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Moments and Memories of WHS

1958 Whitesburg High School Music Club, Rolland Secontine, sponsor

1958 Whitesburg High School Music Club, Rolland Secontine, sponsor


From the Januar y 1958 Black Kat by Sonny ‘Squash’ Enfusse: For the past two weeks, Coaches Hall and Moore have been organizing a “ W” Club. This club is for boys who have earned letters in football and basketball or any other sport. This club is to try to keep people from wearing letters not rightfully earned. Some people think that the club is just to keep girls from wearing their boyfriend’s or their brother’s jacket. When someone wears a jacket or sweater that is not theirs, they are just misrepresenting their school. I don’t think I would feel right to wear a sweater or jacket if I didn’t earn it. Some people wear jackets and sweaters from other schools such as Fleming-Neon, Jenkins, and Kingdom Come. If they want to wear the jacket that bad, why don’t they just go to that school? I know that the members of the “W” Club and the coaches would appreciate it if any people wearing a jacket or sweater only remove the letter.

Whitesburg High School “W” Club

Whitesburg High School “W” Club

Why not cooperate with the school and the club by removing the letters. We are not trying to push anything on anybody. We are just trying to do what’s best for the school athletic spirit.

Whitesburg vs. Carr Creek

The Whitesburg Yellowjackets were defeated by the Carr Creek Indians at the Whitesburg gymnasium by a score of 38-36. Carr Creek was led by their fine guard, Jim Calhoun, who threw in 20 points for high scorer of the night. Sonny Webb dropped in 12 points in a losing cause.

Whitesburg vs. Jenkins

The Yellowjackets met defeat once again at the hands of a surprisingly strong Jenkins team. Whitesburg jumped into the lead and held the lead most of the game until the last two minutes. Jenkins took the lead and froze the ball to win the ball game, 40-39. Jenkins’s big man was guard Emory Smallwood with 15 points. Marty Blair chipped in 13 for Whitesburg.



Whitesburg vs. Hindman

The Yellowjackets journeyed to Hindman to be defeated there by a score of 71-69 in an overtime period. Hindman led by five points with 2 minutes to go. Whitesburg, with Darrel Stidham leading them, came charging back to tie up the ball game to send it into an overtime. Darrell Stidham banged 24 points through the nets to lead Whitesburg. James Moore of Hindman was high point man of the night with 33 points.

Gossip from the Black Kat

Joe Gentry, who’s your new girlfriend now? Could it be Judy Adams? The Kat notices that Wanda Collier doesn’t wear a M.M.I. class ring any more. Have you and Bill Banks broken up, Wanda? We wonder who was that cute little girl the Kat saw ‘Sweet Pea’ with at the Hindman game? Larry Britton, why not give Janice Fleenor a chance? Juanita McCloud which will it be? The Navy or Fleming High School? Say Sarah Jane Hall, who’s the 215 pounder from Jenkins you’ve been talking so much about lately? Could it be Bill Elkins? Sandy Gibson and Barney Everidge seem to be a steady twosome. How about it, Sandy? Attention girls: Sonny Webb says that you all can kiss him, if you won’t take too long. Girls don’t pass up a good chance like that. Why does Jackie Collins like to hear from Michigan so much? Is R.L. Pierce the reason, Jackie? Billie Amburgey, where are all those letters coming from? Could they be from Jimmy Paul Enlow at V.P.I.? The Kat is wondering if Pat Franklin really had a toe ache or if she just wanted Billy Joe Hall to carry her to class. How about it, Pat? Robert Collier, who’s the new steady from Cumberland? Pat Morris? Deanna Carol, who’s the boy you’ve got an eye on, could it be Billy? Donna Spangler seems to be having a rough time making up her mind between Kenneth Holbrook and Brad. Which will it be, Donna? Dallas Fields, whose class ring are you wearing? Would it be Billy Harlow’s from Fleming? Marguerite Blair, who was that you were with at the movie Saturday night? Could it have been Darrel Boggs?

Meet some of the seniors 1958

Charles E. Cook, 9/4/40, food: chicken; drink: R.C.; song: Drink Up and Go Home; expression; Yep, just like it; ambition: to go to the moon.

Patsy Pat Fultz, food: hamburgers; drink: Dr. Pepper; song: Born to be a Loser; expression: Oh, cat hair; ambition: artist. Science Club 3, 4; Art Club 3, 4; Nurses Club 3, 4; Pep Club 4; Bible Club 2; Annual Staff 4; Pres. of Art Club and Pres. of Nurses Club 4.

Franklin D. ‘Pretty Boy’ Perry, 3/ 17/ 1939, food: chocolate pie; drink: nothing; song: Just Married; expression: punk; ambition: to be a successful husband to all my women. Wildlife Club 2, 3; Pep Club 1.

Dan Mitchell Polly, 4/19/1940, food: butterscotch pie; drink: nothing; song: The Joker; expression: nothing; ambition: to go to college. Band 4 years; Beta Club 3, 4; Vice Pres. Beta Club 4; Pep Club 4 years; Annual Staff 4; Music Club 1; Science Club 3 years; Pres. 4; French Club 4; Halloween King Candidate 2.

Parting advice from some of the seniors to W.H.S. students

Study hard but have fun, too. Don’t forget to study for your English tests, Ella Yonts. Love thy neighbor as thyself, Darrell Stidham. Be sure you don’t skip classes for they’ll sure catch you every time, Hilda Sexton. Study as hard as you can, because you will need what you learn after you get out of school, Nelda Austin. When Styles Jewelry gives you that present for graduation, please don’t go and get it on a school day because they do expel people for this, Raymond ‘Sweet Pea’ Thomas. My advice to the underclassmen can be said in three little words: “Don’t Mess Up!”, Bob Stansberry.

Work while you work, and play while you play. You’ll find it pays in the end, Barbara Ella Trent. Here is the best advice I can give: study but have fun ‘cause these are your best days, Janice Webb. I think the best advice to the students of W.H.S. is for you to get the best of schooling and a lot of it, Sherdie Martin Jr. Study and keep your fingers crossed, Kenneth Profitt. Try and not get any unexcuses, Ruby C. Polly. In Miss Raleigh’s class, no money, no grade, May Lou Short. The memories you have mean more to you than anything. So study, work hard, and graduate, but have fun, Donna Spangler. Study hard. Start studying when you are a freshman, and don’t wait until you are a senior. Keep your notebooks up, Gertrude York. Time means so little until time is no more, then time means so much, Billy Joe Hall. Be sure and don’t bring your car to school if you haven’t had it approved through the offi ce, Joe Gentry. For goodness sakes don’t try to be like Billy Joe Hall and Sonny Webb, Sonny ‘Squash’ Enfusse. Students, always study your lesson before you go to class, because the teacher may give a test, Robert Caudill. Take it easy greasy, you gotta long way to slide, Lilly Collins.

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