Kendall V. Boggs, Ella Vermillion Preston, and Lena Sturgill Boggs.

Graduation evening 1934

The biggest night of all on College Hill was the graduation exercises. The exercises opened with a processional followed by the 46 graduates marching in to strains of sweet music and taking their positions on the stage. Prof. Squires introduced the program of the evening and the invocation was pronounced by Rev. Garriott, pastor of the M.E. Church followed by the sweet strains of “Violet Lady” by the Girls Glee Club. Miss Lena Sturgill, one of the young lady graduates, was introduced as the salutatorian of the evening and delivered a short but well prepared address. Following this Miss Alta Parsons, the Nightingale of the school, sang a solo, “The House Beside the Road” to the silent delight of all.

Miss June Salling, the valedictorian of the evening, came forward and fascinated the vast audience with a delightful address, acquitting herself in an admirable way. “I Love A Little Cottage,” a duet sung by ladies, Mrs. Deanne Squires and Mrs. Miles Moore, charmed everybody. Supt. Arlie Boggs appeared on the stage and in a few well chosen remarks introduced Prof. R. V. Bennett, President of the Kentucky- Wesleyan College at Winchester, the principal speaker of the evening who delivered one of the best addresses ever given at a graduation. Prof. Bennett, being a mighty devout man and one of the strongest school and church advocates in the state and a true blue Kentuckian, captured his audience and held it spellbound until the last word of his address died on his lips.

Judge R. Monroe Fields was then called from the audience and after a short talk to the young men and young lady graduates, presented each of them with their diplomas which they looked forward to receiving for the last four years. The benediction followed by Rev. O.V. Caudill, after which the vast audience arose and quietly turned their faces toward the future, closing the curtain on the school activities of 1933-34.

(The above article from the May 24, 1934 Mountain Eagle)

The junior high school


Whitesburg and the large audience that witnessed it were well pleased and highly entertained on last Wednesday evening when the junior high school play was given in the graded school auditorium. Mrs. Rosa Jones, though for several days handicapped physically, was in charge of the training of the players. She brought out the very best that was in them, enabling them to acquit themselves almost perfectly on the stage.

That ‘Square Crooks’ was the best play presented here in years was the general consensus of opinion. The players were Ralph Adkins, Miss June Salling, Woodford Webb, Miss Lyda Webb, Miss Kathleen Cornett, Monroe Combs, Elmer Parsons, Johnnie Basham, Kendall Boggs, Miss Ruby Long and Miss Dorothy Kilgore.

(The above article appeared in The Mountain Eagle May 24, 1934)

Members of the 1934 class were: Jody H. Adams, Ralph Adkins, Mattie Adams, Arnold Amburgey, John M. Basham, Thelma Jean Benton, Otta Mae Bailey, Billie Blair, Bonnie Blair, Patrick Blair, Kendall V. Boggs, Lester B. Banks, Una C. Banks, Elsie Mae Caudill, Alice Caudill, Emma Cornett, Margaret Kathleen Cornett, Burniece Fay Combs, James Monroe Combs, Burnette Campbell, Denver Collins, Charles Clark Combs, Elizabeth Dyer, Vernon Bert Day, Ritter Kincer Fugate, Lum Haynes, Wesley Ison, Amos Jones, Dorothy Ann Kilgore, Ruby Lillian Long, Effie Lusk, Maxie Cleo Miller, Ruby Mullins, Elmer Parsons, June E. Salling, Pearl Smith, Lena Lee Sturgill, Louise Tackett, Philas Jay Taylor, Ella Martha Vermillion, Edna Webb, Frank Terry Webb. Class motto: ‘Not to seem, but to be.’ Class flower: tea rose.

Whitesburg High School


Those who have not heard the Whitesburg High School Band in their orchestral efforts have so far missed a treat. The free-forall dance contributed by Dr. and Mrs. Passmore for the benefit of the boys and for those who enjoy tipping the fantastic toe at the Daniel Boone Hotel Saturday night will attest to this. The boys are trying to gather a few dimes in order to better equip themselves with instruments. And besides, to have such a band handy for all occasions is a great auxiliary to the town. It should be encouraged and all live citizens will do so. The members of the band, all nearly being mere school boys, are Klair Back, Ralph Webb, Woodrow Whitaker, Ted Bentley, Wayne Stamper and Bill Collins, leader. These boys are all struggling hard to get to the top.

(The above article from the April 12, 1934 Mountain Eagle)

The 1933-34

Yellowjackets Close

Successful Season

The Whitesburg Yellowjackets closed a most successful season last Saturday, their first under the guidance of Coach Dick Bourne, former Centre athlete, winning 16 games and losing 8. They scored a total of 537 points for an average of 22 points per game, while their opponents scored 435 points for an average of 18 points per game. They tallied over half their foul shots making good 100 out of 191 chances. The individual scoring was led by Captain Bert Day, who chalked up 112 points. Total points for other players were: Haynes, 73; Blair, 59; C. Day, 105; Holbrook, 104; Hall, 16; Stamper, 24; Webb, 6; Adkins 4; Amburgey, 9. The strong defense of the Yellowjackets is in evidence by the fact that the largest score rolled up against them was 27 points, that total being made by Hazard in the Regional Tournament. The team will be greatly weakened by graduation, as Haynes, Blair, B. Day, Webb, Adkins and Amburgey are seniors.

Whitesburg 14, Knox County 25; Whitesburg 17, Carr Creek 19; Whitesburg 31, McVeigh 9; Whitesburg 27, Dorton 23; Whitesburg 24, Jenkins 22; Whitesburg 11, Carr Creek 14; Whitesburg 25, Stuart Robinson 16; Whitesburg 30, Fleming 15; Whitesburg 13, Lynch 19; Whitesburg 27, Lynch 24; Whitesburg 18, Stuart Robinson 15; Whitesburg 14, Hazard 22; Whitesburg 29, Jenkins 20; Whitesburg 16, Hazard 23; Whitesburg 24, Union Frosh 8; Whitesburg 16, Fleming 12; Whitesburg 12, Knox High 19; Whitesburg 18, Union Frosh 16; Whitesburg 24, Vicco 22; Whitesburg 26, Stuart Robinson 13; Whitesburg 30, Vicco 25; Whitesburg 23, Fleming 11; Whitesburg 17, Jackson 16; Whitesburg 21, Hazard 27.

(NOTE: This article appeared in The Mountain Eagle March 15, 1934.)

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