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Whitesburg girl recognized as talented musician

Miss Rosalie Collins has become quite popular at Morehead State College and the public has been enjoying her music talents. Miss Collins is a 1948 graduate of Whitesburg High School and many of the citizens here enjoyed her fine singing. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Millard Collins of Whitesburg. She is expected to give a series of musical programs this coming summer in an effort to further her education. This will be an opportunity for civic clubs to sponsor a very deserving and talented young girl. The Director of Public Relations, Mr. W.M. Caudill, of Morehead, has written two letters commending Miss Collins as a talented musician. He stated that she is good and can sponsor a good program. He further states: “I know of no investment that will bring so much joy and profit as money invested in the education of our youth. This kind of living monument is far better than marble or granite.”

(The above article from the Jan. 20, 1949 Mountain Eagle.)

The graduating class of 1949 included the following students: Adams, David Ray; Adams, Dock; Adams, Helen; Adams, Jewelene; Adams, Richard; Adams, Wiley; Auton, Anna Marie; Back, Nancy Lee; Banks, Eleanor Doris; Banks, Estill; Banks, Loreva; Banks, Rose Lee; Bates, James B. Jr.; Bates, Junior; Blair, Jackie; Blair, Pauline; Breeding, Jack; Campbell, Wilma; Collins, Elmer; Combs, Richard; Combs, Vivian Marie; Edmiston, Evadeen; Fields, Lavine; Fields, Gayle; Francis, Fleta; Franklin, Linda Lou; Frazier, Gleeda; Greco, Bruno Louis; Hall, Billy; Hall, Eunice; Hammock, Don L.; Hammons, Yvonne; Harris, Tommy; Hogg, David Morris; Hogg, Jessie Stephen; Hogg, Nancy Sue; Humphrey, Neville; Ison, Flossie; Jarrett, David; Johnson, Hiram Jr.; Jones, Roxie Fern; Kincer, Billy Gene; Lewis, Jane Raleigh; Lewis, Joan; Lewis, Sherill Richard; McKnight, Gene; Miller, Ada Evelyn; Minns, Harold; Moncrief, Douglas; Morgan, Bobby Jean; Morton, Donald R.; Mullins, Mrs. Betty; Nobel, Fayette, Pendleton, Glenn; Picklesimer, Judith; Preston, Patsy Jane; Prichard, Sammy, Smith, Denny Ray; Sparks, Decoy; Stallard, Grant, Jr.; Stallard, Janice; Stamper, Hayward; Webb, Charles; Webb, Lucy Evelyn; Webb, Richard L.; Webb, Wanda Lee; Wilcox, Dolly; Williams, Helen; Williams, Lillian Louise.

“The Skeleton Walks” thrills the audience

The Class of 1949 presented the senior class play, “The Skeleton Walks”, to a large and appreciative audience on Wednesday night, May 18, in the auditorium. It would be diffi cult to give any individual criticism to the actors, for each one played the part for which he was cast in a great way. There were only eight players in the cast. The play was an eerie mystery portraying a skeleton (Neville Humphrey) walking in a lonely living room at midnight hypnotizing the leading lady, Bobby Jean Morgan, and carrying her out of the room. Also, a bat flying around. Evadeen Edmiston as mother, and Linda Lou Franklin, the 10-year-old harum-scarum daughter, and the 14-yearold son, played by Nancy Sue Hogg, carried the comedy strain throughout the play. Jesse Hogg, a lawyer, (Neville Humphrey), playing the role of housekeeper and FBI was very good. Others who did their parts as commendably were Joan Lewis, Jane Raleigh Lewis, and Fleta Francis. The play was directed by Miss Vera Raleigh, the senior class sponsor.

(The above article from the May 26, 1949 Mountain Eagle.)

Former Letcher man superintendent of Trimble Schools

Prof. John M. Potter, a 1932 graduate of Whitesburg High School, son of ex-Sheriff J. Mart Potter, on last Saturday was elected superintendent of the Trimble County Schools. Mr. Potter taught several years in the schools in this county. He is a graduate of Eastern State College and also has done a year of graduate work in that institution.

Mr. Potter spent four years in the European theater of operations in the army during the last war. After returning from the war, he taught one year at Haymond and one year in the Jenkins schools.

He is at this time principal of the Trimble County High School. He will assume his new duties as superintendent July 1, 1949.

(The above article from the March 24, 1949 Mountain Eagle.)

Junior-Senior Banquet held

The Whitesburg gymnasium was “christened” by the senior class of 1949, on Thursday night, May 5, when they were the guests of the juniors at the annual Junior-Senior Banquet. The gymnasium lent itself very fully to the arrangement and decorating committee, which chose a “Good Luck To You” theme, which was carried out in a huge beautiful rainbow, spanning one end of the gym, with the proverbial “pot of gold” at one end and “Senior” looking wistfully form the other. A huge Good Luck to You, lettered in the maroon and white of senior colors hung from the other end of the gym. There was a profusion of colored balloons hanging from the rafters throughout the entire gym. Horseshoes, flowers and four-leaf clovers completed the arrangements. The banquet was served by Miss Ann Dugan and her Home Ec. girls.

The food was delicious. Two hundred guests were served. Harrison Garrett, a junior, made an excellent toastmaster and kept the spirits of the guests high. Welcome address was given by Porky Polly, junior class president, responded to by Glenn Pendleton, senior president. Betty Powell gave a clever parody on the Psalm of Life, starting with the lines, “Tell me not in idle jingles, marriage is an empty dream, for the girl is dead that’s single.”

Two appropriate songs, “I’m Always Chasing Rainbows,” and “I’m Looking Over a Four-Leaf Clover” were beautifully sung by Jennie Combs and Jackie King. Closing toast given by Harrison Garrett, “Here’s to the class of 1949.”

After which the junior class sang the farewell song to the seniors, “Goodbye, good luck, God bless you,” as the strings holding the balloons were cut and the balloons came drifting down to the excitement and delight of all the guests, who left declaring this the best banquet they had ever attended.

(The above article from the May 26, 1949 Mountain Eagle.)

Georgetown College standouts

Four of the outstanding stalwarts of the 1948-49 Georgetown College football team are natives of Whitesburg and surrounding communities. They are John Brown, end; Jim Boyd, tackle; Henry Frazier, quarterback; and Ed Moore, halfback.

Brown played four years at Whitesburg High School before coming to Georgetown College in 1941. He won his freshman numerals as a center that year. In 1946 and 1947 he lettered at the same position, but this year has been switched to end. Brown played good as an outstanding end.

Jim Boyd, who now lives at Toner, was an outstanding guard at Lynch High School in his senior year there. Boyd was chosen on the All-CVC. This is his third year as a Tiger. He has been the starting left tackle on the Georgetown team last season and this.

One of the three Georgetown gridders who had not enrolled in college is Henry “Buzz” Frazier. Frazier hails from Premium. Last year at the insistence of some of his friends, he came out for football. Immediately, Coach C.Q. Smith recognized possibilities in Frazier. Despite his lack of experience, Frazier has seen and will continue to see considerable action as a Tiger quarterback.

Ed Moore, former star as a Whitesburg High School back, is enjoying another good season in the apparel of the Orange and Black. This, Moore’s senior year, seems destined to be his best as a hard running Georgetown halfback.

(The above article from the Oct. 7, 1948 Mountain Eagle.)

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