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Mostly clear

Moments and Memories of WHS


Homecoming 1966

Friday evening, Sept. 23, Whitesburg High School had a new Homecoming Queen, the junior candidate, Miss Olivia Maggard. Miss Maggard looked very charming in her light green evening gown and her arm linked in the arm of the handsome senior football player, Roger Mullins.

The freshman candidate was Beverly Day escorted by Bruce Brown. Representing the sophomore class was candidate Donna Potter escorted by Bobby Dan Blair. The senior candidate was Jo Linda Maggard escorted by William Wright.

The Queen’s Court consisted of Sheila Day, escorted by James Steven Hale; Merissa Terry, escorted by Arnold Collier; Beth Blackson, escorted by Ricky Collins; June Pratt, escorted by Sam Frazier; Dianne Paul, escorted by Charles Dixon; Janie Adams, escorted by Doug Frazier; Sandra L. Day, escorted by Jeff Hunsaker; Lana Watts, escorted by Chealis Hammonds; Darlene Burton, escorted by Doyle Fields; Linda Weir, escorted by Danny C. Collins; Margaret Salyers, escorted by Chalmer Craft; Paula Collins, escorted by Jim Holcomb; Millie Day, escorted by Larry Cornett; Elaine Holbrook, escorted by Astor Hatton; Georgia Armstrong, escorted by Jack Cox; Candace Honeycutt, escorted by Mike Burkich; Christine Gibson, escorted by Ben Wright; Kathy Pigman, escorted by Gerald Combs; Mary Blackson, escorted by Emery Kirkland; Betty Adams, escorted by Richard Brown; Carolyn Harvey, escorted by George Robinson; Wanda Parsons, escorted by Leonard Collins; and Eula Boggs escorted by Bill Bowen.

Christmas song dedications

“I Saw Mama Kissing Santa” Milos Gibson to J.R. Bates. “All I Want for Christmas is Your Love” Barbara H. to Alvin E. “I Saw Mama Twisting With Santa” Mildred Gibson to Bobby Blair. “Wish You Were Here” Carolyn Howard to Walter Howard; “Christmas Sweetheart” John Craiger to Carolyn Bates. “Santa’s Coming in a Whirlybird” Evelyn S. to Charles. “Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly” Nancy G. to Robert Brown. “Walking in a Winter Wonderland” Shelia D. to Stevie H. “Blue Christmas” Vicki B. to David B. “You Better Watch Out” for Robert Sexton. “What Child is This?” Mr. Bowling to new baby. “Blue Christmas” Donna Webb to Larry Freeman. “Jolly Old St. Nicholas” Mrs. Richardson to Mr. Richardson. “All I Want for Christmas is Your Love” Marie B. to Charles B.; Danny and Helen; Patsy B. and Robert K.; Alice Thomas to Someone Special. “All I Want For Christmas” J.R. Bates to Santa. “Christmastime Sweethearts” Debbie Marshall to Jimmy Meade.

Letters to Santa

I would like something I can’t have, my driver’s license. I am only fifteen. Mike Niece. A new boyfriend. Bernita Whitaker. Please bring Mrs. Day a sink and running water for the art room; Darius Fugate. Bring me all the answers to test questions. Bring Mr. Burkich a day of free time; and bring Mrs. Combs a lot of smart students. I want a doll that stands about 6’, black hair, black eyes, and weighs about 140, Nancy Gibson. All of the kids have been asking for a football doll, well, I would rather have a football manager. Barbara Hunsaker. I would like a White Christmas. Beth Frazier. Santa, I would like very much to have a Honda, but my mother and father say I can’t have one, but bring it. Cheryl Benton. I would like a 650 BSA Lightning Rocket. Larry Craft. Bring me a Mercury Cougar and I will be happy. Please bring me an analog computer to do my homework. Also bring me a portable answer book. Terry Day.

(The above article from the Dec. 1966 Black Kat)

You’re a big wheel when

You can sit in Mr. Maggard’s class and not get caught shooting the bull. You can chew gum in Mr. Frazier’s 4th period study hall. You can cheat under Mrs. Franklin or Mr. Billy K. Banks. You can skip and not let Mr. Combs catch you. You can go a day without being called in the office. You can make a good grade on vitamins in Miss Cornett’s class. You can get a sewing machine in 3rd period Home Ec. You can slip out of Mr. Holbrook’s class and not get caught.

(The above article from the March 1967 Black Kat)

Senior facts and fancies

Donald Jerry Adams: favorite food and drink, Dr. Pepper; favorite singer, Monkees; secret ambition, dogcatcher. Harold Dean Bates: favorite food and drink, pineapple upside down cake and fruit drinks; favorite singer, Monkees; secret ambition, racing driver; favorite song, Ninety-Six Tears. Jimmy Bates: favorite food and drink, beef; favorite singer, Elvis Presley; secret ambition, drive in the Indianapolis 500; favorite song, Windy. Kathy Baker: favorite food and drink, pizza and olives and Fanta grapefruit; favorite singer, Peter Tork; secret ambition, none; pet peeve, people who are twofaced; favorite song, The Shadow of your Smile. Beth Blackson: favorite food and drink, steak and French fries and milk; favorite singer, Supremes; secret ambition, go to Rome; pet peeve, Gerald and know-it-alls; favorite song, Something Stupid. Dean Craft: favorite food and drink, steak and Pepsi; favorite song, Baby I Need Your Loving; favorite singer, Johnny Rivers; secret ambition, won’t tell; pet peeve, homework. Chalmer Craft: favorite food and drink, hamburger and milk; favorite song, I Think We Are Alone Now; favorite singer, Tommy James and the Shandells; secret ambition, be a race car driver; pet peeve, nagging girls. Sandra Kay Day: favorite food and drink, hamburger, French fries and Pepsi; favorite song, You Mean Everything to Me; favorite singer, Percy Sledge; secret ambition, become a writer; pet peeve, someone who never smiles. Clyde Hogg, Jr.: favorite food and drink, honey buns and pickles and Pepsi; favorite song, Baby I Need Your Loving; favorite singer, Johnny Rivers; secret ambition, I ain’t gonna tell; pet peeve, nosy people. Sandra Nease: favorite food and drink, steak and Coke; favorite singer, Turtles; secret ambition, to be a physical education teacher; pet peeve, pot test; favorite song, You and Me. Marcia Polly: favorite food and drink, steak and Coke; favorite singer, The Supremes; secret ambition, none; pet peeve, people who talk too much. Sharon Webb: favorite food and drink, chicken and Pepsi; favorite singer, Casinos; secret ambition, go to college and finish it; pet peeve, for someone to say they are going to do something and then not do it; favorite song, If it Don’t Work Out.

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