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Moments and Memories of WHS




Whitesburg High welcomes some new faculty members

Mr. Stephen C. Sexton returned this year to teach algebra and plane geometry. He received his B.S. at Lincoln Memorial University and his master’s degree at the University of North Carolina.

Mr. Sexton, 28 years old, is happily married to the former Glenda Brooks of Thornton. They have one son, Stephen Mark, age four.

When asked how he liked his position here, he replied, “just fine.”

U. G. (Gene) Horn was a graduate of Inez High School in 1949. In June he went into service and served until December1952. He went to college at Eastern.

His favorite food and drink are steak and milk; his favorite color is red. His opinion of Whitesburg High School is that it is large and friendly.

Mrs. Betty Cureton Horn, our guidance counselor, attended Fleming- Neon High School and Eastern Kentucky College. She was graduated with a B.S. and M.A. degrees. She has been married five years to Mr. Gene Horn. They have two sons, David, three, and Greg, two years old. Mrs. Horn has taught 2 ½ years at Eastern and four years at Inez. Her hobby is reading for enjoyment. Her first impression of Whitesburg High School is: “Frankly, I was highly impressed to find such a progressive school and that we had so much to offer the students.”

Miss Ann Lewis is our French teacher and is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Lewis. Miss Lewis is a graduate of Whitesburg High School, and Georgetown College, with a B.A. degree.

The things she would like to change at Whitesburg High School are: “Longer lunch periods, a faculty lounge, so the teachers could get together and talk, because I hardly ever see anyone in the high school building.”

She likes pep rallies and thinks it’s alright for ballgames to be on school nights. The reason she thinks so is: “High school students should be old enough to have a right sense of values and put the right things at the right times.”

Miss Lewis’s favorite food is green grapes, and her favorite T.V. programs are Bonanza and Dr. Kildare. (Note: Other new teachers will be introduced in another column).


Barbara Bentley, we hear you are still going steady with Sammy Kiser. The Black Kat wishes you the best of luck.

Larry Maggard, could it be jealousy or not enough nerve to ask Barbara Adams to go steady?

J.D. Jones, can’t you make up your mind which one you want? Sharon Day or Sharon Adams?

Jerry Coots, we see that you are still holding on to Sweila Raleigh. We wish you both the best of luck.

Jimmy Stamper, why are you always going to Jenkins? Could Cheryl Adams be the reason?

What happened to James Craft and Charlotte Holbrook? Could Janice Bates tell us?

The Kat hears that Sharron Hatton and William Pennington are a steady couple.

Lovell Crase, who have you been smiling at in 4th period English? Could C.M. tell us?

Johnny Fairchild, why are you always wondering around in the Upper Bottom? Could it be because Maxine Napier lives up there?

Wonder who Kay Holland is getting letters from in Missouri? Could it be Johnny Hammonds?

We were worrying about Mr. Roe’s toothache all the time, but not anymore. It’s only his Beech-nut chewing tobacco.

Well Shirley Frazier, have you finally found you a boy you really like? You don’t have to tell us we know, it’s Johnny Johnson. Good luck to you both.

(The above articles from the September 1962 Black Kat Newspaper.)

Song dedications

Mr. Elmer Banks to 2nd period English Class, ‘Chain Gang.’ Lakie Wright to Billy Ray Mitchel, ‘Lover Come Back.’ Hiram Wright to Barbara Adams, ‘Did You Ever See a Dream Walking?’ Alice Shepherd to Larry Hughes, ‘I Need You.’ Barbara Moncrief to Harold Fields, ‘Where Do You Come From?’ Linda Whitaker to Larry York, ‘Save All Your Loving For Me’. Jimmy Stamper to Fay Rogers, ‘Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello.’ Sharon Mullins to Arius Holbrook, ‘Walk Right In.’ Darlene Adkins to Bill Blair, ‘You Are My Sunshine.’ Irene Lucas to Gary Creech, ‘I’m Going to be Warm This Winter.’ Brenda Baker to Henry Bentley, ‘Roses Are Red.’

My ideal boy

My ideal boy must have a nice personality, dress neatly, have clean teeth and shoes well-shined. Active in sports and enjoy dancing. Sheilah Caudill. My ideal boy must be alert, kind, generous and neat. He must have plans for the future and be respectful to everyone. Lillie Raleigh. My ideal boy will have a sense of humor. He is a good leader. He has nice manners and is courteous. He is neat and dresses to suit the occasion. Judy Hall. My ideal boy must be lots of fun and have a sense of humor. If I want to “goof off ” sometimes, then he should not get riled up over it. I don’t think it makes a boy look bigger to smoke, drink or curse. No drinking for me! My ideal boy must have some kind of future plan. Jewelene Banks.

(The above articles from the Jan.-Feb. 1963 Black Kat.)

Popularity Poll for the class of 1963

Best Dressed Boy and Girl, Rickey Fields and Shirley Frazier. Most Likely to Succeed, James W. Craft and Lorene Combs. Best All Round Athlete, Jimmy Stamper. Best in Football, Delano Thomas. Best in Basketball, Jerry Coots. Best in Science, Gary Pace. Best in Math, James Meade. Best in Art, Joyce Franklin. Best in Band, Roger Blair. Best in Voice, Mary Sexton Adams. Best in Drama, William Craft. Best on string instrument, Darrell Profitt. Best Personality, Lloyd Price and Lillie Raleigh. Best in English, Janet Hall. Best Emcee, Jimmy Brown. Most Friendly, Steven Brown and Freida Buttry. Most progressive leader, Jackie Collins and Sue Lewis. Sweetest girl and boy, Jackie Walker and Ted Cook. Biggest Comedian, Coy Morton. Biggest Comedienne, Linda Jarrett. Girl with prettiest name, Sweila Raleigh. Boy with best sounding name, Talbert Frazier. Prettiest Girl, Terry Combs. Most Handsome Boy, Elman Blair. Spends most money, Judy Collier and Gary Trent. Favorite Television Program, Dr. Kildare. Favorite Television star, Richard Chamberlain. Best Movie of 1963, Mutiny on the Bounty. Favorite Movie Star of 1963, Marlon Brando. Best Chapel Program, Camp Nathaniel. Best Assembly Program, Senior Play. Best Teacher on the Hill, Mrs. Gatton.

Senior ambition of some of the seniors

Ann Day, college and teach school. Jackie Walker, sleep, eat and sit back and watch the world go by. Linda Jarrett, go to college and be a teacher. Delano Thomas, go to college and be something worth being. Steven Brown, medical technologist. Coy Morton, attend college and have three kids with curly hair. Danny Ison, be a fighter pilot. Sue Hoskins, make a good wife. Darrell L. Profitt, work and make plenty of money. Gary Pace, attend college, be an engineer and get married and enjoy life. Anita Adams, you make a beautician. Brice Baker, professional “lover”. Judy Carroll, anesthetist. Teddy Collins, millionaire. Carol Joyce Davidson, college teacher. Sue Lewis, go to college and be a medical technologist. Willie Lucas Jr., go to college, be a millionaire and Casanova. Jim T. Whitaker, be a cop and fee grabber. Bruce Sexton, go to college and become a teacher. Swelia Raleigh, work, go to college, become a secretary and wife. Janet Lee Hall, go into science or math field. Jimmy Brown, florist. Larry Maggard, create another Frankenstein, live hard, die young, leave a beautiful memory.

(The above articles from the May 1963 Black Kat Newspaper.)

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