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Moments and Memories of WHS

Dugan Award Winner Pam Hall

Dugan Award Winner Pam Hall

Homecoming celebrated

Oct. 15, 1982

On Friday, Oct. 15, Whitesburg High School celebrated its homecoming. The 1982 Homecoming Parade began at 1:30 p.m. The theme for this year’s parade was “The 80’s On The Go.” There were 19 floats to enter the parade. Trophies were awarded in four categories: Civic Division, Grade School Division, School Club Division, and the High School Class Division.

In the Civic Division, the First Baptist Child Care Center received third place; second place went to the Presbyterian Youth; the first place went to the DECA Club.

In the Grade School Division, third place went to the Cowan Elementary School; second place went to the West Whitesburg Pee Wee Football Team; first place was Whitesburg Middle School.

In the School Club Division, the Girl Scouts of Letcher County received third place. Cowan Cub Scouts placed second, and the first place went to West Whitesburg Boy Scouts.

H.H. Harris Award Winner Rocky Craft

H.H. Harris Award Winner Rocky Craft

In the High School Class Division, the senior class placed second, and the first place trophy was given to the sophomore class.

The same evening, the Whitesburg High School homecoming took place at the Whitesburg football field. The ceremony opened with the presentation of the float awards.

The ‘81-‘82 Homecoming Queen, Dottie Fields with her escort, Jeff Lucas, was present to congratulate this year’s Queen. They were followed by the 1982 Honor Court, as follows: Patricia Baker, escorted by Mister Polly; Betsy Adams, escorted by Luke Capps; Damaris Adams, escorted by Bobby Pike; Tiphanie Bates, escorted by Jerry Shepherd; Pam Hall, escorted by Clifford Brown; Teresa Wright, escorted by Jimmy Benson; Jatanna Adams, escorted by Meryl Wynn; Renee Stamper, escorted by Mike Wright ; Pamela Adams, with escort Jay Wynn; Karen Buntin, escorted by Gregory Burton; Peggy Wagner, escorted by Gary Boggs; Tammy Profitt, escorted by Chris Holbrook.

‘81-‘82 Homecoming Queen, Dottie Fields with her escort, Jeff Lucas.

‘81-‘82 Homecoming Queen, Dottie Fields with her escort, Jeff Lucas.

Next came the class representatives: The senior representative was Michelle Reedy, escorted by Tony Sergeant; the junior representative was Monick Wampler, escorted by Mark Powell; the sophomore representative was Jackie Craiger, escorted by Tony Evans; and finally, the freshman representative was Debbie Imperial, escorted by Greg Lucas.

The last group to arrive on the field was the Queen candidates: Mia Ferguson, escorted by William Reedy; Kaye Gose, escorted by Mark Bates; Kim Kincer with escort Darrell Sturgill. Mia Ferguson was crowned the 1982-83 Homecoming Queen.

New teachers like hill

As you probably know, several teachers retired last year. These teachers were Joy W. Breeding, Mary Emma Lewis, and Preston Armstrong. We also lost Jon Henrikson, who is now living in Louisville as President of the Kentucky Educational Association, and Dana Richardson, who took a threeyear leave of absence.

Replacing these teachers are Barbara Ison, who taught at West Whitesburg Elementary the previous year; Kathy Sergeant, who had coached girls’ basketball at Jenkins; Thelma Garrett, an English teacher who taught at Whitesburg Middle School last year; Ricky Adams, who taught at Jenkins and also coached boys’ basketball. Our new varsity basketball coach, who is teaching biology and physical science this year, is A.H. Holbrook.

When asked how they like their new teaching jobs, all the teachers answered very positively.

Mrs. Ison: “I like working with high school students and being a junior sponsor and I’m looking forward to taking part in the activities of the high school.”

Mr. Adams: “I love it and I’m happy to be here.”

Mrs. Garrett: “I like it here. Of course, I love kids any age.”

Ms. Sergeant: “I like it a lot at Whitesburg. This is a very friendly atmosphere.”

Mr. Holbrook: “I like it, but it is what I expected since I graduated from Whitesburg.”

The Harris Award was named in honor of Professor H.H. Harris, who served as Principal of Whitesburg High School from 1919 until 1927. It is awarded to a senior boy by the faculty on the basis of leadership, character, and scholastic standing. This year’s recipient is Rocky Craft. His parents are William and Oneida Craft. He lives on Cowan Hill and enjoys playing the guitar and hunting. He was also in the top 10 percent of his graduating class.

The Dugan Award is named in honor of Miss Ann Dugan, who served as the home economics teacher for 27 years at Whitesburg High School. The award was first presented in 1966 and is awarded to a senior girl on the basis of character, scholastic standing and leadership ability. This year’s recipient is Pam Hall. Her parents are Jack and Carolyn Hall. She is a member of the Math Club, a cheerleader for three years. She enjoys swimming and is interested in today’s youth. Pam is in the top 10 percent of her graduating class.

Uniforms get band out of jeans

On Saturday, September 18, the Whitesburg Marching Band traveled to Hazard to participate in the annual Black Gold Festival.

The parade began in Walkertown, past the State Police Headquarters, and ended at the Hazard High School. It consisted of over 70 different floats, bands, coal trucks, and antique cars . is

Th was the first of several trips the band will take this year. The band has experienced financial diffi culties since the burning of the band room in the spring of ’81. There were a few problems in receiving enough uniforms at the beginning of football season, and it was necessary for the band to march in blue jeans and white shirts for several ballgames. Their uniforms finally arrived and the band should enjoy a successful year.

Summer’s play was varied fare

Summer is over and Whitesburg High is back into the swing of things. The students look back on their fond memories of summer and recollect a few of the things that they did.

Stephen Trent: Worked, rode bicycles, went skating and swimming. Tony Sergent: Practiced football, laid around and got fat. Donald McCall: Went fishing, swimming, chased cats, and went snipe hunting. Tracy Frazier: Spent the summer with Jason at Camp Crystal Lake. Carolyn Sturgill: Went to the races and the beach. Kaye Gose: Went to Florida, went fishing and caught a 40-pound rock bass. Scott Adams: Played football. John Allen Romine: Played basketball and went swimming. Janie Clevinger: Went skating, baby-sat, and played basketball. Libby Hoskins: Worked at Ken- tucky Fried Chicken. Pam Hall: I went to Gatlinburg and was in a wedding. Jamie Estep: Stayed in the hospital for two weeks and went to Myrtle Beach. Susan Cook: Went to summer school and dreamed about Magnum P.I. Annette Combs: Went to cheerleading camp, and went swimming. Mister Polly: Played ball, went swimming and canoeing. Ellis O. Maggard: Went to Florida and ate fish. Kevin Tolliver: Toured Europe. Mark Sturgill: Worked at the house, went fishing, and went to band camp. Band wins three trophies

Each year, Whitesburg Marching Band travels to Paintsville to compete in the Apple Day Band Contest on Apple Day. This year the event was held on Saturday, Oct. 2, and Whitesburg again competed.

In the Class AA competition, Whitesburg walked away with three trophies. The rifle and flag squad was awarded the title of Best Auxiliary; Betsy Adams was named Best Field Commander, and the band received first place in overall marching and performance. This was the first time WHS Band had won this many honors at one time.

Mr. Lester, the band director, said that he was not satisfied with the band’s performance and that they still need a lot of hard work and concentration. The Band also participated in the Apple Day Parade the same day as the contest.

Another band contest was planned for Oct. 16 at Prestonsburg, but it was called off because of Mr. Lester’s recent illness. There will be no more band contests this marching season, but the Band is looking forward to an excellent concert season.

Track team in state meet

On Saturday, Oct. 30, the Whitesburg cross country team traveled to Lexington to compete in the KHSAA All-State Track Meet. It has been many years since the cross country team or any team from Whitesburg High School has made it to the All-State championships.

In the Class AA division, Whitesburg came in fourth place behind Covington Catholic, which finished first; Knox Central, which came in second, and Barren County, third. In the individual standings for Whitesburg Sonny Bates came in 17th, Jimmy Stevens 18th, and Jeff Collier 19th. These were the top finishers for Whitesburg, who helped the team place fourth in the meet.

Monick Wampler was the only girl off the girls’ varsity team that was nominated to compete in the All State Meet. She ended up finishing sixth in the overall meet. Coach Holbrook is very pleased with his team’s performance and is looking forward to a successful track season this spring.

Lady Jackets win

The Whitesburg Lady Jackets won their first game of the season, Oct. 27, by coming out on top of Betsy Lane 67-63.

Tiphanie Bates and Bridgette Combs led the scoring with both having 23 points. Sandy Brown helped Whitesburg along with 9 points.

Coach High said he was very impressed with the Lady Jackets. He also said they looked very good against Betsy Layne and they should have a winning season this year.

(The above articles from the Nov. 15, 1982 Black Kat)

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