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Moments and Memories of WHS

Miss Dugan, a landmark at W.H.S., to retire July 1

Miss Ann Dugan, the home economics teacher at Whitesburg High School since 1934, will retire July 1, 1960 completing 26 years of continuous service. Miss Dugan came to the Whitesburg school under the George Reed Bill, which required the school to put $500 for equipment, her salary being paid by the federal government the first two years. The purpose of this bill was to introduce this subject to the community to show the people the value of home economics to their daughters.

Miss Dugan had the following equipment to start her first class in the little building known as the teacherage: 1 coal range, 2 kerosene ranges, 2 new sewing machines, 2 old treadle sewing machines, 5 tables, cooking equipment, some stools, chair and dishes to serve 20 girls.

In 1940 there was added to the department another room. How nice one to cook in and one to sew in! In 1948 the Home Economics Department was moved into the new gymnasium building into a large second floor front room approximately 70 by 20 feet. The value of the equipment is now about $10,000, besides that which is placed there each year new by the Kentucky Power Company through courtesy of the electric company to be used by the girls, namely 6 electric stoves, refrigerator, automatic washer, automatic dryer, portable dishwasher, which equipment is taken out of the department at the end of the school year and sold and replaced each fall with new models.

The department now consist of six unit-kitchens, each with new equipment for cooking, preparing and serving meals for four girls. The department owns six thread sewing machines, two electric machines, 4 portable mixers, 1 large electric mixer scrubber, 1 electric sweeper, three electric irons, 1 electric scrubber, 1 Electrolux sweeper, plus many other pieces of equipment, 6 sewing tables, 24 matching chairs, 6 kitchen tables, with 24 chairs, two tote drawer storage cabinets with 58 tote drawers, two storage cabinets for coats and completed sewing, one duplicator and wall cabinets.

All this equipment has been well taken care of and is in excellent condition at the present time, after being used constantly by about 35 girls, each period of the day.

Each year Miss Dugan visits in the homes of her girls, often making two or more visits, adding up to about 200 visits a year. Miss Dugan said about the girls she has taught, and I quote, “At least a girl who has had home economics can’t say when she marries ‘I have never made biscuits’.” Many of the girls she has taught make their own cloths, as well as those of their own families.

There is a great demand for home economics majors, especially for teachers. Whitesburg High School will be looking for one next year. Other fields are in research, social welfare, child development, housing and equipment, home making and decorating.

When Miss Dugan retires in July, many people will miss her. It will be difficult for our school to replace her with one so capable, so interested in her work and so anxious to help the girls in her department.

(The above article appeared in The Mountain Eagle April 7, 1960)

Young Whitesburg athletes honored

Football Coach Blanton Collier of the University of Kentucky witnessed the presentation of monogram awards and other honors to the young athletes of Whitesburg High School.

Coach Collier was guest speaker at the annual athletic banquet at the high school gymnasium Saturday night.

Football lettermen were: Jimmy Stamper, Kyle Raleigh, Carter Bradshaw, Wayne Barker, Bobby Holbrook, Coy Pigman, Martin Lewis, Ronnie Amburgey, Steve Stamper, Benny Jones, Phillip Frazier, Arnold Frazier, Bobby Banks, Ronnie Frazier, Charles Hodge, James White, Woody Breeding, Kenneth Hall, Clifford Sparks, Donnie Hammonds, Hiram Wright, Wilgus Sturgill, Roger Kincer, Glenn Kincer, Owen Pace, David Sturgill, Dean McCloud, and Windle Sparks.

Basketball lettermen: A team — Sidney Blair, Gordon Combs, Charles Polly, Kenneth Adams, Charles Hammonds, Dean McCloud, John Sexton, Stevie Stamper, Paul Yonts, Windle Sparks, Martin Lewis, Wilgus Sturgill.

B team — Kyle Raleigh, Tommy Hall, Jimmy Stamper, Kenneth Frazier, Newton Sexton, Donnie Hammonds, Billy Sexton, Jimmy Wilcox, Kris Lucas, Larry Collins, Elmo Blair. Managers: Jerry Tolliver, Jimmy Collins, Elvin Colwell, Johnny B. Cornett, Sammy Kiser, Remious Day Jr.

Athletes and cheerleaders were introduced by football Coach Ed Moore, basketball Coach Don Burton and Miss Betty Jo Little. Toastmaster was County Attorney Byrd Hogg. The invocation was given by Rev. Bob Owens. The singing of “America” was led by Mrs. Albert Jones. The welcome address was by James Gose.

Presentation of trophies was by Herb Caudill, president of the Whitesburg Boosters Club. Introducing guest and speakers was J.M. Burkich. The benediction was by the Rev. Charles Tanner.

(The above article appeared in The Mountain Eagle May 5, 1960)

Class Day program honors local students

On May 30, 1960, Class Day was held in the school auditorium in honor of the Whitesburg seniors. Elvin Colwell, class president, acted as spokesman for the first part of the program. Devotions were led by Lela Raleigh and Carol Conatser after which the class history was read by Anna Lee Adams, Emily Rose Cook, Shirley Whitaker and Patricia Freeman. The senior class sang “Graduation Day” accompanied by Nancy Clay at the piano. Peggy Wampler, Esteva Collier, Armenda Profitt and Joyce Bates read the class will. The seniors then sang their own version of “It’s Almost Tomorrow.” The prophecy was then read by Chesta Webb, Louise Morris, Fern Fulton, Hilda Cook and Orbin Banks.

The Whitesburg High School faculty then presented the following awards to the outstanding students of the class:

English, Chesta Webb; Science, Nancy Clay; Mathematics, Orbin Banks; Industrial Arts, Daniel Profitt; Social Studies, Francis Collins; Senior Athlete of the Year, Roger Kincer; Second Year Typing, Hilda Cook; Shorthand, Louise Morris; Journalism, Pat Freeman; Outstanding Senior Musician, Fern Fulton; Home Economics, Armenda Profitt, Faye Brashears and Chesta Webb.

French (first year) Armenda Profitt; French (second year) Chesta Webb; Harris Award (character and leadership), Orbin Banks; Editor of the Annual, Juda Holbrook; Speech, Chesta Webb; First Year Typing, Roger Kincer; Soil Conservation Essay Contest, Chesta Webb; Best Salesmen in Senior Class, Joyce Bates, Bill Cayce, and Von Adkins; Business and Professional Woman’s Club Award, Armenda Profitt; Salutatorian, Emily Cook; Valedictorian, Chesta Webb.

The following seniors of Whitesburg High School ranked in the top 15 percent of the College Qualification Test: Chesta Webb, Emily Cook, Fern G. Fulton, Shirley J. Whitaker, Armenda Profitt, and Nancy G. Clay.

The following seniors of Whitesburg ranked in the top 10 percent of the senior class of 1960 which graduated 149 students: Chesta Webb, Emily Cook, Shirley Whitaker, Anna Lee Adams, Orbin Banks, Juda Holbrook, Armenda Profitt, Peggy Wampler, Hilda Cook, Louise Morris, Pat Freeman, Fern Fulton, Estevah Collier, Nancy Clay, and Joe Meryl Brown.

(The above article appeared in The Mountain Eagle April 7, 1960)

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