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Partly sunny

Moments and Memories of WHS

Senior Class Awards June 6, 1963

Song Dedications (From the Feb. 1963 Black Kat)

Larcena Whitaker to Danny Bates: Danny Boy. Sharon Day to James Stewart: Chains. Hannah Ingram to Harry Whitaker: I Could’ve Danced All Night. Mr. Elmer Banks to 2nd Period English class: Chain Gang. June Collins to Darrell Sheens: The Night Has a Thousand Eyes. Neta Webb to Darrell McBee: I’ve Got My Eyes On You. Barbara Moncrief to Harold Fields: Where Do You Come From? Sheila Joseph to Willie Mitchel: I Love You. Patty Gibson to Douglas Gentry: I Need You.

Alice Shepherd to Larry Hughes: I Need You. Sue Parkerson to Stanley Fields: I Love You. Lakie Wright to Billy Ray Mitchel: Lover Come Back. Linda Whitaker to Larry Yoark: Save All Your Loving For Me.

The Best Of 1962 (From the Feb. 1963 Black Kat)

10 Best Dressed Girls: Terry Combs, Sue Lewis, Barbara Bentley, Debby Webb, Lydia Hammonds, Shirley Smith, Linda Adams, Shirlee Frazier, Judy Collier, Liz Smith. 10 Best Dressed Boys: Gay Amburgey, Randy Fields, Ricky Banks, Roger Collins, Michael Adams, Elmon Blair, James Craft, Roger Yonce, Jimmy Brown, Jackie Collins. Best Dressed Teachers: Miss Ann Lewis, Mr. Caudill.

Best Athlete: Jimmy Stamper. Best in Basketball: Jerry Coots. Best in Science: Austin Napier. Best in Math: Jimmy Combs and James Meade. Best Emcees: James Craft and Jimmy Brown. Best in English: Janet Hall. Best Hill-Billy Singer: Lakie Wright. Best in Speech: Jewelene Banks. Best in Art: Joyce Franklin. Best in Drama: Sharon Day, Ty Hall and Steve Yontz. Best in Band: Jackie Collins, Lloyd Price, Richard Day and Barbara Bentley.

The Imaginary Miss WHS: Take the hair of Olive Fields, or if you prefer blondes, there’s Kyleen Campbell, or if you like redheads, try Sandra Bloomer; the eyes of Linda Pilkenton, Fredia Buttrey or Sherry Conatser; the complexion of Virginia Asher; the teeth of Sue Lewis, and the sincere smile of Mahala Reynolds, the figure of Glenda or Sherlon Raleigh, the style of Vikki Moore or Carol Joyce Davidson, the friendly manner of Maurleen Collier, the personality of Barbara Adams, the clothes of Terry Combs. Blend well and the results will be the sweetheart of Whitesburg High.

The Imaginary Mr. WHS: Start with the physique of Jimmy Stamper, the teeth of William Craft or Roger Blair; the eyes of Elman Blair; smile of Curtis Adams, hair of Gay Amburgey, complexion of Ted Cook, friendly manner of Jackie Collins, the personality of Lloyd Price and the clothes of Randy Fields or Michael Adams — and girls, here is a man!

Kitten of the Month: Linda Whitaker. 5’1″, eyes of blue, beautiful long black hair and 112 pounds describes the cute kitten of the month. Linda Whitaker, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Astor Whitaker of Crown, born July 21, 1948. Linda’s schedule is English, math, science and civics. She belongs to the nurses club. To be a secretary is her great goal in life. She belongs to the Regular Baptist Church. Among Linda’s favorites are: food: hamburger, drink: root beer, sport: basketball, TV program: Bonanza, song: “Hey Paula”, singer: Ricky Nelson, actor: Rock Hudson, actress: Liz Taylor, color: red, teacher: Mr. Row, subject: English. BOYS! This cute Kitten isn’t hooked, but likes all you boys.

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