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Moments and Memories of WHS

The first “Black Kat” bewspaper — September, 1925

“The Black Kat” was the official newspaper for Whitesburg High School from 1925 until 1989 when the name was changed to “The Jacket Journal.” The first Black Kat was published in September of 1925. The following was taken from that first issue:

“The Black Kat is a stranger to you. You are a stranger to The Black Kat. But let’s get acquainted.

“The Black Kat is our school newspaper. In it we will endeavor to publish all the important news of our school. It will contain a special department for athletics. And say, if you don’t feel like laughing, you had better not read our jokes.

“This is our first issue. We expect to make the next one better. You are invited to help us all you can.

“After reading this issue, the Black Kat hopes it will be a stranger to you no longer and that you will wait eagerly for our next issue.

“The Black Kat hopes to bring into existence a real school spirit; a spirit which shall stand for high ideals and progress. The Black Kat hopes to become a symbol of WHS school spirit, and a paper that boosts the Whitesburg High School, Letcher County, and Eastern Kentucky.”

Students were asked to contribute suggestions for the name of the newspaper and Victor Banks is credited for the name “The Black Kat.”

The staff for the paper during the 1925-26 school year was as follows:


We have 421 students enrolled this year — 113 in high school.

The high school classes in home economics attended the cooking demonstrations that have been advertising Gold Metal flour.

Mrs. Harris has been teaching vocal music to the entire school at chapel.

The week of September 11-18 was Constitution Week. Each of the high school classes gave special programs in chapel.

The Junior Woman’s Club has re-organized and is expecting to enroll as members all the high school girls.

New drinking fountains are being put in this week. The city water company will furnish the school with water.

The senior class of 1926 is planning to publish the first annual for the Whitesburg High School. This is indeed a big undertaking, and in order for them to succeed they will need the assistance of the entire student body, faculty and the citizens of Whitesburg.

Alumni Notes

E.B. Hale — teaching at Whitesburg High School.

Watson Caudill — Centre College.

Oscar Lewis — in charge of Lewis Bros. Store

J.L. Hays — Attorney at Law in Whitesburg

Dalna Hays — teaching at Whitco, Ky.

Thelma Clark — teaching at Hemphill

Howard Fields – mining engineer at Lynch, Ky.

Carl Pigman — Preparatory of Medicine, University of Kentucky.

Kerney Adams — Altoona, Penn. (teaching).

Edna Fugate — employed at the County Clerk’s office in Whitesburg.

Advertisers for this first issue — The First National Bank, Whitesburg. J. M. Day, Cashier. Letcher State Bank. Mullins Department Store.

Junior Woman’s Club

The Junior Woman’s Club has begun its work with new zeal, determination and plans for the year 1925-26. The officers for the year are: President Miss Mary Earle; Vice-President Miss Virginia Harris; Secretary Miss Eunice Combs; Treasurer Miss Hazel Back. The President has already appointed the heads of the different committees and each chairman is at work on her plans. All the girls at the high school are invited to join the club and any town girls who are in the age limit. The club will not make public any plans for the year, for it is composed, strange to say, of (Junior) women who “say little and do much.” Watch the Black Kat and see what the Junior Woman’s Club has done each month.

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