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1956-Part 3

Ina Marguerite Partridge, Dec. 16, 1938. Best Pal, Wanda, Iris, Chelsea, Faye, Tootsie; Boyfriend, Love ‘em all; Ambition, to marry the boss’s son; Hobby, sleeping; Favorite teacher, all of them; Subject, shorthand; Song, ‘Lisbon Antigua’; Food, banana cream pie; Color, powder blue; Expression “You can’t tell by looking”; Honors, Betty Crocker, Homemaker of Tomorrow Award, Pres. and Reporter of F.H.A.; Clubs, F.H.A. Beta.

Charles Lee Adams. Born 7-29-38; Best Pal: Ronnie Bentley; Girlfriend: A gal named Sandy; Ambition: To be as rich as Rockefeller; Hobby: knives and guns. Favorites teacher: Mrs. Combs; Subject: speech; Song: “He”; Food: southern fried chicken; Color: black and white; Expression: “I refuse to answer on the ground that it might tend to degrade or incriminate me.” Honors, Senior at WHS; 4 years in Band; 3 years in chorus and music club for 4 years.

Freddy D. Castle, June 14, 1938; Best Pal: Eugene Cole; Girlfriend: I Love Them all; Hobby: Reading; Teacher: Mrs. Hall; Subject; Speech; Song: The Kentuckian Song; Food: banana; Color: black; Expression: “Makes no difference”; Honors: to be a Senior; Clubs: Pep Club.

Peggy Fultz, Born Oct. 19, 1937: Best Pal: Stella Banks; Boyfriend: Jim Maggard; Ambition: Secretary; Hobby: romancing; Teacher, Miss Adams; Subject: Shorthand; Song: “Here Today and Gone Tomorrow”; Food: pineapples; Color: green; Expression: “Is That Right?”; Clubs: Old Maid.

Eloise Reynolds, Born 10-13-1937; Best Pal, the gang; Boyfriend: ?; Ambition: To be a secretary; Hobby, postcard collection; Favorites: Teacher, Paul Boggs and Donna Adams; Subject, Typing; Song, “Lost in a Shuffle”; Food, baked beans; Color, blue; Expression, ‘Rich as 400 dollars.’ Honors, All Festival Band 2 years; Beta 2 years; Band 4; Chorus 3 years; Clubs, Beta, Science, Music Appreciation.

Peggy Von Vick. Best Pal: Betty Lou Adams; Boyfriend: Ralph Hogg; Ambition: Nurse; Hobby: watching TV; Favorites: Teacher, Miss Raleigh; Subject: English; Song: “Why Do Fools Fall In Love?”; Food: steak; Color: blue; Expression: “Really”; Honors: All Festival Chorus; 2 years in Band; 3 years in Chorus; Clubs: Wildlife and Pep Club.

Kenton Moore. Born May 30, 1935; Best Pal: Cecil Barnett; Favorites: Teacher: Mr. Stallard; Subject: Typing, English, Bookkeeping; Song: ‘See You Later Alligator’; Food: fried chicken; Color: blue; Years in football, 1.

Christine Dale Banks. Born 11-4-38; Best Pal: Verna Banks; Boyfriend: Billy K. Banks; Ambition: To be a teacher; Hobby: reading; Favorites: Subject, Shorthand; Song: ‘Little Things Mean A Lot’; Food: banana pudding; Color: blue; Expression: “How sweet”; Honors: President of the Beta Club; Secretary of FHA (local and district); Clubs: FHA for 4 years and Beta for 2 years.

Harold Cook. Born Dec. 17, 1938: Best Pal: S.T. Barrett; Ambition: To get the best out of life; Hobby: hunting and fishing; Subject: Mathematics; Song: ‘Lisbon Antigua’; Food: anything that is eatable; Color: Lisbon blue; Expression: “Drek”; Honors: Represented school at World Affairs Convention in Cincinnati, Secretary/ Treasurer of sophomore class; Clubs; Science; Beta, Speech.

Whitesburg lunchroom being renovated

According to information received from Mrs. W.B. Hall of the County Superintendent’s office this week, the Whitesburg lunchroom is getting a complete renovation. The old wooden floor is being replaced with a gray and tan tile over cement. A complete new paint job for the walls and tables will be done in light gray and ivory. This should add to the appearance and general lunchroom atmosphere.

(The above article from the Aug.11, 1955 Mountain Eagle.)

Whitesburg gets bandmaster

Michael J. Elias is the new band instructor for the Whitesburg High School. Mr. Elias, a native of Wheeling, W.Va., attended Warwood Grade and High Schools. He was a member of the band and chorus in high school, played in the all state band and orchestra and winning superior ratings in Solo and Ensemble work. Mr. Elias attended Morehead State College from 1951 to 1955 where he was a member of the band, orchestra and chorus and dance band. He was a member of various clubs and served as President of the Music Educators National Conference.

Whitesburg extends to Mr. Elias a cordial welcome and is ready to offer support at all times.

(The above article from the Sept. 1, 1955 Mountain Eagle.)

Speech Class of WHS
entertains Rotarians

The Whitesburg Rotarians were fortunate indeed to have members of the Whitesburg Speech Class present to them, “Grapes for Dinner,” a one-act Thanksgiving play at their regular meeting Tuesday at the Graham Memorial Presbyterian Church, the program being sponsored by Dr. B.C. Bach.

Characters included in the play were Fred Baldwin, the father, played by Charles Adams; Margaret Baldwin, the mother, Shirley Brown; Lucille Baldwin, the older daughter, Phyllis Hall; Bob Baldwin, the teenage son, Douglas Polly; Janey Baldwin, the 9-year-old daughter, Betty Pratt ; Herbert Dodd, an authority on food and diet: Herman Brush Jr.; Grandma, Eloise Reynolds; the radio announcer, Freddy Castle.

The play was directed by speech instructor Mrs. W.B. Hall and was thoroughly enjoyed by all Rotarians and Rotary Ann’s present. The Thanksgiving theme was superbly acted throughout and the players are to be congratulated on their fine performance.

Mrs. Sarah Bowen and her assistants prepared an excellent meal for the occasion.

(The above article from the Nov. 24, 1955 Mountain Eagle.)

“On The Hill”
by Phyllis Hall

The Black Kat crawled off the press and was distributed Friday. All associated with the printing of the paper seemed well pleased with the edition. Printed by The Mountain Eagle press, it carried a picture of the 1955 football squad; a picture of Coach Ed Moore and our principal, Mr. Boggs.

It was a long ride home from Carr Creek Friday night with “defeat” as the driver. Everyone there realized we had lost in the first few minutes of play, but the game was as interesting as ever because our boys didn’t give up. Carr Creek has already played six games. Everyone knows we didn’t lose because our team was not well coached or because the team did not fight. We know our boys just need experience; get ’em on the rebound, Yellowjackets!

Monday we had our clubs and the Science Club had a demonstration. Ronald Collier and Phil Bentley lit a flashlight battery with a match. Really we have geniuses.

Tuesday night the Majorette Class, under my direction, performed at halftime. Those performing were Francis Jean Anderson, Kyleen Campbell, Jeannie Nolan, Barbara Bentley, Jan Hall, Kaye Daniel, Jerry Nolan, Frieda Moore, Edith Ison, Faye Breeding and Sandra Polly. I cannot say what a wonderful pleasure it was to me to see these girls perform and I think the mothers of these wonderful girls are rich with blessings.

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