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Moments and Memories of Whitesburg HS




Yellowjacket annuals are wonderful

This year, for the first year, our annuals have white covers. It has more pages and I think it’s the best ever. I think all of us should congratulate Miss Cureton, who is the sponsor, and all of the staff for the expert work they did. It takes a lot of work to make an annual and they did the job and never complained.

The full-page feature pictures added a new note.

The annual is dedicated to Mr. Edgar Banks, head of the science department, in appreciation for his great service to the students.

Jr.–Sr. Prom proclaimed the best

Echoes from all juniors and seniors who attended the 1961 prom indicate this was the best yet. Contributing to this success was first the most attractive decorations of Siamese pink and silver transforming the gymnasium into a Polynesian room, lighted by Japanese lanterns and flame floats on each table; second the most excellent music provided by the Jive-A-Dears Band of Lynch and third the student-suggested rule that no one be allowed to leave the gymnasium until after the crowning of the king and queen of the prom at eleven o’clock. Chosen by the senior class, Paul Yonts and Brenda Williams were crowned by our principal, Mr. Jack Burkich.



From the desk of the principal

As we roll up the year’s scroll we can review many activities of the school with satisfaction. We are justly proud of graduating 177 seniors — the largest class ever to graduate from Whitesburg High School. Looking into the future I can see the upper fifty percent of this class taking their places in professional life and industry. Many others in the lower brackets will amaze us with their success in certain fields. Congratulations! Seniors! Will miss you next year.

In step with the trend of the times our science department has made advanced strides this year in laboratory equipment, scientific books and interest.

Perhaps the best one thing which happened to our school this year was a six weeks class on “Evaluative Criteria” conducted by Dr. Paul Street of the University of Kentucky, attended by faculty members, which was a self-evaluation of every department, activity, staff member, and feature, including our physical plant, with a most critical eye for the purpose of finding our greatest faults and needs for an all round better school. In the fall of 1961 a committee from the state level will spend two days visiting our campus, classrooms, laboratories, library, band, gymnasium and office. If we can meet the requirements of this faultfinding committee, we hope to become a member of the Southern Association of High Schools and Colleges. This is a great step forward even if we do not reach the goal in 1961- 62 we shall have made a great step in that direction. Jack M. Burkich

Advice from seniors to WHS students

Jewel Mullins — Have faith and patience, also keep up your assignments.

Kay Daniel — Be sweet to the teachers.

Ival Meade — Act like human beings and you might make it.

Wanda Stallard — Seniors (next year), work hard and go on the Washington trip.

Bobby Elkins — Don’t let Mr. Banks catch you holding hands in the Science Building.

Gladys Huff — Never let fees linger on for they really add up at the end.

Josephine Kincer — Keep your notebook up in Miss Wampler’s class.

Elhanon Glenn Day — Plan for the future, not the past.

David Steven Combs — Get all of your homework in on time, so you won’t have to work so hard the last month or the last minute.

Carlos G. Banks — Keep your notebook up in your English Class.

Donna Lou Sturgill — Study hard when you get in Senior English.

Steve Stamper — Don’t let Coach Moore catch you getting a drink on the football field.

Rickie Johnson — Never lose your temper with a teacher, it doesn’t pay. I know, I’ve tried it.

John Combs — Go to college!

Orville Collier — Have as much fun in high school as you possibly can.

Freida Romine — Students, study as hard as you can.

Pat Trent — Try and try again.

Our Black Kat is not sleeping

J.B. Eversole seems to like to go to Cumberland, could Tanna Lewis tell us?

It looks as if Kathleen Gilley and Lucky Sexton are seen together a lot. Could it be love?

The Kat would like to know who Eddie Kincer’s new girlfriend will be, could you tell us, Marearle?

Bob Eversole, we want to know what girl has your heart? Could Jo Falls be the one?

Ival Meade, why don’t you look around? A certain freshmen girl has her eye on you.

We see Francis Hall and Henry Sergent together. It seems to be getting serious.

Redgie Tyree finally has found a heartbeat named Judy Mae Hall!

James Earl Combs, there is a senior girl who has her eye on you. You’d better watch out.

Musical Christmas –

“Song Dedications”

“Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly” — Mrs. Gatton and Miss Cureton.

“Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” — Bus 22.

“White Christmas” — Joyce to Brice.

“Let’s Go Steady” — Larry Jones to Steve Whitaker.

Anna about Jimmy — “Santa Bring My Baby Back to Me”.

June to Merrill — “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”

Dorothy to Wayne Barker — “I’ll Have a Blue Christmas Without You”.

Creeda to Chester — “I Want a New Baby For Christmas”.

“Santa’s Coming in a Whirly-bird” — Mr. Burkich to Jennifer.

Gary to Rusty — “I’ll Be There”.

“I’m Waiting for You” — Gladys to Kenneth.

Mary Golden to Johnny Brown — “I’ll Have a Blue Christmas”

Jingle Bells — Last bell at 3:30, Dec. 20.

(The above articles from the 1960-61 Black Kat Newspapers and the 1960 Yellowjacket.)

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