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Moments and Memories of WHS




Miss and Mr. W.H.S. are selected by the faculty on the basis of character, scholastic standing and leadership ability.

Miss Whitesburg High — Marsha Frazier, member of the Nurses Club, senior year; Library Club, freshman year; Pep Club, senior year; Folk Dancing Club, sophomore year; Senior Committee; Homecoming Queen, freshman year.

Mr. Whitesburg High — Hillard Howard, member of the “W” Club, junior and senior years; Nurses Club, senior year; Football, four years; Track, four years; Hi-Y Club, junior year; Folk Dance Club, sophomore and junior year.

What I am most thankful for

To live in the U.S. and be a citizen and be free, Walter.

I am most thankful for life and its harvest of memories, which augment the future and allow insight for more enjoyment of our span of days, Randy.

For God, who hears my prayers and believes and will help me, Marjorie.

Voted Best Dressed by senior class, Steve Lucas, Liz Smith and Fred Bowen.

Voted Best Dressed by senior class, Steve Lucas, Liz Smith and Fred Bowen.

Both of my parents, their love and understanding, and the home we share, Sheila.

For friends to turn to or to have them come to me with a problem, Eva.

I am most thankful for freedom, Ronnie.

For all the personal blessings and for those I share with others. A few of these are my country, my flag, and the fact that L.B.J. is President, Susanna.

For the intellectual ability I have. I admit I am no genius neither am I above average, but I am neither idiot nor moron, Barbara.

For my home, which is filled with love and understanding, and to worship in the church of my choice, Alma

I am most thankful for love, Larry.

For the beauty and splendor of heaven and earth, Betty F.

For the safe return of one very near to me, June.

I am most thankful for my family, Margaret.

Song dedications

Jennie Day to Larry Richardson, “Such a Night”. Glenda Shepherd to Eddie Collins, “I Love Him”. Phyllis Addington to Curtis Adams, “Chapel of Love”. Betty Fields to Jerry Sharp, “Let it Be Me”. Milos Gibson to Duke Combs, “Last Kiss”. Gary Fields to Patsy Day, “Such a Night”. Pat Niece to her Secret Love, “Just How Much Can a Lonely Heart Stand?”

Voted Most Popular were Doug Chandler and Shirley Williams.

Voted Most Popular were Doug Chandler and Shirley Williams.

Brenda Burke to Harold Fleming, “I Like It”. Donna Sturgill to Teddy Mullins, “Last Kiss”. Doris Shepherd to Jim T. Whitaker, “Right or Wrong”. Robert Boggs to Marcella Caudill, “Come Back to Me”. Linda Raleigh to Bert Pease, “Young and in Love”. Lakie Wright to Larry L. McCown, “Save it for Me”. Brenda McDaniel to Eddie Day, “Last Kiss”. Mike to Margie, “Let’s Go Steady Again”. Margaret Hatton to Ronnie Combs, “In the Misty Moonlight”. Johnny Sturgill to Insuk Hogg, “Right or Wrong”. Bernetta Holbrook to Bill Watson, “I’ve Got My Eyes on You”. Robert King to “Penelope”, “Rag Doll”. Charolette Cook to Bill W., “Forever”. Linda A. to David C., “Long as I Live”. Steve Meade and Larry McElroy, “Chug a Lug”. Charlotte C. to Jan A., “How’s My Ex Treating You?” Willie Ison to Evelyn Dollarhide, “Young and In Love”. Larry Barker to Joan Sturgill, “I Don’t Love You Anymore.” Linda A. to David C., “As Long as I Live”.

(The above article from the Oct.-Nov. 1965 Black Kat.)

Christmas song dedications

Janice to Roger Collier, Michael to Barbara, “I’ll Have a Blue Christmas”. Deloris to Leonard, Linda W. to Lee, “White Christmas”. Gene Ann to Ricky, “Another Christmas”. Michael Burkich, “I Saw Mommie Kissing Santa Claus”. Lakie to Larry, “Santa, Bring My Baby Back to Me”. Faye to Roger, “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”. Susie to Stanley, “ Five Minutes Till Christmas”. Liz to Donnie, “Christmas Time”. Jerry to Betty, “I’m Your Private Santa Claus”. Doris to Jim T. Whitaker, “Merry, Merry Christmas”. Ella Kaye to Andrea, “Truly Santa”. Ricky to Brenda, “Santa’s Helper”.

Letters to Santa

Bring Linda Weir a cute little Scrub Doll. Joe Reynolds. Please ask L.B.J. if Larry can come home for Christmas. Lakie Wright. I want a doll about 5’10”, weighs 140 lbs., his name is Stevie Meade. Billie Webb. I want a doll named Marstan Mitchell. Patsy Branham. I don’t want to be greedy so I’ll just ask for one thing. He’s got blond hair and is a freshman at W.H.S. His name is Michael Burkich. Linda Ison. Don’t forget a handsome guy named Roger Blair, he’s been great this year. Sheila Joseph. I want a slinky toy and bring my friend Linda B. a boy with the initials R.H. Ruby Brown. Bring me a red convertible and a real pretty girl. There’s one on Cumberland and on Kingscreek. Charles Adams. I want a stuffed poodle dog and loads of money. Deloris Caudill. I want a tricycle and a pacifier. Roger Howard. I would like a 1965 Chevy and a dinner ring. Ritter Wright. Bring me a black-headed boy named Larry Blair. Jenny Day. Leave me a couple of A’s in my Christmas stocking. Austin Napier. There is one thing I want for Christmas. A date with Duke Combs, because I love him. Milos Gibson. Please bring Robert King a little red-headed girl for Christmas, her name is Candice. Joe Reynolds. All I want is Jimmy Wayne Collins. Mildred Faye Combs. I am a little bachelor, 28 years old, please bring me an I.Q. so my intelligent 6th period class won’t have to teach me. Mr. McKnight.

(The above articles from the Nov.-Dec. 1965 Black Kat.)

Right down our alley!

The Kat hears that Margaret Hatton and Ronnie Combs have traded class rings. Is that true? Doris Shepherd, whose class ring do you have? Could Jim T. Whitaker tell us? The Kat hears that Linda Hart and Billy Parker are getting married. Best of luck, kids! Didn’t the Kat see Joyce Niece walking up the hill the other day with Ronald Day? The Kat saw Barbara Yinger with Michael Bentley at the Dance. Good luck, Babs! Judy Taylor, whose boots were you wearing for the F.H.A. Initiation? Could Kenny Ott tell us? Margaret Adams, we hear that you have been getting letters from North Carolina. Could R.B. be the one? Joyce Sparks, who is that cute senior boy you have your eye on? Could it be W.I.? Marjorie F. and Madonna H., the Kat hears the Graveyard Hollow would probably blow away if you two have to move. Paul Fields, are you really engaged? I bet Kathryn Bryant could tell us. Ava Dean, who is that guy you keep asking for dates? Could L.J. Profitt tell us?

The Black Kat congratulates

Ty Hall, ’64, a former Yellowjacket tackle, who is now on the starting freshman team at the University of Kentucky.

Also Shirley Williams for being chosen the Courier- Journal’s “Sweetheart of the Week.”

And to the entire Whitesburg Yellowjacket Football team and coach for being chosen the Courier Journal’s “Team of the Week.”

And a great big congratulations to William Wright for giving our team and our school so much publicity.

Mountain League honors our boys

Chosen on All E.K.M.C. second team were Hoover Niece, end, Andrea Collins, tackle; William Wright and Steve Frazier, guards.

( The above from the Oct.-Nov. 1965 Black Kat.)

Senior class officers

President, Austin Napier; Vice President, Donnie Fields; Treasurer, Insuk Hogg; Secretary, Shirley Smith.

Junior class officers

President, Ronnie Fields; Vice President, Linda Biggerstaff; Treasurer, Larry Richardson; Secretary, Debbie Webb.

Sophomore class officers

President , William Wright ; Vice President, Lana Watts; Treasurer, Rickey Collins; Secretary, Jimmy Williams.

Freshman class officers

President, Chealis Hammonds ; Vice President, Patsy Day; Treasurer, Doyle Fields; Secretary, Leigh Lewis.

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