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Moments and Memories of WHS

Royal Court named for school Halloween Carnival tonight

(1952-53 school year)

Hershel Richardson and Shirlee Butcher of the junior class will be crowned King and Queen of the Whitesburg High School Halloween carnival tonight in the grade school auditorium.

Whitesburg High School Principal Millard Tolliver will crown the royal winners, who will in turn dub as Prince and Princess Stevie Stamper, son of Sheriff and Mrs. Hassel Stamper, and Charlene Wright, daughter of County Court Clerk and Mrs. Charlie Wright.

King Hershel is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Richardson of Camp Branch and Queen Shirlee is the niece of Mr. and Mrs. Archie Craft of Whitesburg.

Attendants to the King and Queen will be seniors Norma Polly and Billy Dean Sergent, sophomores Larry Craft and Barbara English, freshmen Eloise Reynolds and Bob Meade.

There were 158,494 votes cast for the King and Queen candidates and 143,303 votes cast for Prince and Princess candidates, giving a total of 301,526 votes cast, which represent $3015.26 which will go into the Whitesburg PTA treasury to be used for the benefit of the Whitesburg school system.

The day’s Halloween activities got underway this morning with a parade through the streets of Whitesburg. Doors of the grade school will be opened tonight at 6:00 (est.) for the big carnival which will feature ten booths. Big show of the night will be a style show of Whitesburg’s football squad in an October trousseau for the bride. Other features will be a variety show, fortune teller, Devil’s Kitchen and homemade foods.

(The above article appeared in The Mountain Eagle October 30, 1952.)

Construction begins on new stadium

Joe Romeo reports to The Eagle that the football stadium, which the people of Whitesburg and the students of the Whitesburg School System have long looked forward to, is now becoming a reality. Mr. Romeo states that excavating for the new project has been completed and the concrete footing has been poured, and that with the weather’s permission he hopes to have the stadium completed by April 1. He states that the stadium will accommodate 1,040 persons.

(The above article appeared in The Mountain Eagle February 19, 1953.)

Miss Dugan’s FHA Girls entertain the Whitesburg Rotarians

Miss Ann Dugan’s home economics students gave Rotarians a very fine program on Tuesday at Mother Craft’s.

In addition to very fine recitals, Miss Dugan had a number of beautiful girls appear, displaying nice dresses they had made with their own hands and each one telling of the cost of the material from which the dresses were made.

Rotarians were surprised at the low cost. The price for a seemingly $15, $20, or $25 dress, it was pointed out could be made for less than $5.

Learning by doing is certainly among the most valuable of lessons, and Miss Dugan we are sure, deserves much praise for her efforts.

Dr. B.C. Bach was sponsor of the program.

(The above article appeared in The Mountain Eagle on May 14, 1953.)

Junior-senior banquet at Whitesburg High gym tonight, April 23, 1953

The junior-senior banquet will be held in the Whitesburg gym tonight, April 23. Around 215 young people are expected for this gala occasion.

The presidents of the two classes will preside and toastmaster will be F.C. Hammonds.

Bobby Kincer and Bobby Lewis are presidents of the junior and senior classes.

After dinner, a prom will be held in the rear of the Dairy Bar. Sponsors of the Juniors are Mrs. Stephen Combs Jr., Walter Enlow, Miss Dorthy Jenkins and Miss Glenna Little.

Sponsors of the seniors are Miss Riley, Miss Day, and Mr. Edgar Banks.

Whitesburg overpowers Fleming-Neon 60-42 to successfully defend 53rd District crown

The Whitesburg Yellow Jackets successfully and convincingly defended their district championship crown Saturday night when they downed the Fleming- Neon Pirates 60-42 in the final game of the tournament.

The Yellow Jackets built a large lead in the second and third quarters after trailing 14-11 at the end of the first period.

In the second quarter, the Pirates were only able to hit the basket on four occasions, all free shots by Hawley, while Whitesburg hit six field goals and five free throws for 17 points. Half-time score read Whitesburg 28, Fleming- Neon 18.

Fleming came back with three quick points in the third quarter but Whitesburg hit for 13 before the Pirates could score again. When the end of the period rolled around, the Yellow Jackets led 49-28.

The Pirates repeated the first quarter play by outscoring the Yellow Jackets by 14-11.

Leading the scoring for the night was Whitesburg’s Jimmy Bert Tolliver who hit 10 field goals and 4 free throws for 24 points. Carrol Sexton was second high for the night with 15.

Hawley hit 13 for Fleming-Neon and Murphy was fourth high in the game with 12.

The Yellow Jackets were finally defeated in the tournament by the Carr Creek Indians 82-54.

(The above article appeared in The Mountain Eagle March 13, 1952.)

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