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Moments and Memories of WHS




Prom king and queen elected

On April 27, 1990, the junior class of Whitesburg High School sponsored the junior-senior prom. This year the junior class chose “Hold on to the Night” as the prom theme. Blue and silver were chosen as the prom colors. At 10 p.m. the moment that everyone had awaited finally arrived — the crowning of the 1990 prom king and queen. This year, Danny Adams and Michelle Holbrook had the honor of being crowned. It was a special night for everyone, and it will always remain a special memory for all who attended.

FHA competition

The Whitesburg High School Chapter of Future Homemakers of America recently participated in regional competition. Approximately 40 students were present and 14 competitions were held. Whitesburg had several winners, including Gina Sturgill, who won first place in Job Interview with Carol Honeycutt taking second. Vanessa Adams won third place in Product Comparison, while Celena Wooton won second. Nikki Boggs won second place in Parliamentary Procedure Facts test. Sharon Short receive second place on the FBLA facts test, and Lynn Maggard won second in the Creed contest.



Congratulations go to these students and their advisor, Mrs. Kathy Napier.

WHS campus beatification 1990

On April 22, the world celebrated Earth Day. We are entering an age where all of society, not just scientists, is voicing their concern and protecting our environment. People are boycotting companies that package their products in non-biodegradable wrappings. Other companies are receiving pressure to end production of products that are aerosol and disintegrate the ozone layer.

Whitesburg High School did their part on May 8 and 9 when they landscaped around the high school. Teachers and students planted over 400 trees on campus. David Williams, principal of WHS, said the trees were included in the landscaping when the renovations of the school were planned. However, the trees were also the school’s contribution to Earth Day.



We hope that these trees will live for years creating oxygen and beautifying our community.

New golf team at

Whitesburg High School

For the first time, Whitesburg High School has a boys’ and girls’ golf team. The members of the boy’s team are: Eric Polly, Jason Kincer, Michael Maggard, John Cornett, and John Slone. On Monday, May 14, the boys’ team won their first match against Allen Central. The members of the girl’s team are: Amy Mullins, Kim Gilbert, Stephanie Reedy, Leslie Bates, and Angie Larkey. We would like to wish both teams lots of luck in the coming year.

Putting ideas into action

The 1989- 90 Student Council has already begun working to improve Whitesburg High School this year. New picnic tables have been made and are ready to be put to use, while many new landscaping deals have been put into consideration.



The sponsor for the Student Council is Mr. Gerald Frazier. The student council officers are: Heather Swisher, President; Kim Caudill, Vice President; and Shauna Benge, Secretary/Treasurer.

On February 10, 1990, Whitesburg High School held its third annual basketball Homecoming in the gym. The queen candidates were Kathy Sparks escorted by John R. Sexton, Vanessa Adams escorted by Tony Benton, and Peggy Collins escorted by Richard Roberts. Freshman representative was Emma Jacobs escorted by Bobby Maggard, sophomore representative was Andrea Collier escorted by Lenny Bates, and the junior representative was Nicole Adams escorted by Craig Abbinanti. The senior representative was Anna Slone escorted by Everett Shepherd and the senior honor court was as follows: Heather Swisher escorted by Steve Amburgey, Amy Mullins escorted by Ray Collins, Michelle Holbrook escorted by Danny Adams, Angie Hatton escorted by Mike Jacobs, Kim Caudill escorted by Mike McCall, Donna Collins escorted by Mark Bailey, Sarah Sturgill escorted by Mike Morris, Betty Noble escorted by Tim Pease, Lesley Ison escorted by Robbie Witt, Deanna Nichols escorted by Skipper Nantz, Jessica Webb escorted by Junior Holland, Kathy Hogg escorted by Eric Polly, Tammy Boggs escorted by Jim Scott, and Lisa Wilcox escorted by Tommy Sayers.

After everyone took his or her place on the floor, the 1989- 90 Basketball Homecoming Queen was announced: Kathy Sparks. Kathy is the daughter of Jack and Trina Sparks of Mayking. She is planning to attend Morehead State University in the fall. Her escort, John R. Sexton, is the son of Jack and Doris Sexton of Sexton’s Branch. He is also planning to attend Morehead this fall.

Homecoming in the rain On Sept. 15, 1989, a very rainy Friday evening, Whitesburg High School held its annual football homecoming. For the first time, the ceremonies were not held on the football field. Because of the mud on the field, the sidewalk in front of the bleachers was used instead.

As the Homecoming Court and their escorts were taking their places in line, a huge downpour began. All the umbrellas went up, and the spectators ran for cover as the smiles turned to looks of disgust. All dressed up and huddled under their umbrellas; the Court began to march onto the rain-soaked sidewalk.

The three queen candidates were: Vanessa Adams, escorted by Brian Everidge; Kathy Hogg, escorted by Richard Boggs; and Cristi Honeycutt, escorted by Everett

Shepherd. Class representatives were: senior Lesley Ison, escorted by Richard Craft; junior Alicia Combs, escorted by John Combs; sophomore Pam McCown, escorted by Lenny Bates; and freshman Stephanie McFall, escorted by Jason Rose.

The Honor Court was made up of 11 senior girls. They were: Nikki Boggs, escorted by Ivan Whitaker; Kim Caudill, escorted by Jamie Morgan; Kim Gilbert, escorted by Eric Polly; Angie Hatton, escorted by Tony Benton; Amy Mullins, escorted by Tommy Sayers; Laura Rednour, escorted by Elmer Hammonds; Cyndee Reynolds, escorted by Richard Roberts; Melanie Sexton, escorted by Owen Gibson; Kathy Sparks, escorted by Terry Hammonds; Heather Swisher, escorted by Mike Jacobs; and Tracey Wilson, escorted by Shawn Campbell.

As everyone was lined up along the sidewalk and smiling for the cameras, the 1989-90 Homecoming Queen was announced. Kathy Hogg received the crown. Despite the pouring rain, all girls kept smiles on their faces, and made another WHS Homecoming very memorable. Congratulations to Kathy and everyone else who had the honor of being chosen.

Whitesburg High School drama class

This year the Whitesburg High drama class did an outstanding job. For their winter performance, they performed the play “Our Town”. Jessie Richmond and Kathy Hogg had the key roles of George and Emily. Due to everyone’s hard work, the play was a success. Due to their growing popularity, the class decided to perform another play in the spring. This play had meaning, comedy, and excitement. It was about “home people” and “home problems,” and was called ‘Ancient Creek.’ It soon became a big success also. The class performed Ancient Creek 13 times, and every time more and more people fell in love with it. Due to their hard work, patience, time, loyalty, the class and a fantastic job, and everyone in the class should be applauded.

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