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Moments and Memories of WHS




“On the Hill,” by Betty Pratt

On Friday, Nov. 30, the Yellowjackets stung Letcher High by a score of 52-51. The Pep Section was really good. However, on Tuesday Dec. 4, the tide turned when the Hazard Bulldogs beat the Yellowjackets with a score of 73 to 41. I presume everyone follows the Yellowjackets play by play in the sports column by Ronald Collier. We really have a fine team this year despite the fact that we lost several players as a result of graduation last year. We are hoping along with Ernie Trosper (our very capable and efficient coach) that we win the Invitational Tournament (in which we play Hazard) and go all the way to State. We think we have as good a chance as anyone. So everyone support our team and we will have some more trophies to decorate our showcase. On three occasions I have had the pleasure of accompanying a good friend of mine (Tootsie King) to Bradshaw’s Jewelry. Of course it was a happy occasion for Tootsie and Mr. Bradshaw since she was purchasing a wedding band for her fiancĂ©. But it wasn’t so happy for me! Of the five people who started to school and graduated from the 8th grade and then to high school only two remain. Tootsie was the third one to leave us. In the sophomore year, Cleo Adams left the gang to make life happy for Kenneth Jones. They now have one offspring, Bradley Wayne. Then this year Reba Hart became Mrs. Jack Adams and Tootsie, Mrs. Jimmy Pemberton. Only Ray Adams and I remain. Best of luck to all of you girls!



Well back to the school news. The biggest issue on the hill now is the fact that Lloyd Hodge has made the All-State Grid Team. I want to take this opportunity to congratulate you, Lloyd! I have had the pleasure of going to school 4 years with Lloyd and he really deserves some credit.

On Monday, Dr. Mc- Gavin, baby specialist from the Whitesburg Memorial Hospital, and Dr. Collins gave a film for the high school students concerning polio. The film was very educational and the school would like to express their thanks to Dr. McGavin and Dr. Collins for their interest in our welfare.

Group pictures are being made this week for the annual. All clubs and freshmen and sophomores will be included in these groups.

On Friday of last week, the old Beta members gave a party honoring the new members. Refreshments were served and fine talks were given about the Beta Club and its achievements by Ronald Collier, our president, and Mr. Boggs. Mrs. Combs, our sponsor, baked a delicious chocolate cake and everyone enjoyed a fine time.

On Tuesday, the Speech Department gave two wonderful performances. “Wise Freshmen” the first production with Carol Brown, Lily Jane Collins, Roberta Brown, Elizabeth Day, Wanda Rodgers, Sylvia Owens, Kathleen Adams and Betty Webb was very fine with Wanda Collier as their director. Mrs. Hall directed “Angel Child” with Donna Spangler, Don Walker, Shelbia Sparks, Pat Fulton, Billie Amburgey, and James Adams, as the cast.

I think the plays next week will be equally as good when we will present “I Shall Be Waiting” which I have the pleasure of directing, and “Casanova, Jr.” which Ruby Jewell Craft directs. I guess that is all the news for this week and remember to follow the Yellowjackets on the sports page.

“Always remember, the man worthwhile is the man with the smile when everything goes dead wrong.”

(The above article from the Dec. 6, 1956 Mountain Eagle.)

“On The Hill,” by Betty Pratt

Christmas Concert: On Monday evening, Dec. 17, at 7 p.m. the annual Christmas concert will be given for the Whitesburg P.T.A. in the grade school auditorium. The entire Music Department of Whitesburg School will be represented on the program. Featured will be the High School Band, Girls’ Chorus, Mixed Chorus, and Junior Chorus, all of which are under the direction of Mr. Jack Taylor. Mrs. Ruth Rice’s Fourth Grade Rhythm Band will also appear on the program.

Music lovers will not want to miss this fine program of Christmas music. No admission will be charged and the public is cordially invited.

The Fleming Pirates took the Whitesburg Yellowjackets with a score of 52 to 48. It seems as though the Pirates have some team this year. However, we are proud of the “B” team who won by a score of 36 to 28. There’s another thing I’m sure we’re all proud of and I’m also sure you know what that is!?

This is a very exciting week on the hill. Everyone seems to have the Christmas spirit. Beautiful decorations adorn the doors and windows. Be sure to see the big Santa Claus on Miss Wampler’s door. The bulletin board in the high school hall is very lovely with blue lights, and angel, and a huge Santa Claus, compliments of the journalism class.

(The above article from the Dec. 13, 1956 Mountain Eagle.)

Presenting some of the seniors

Merlene Davis, 6-4-38; Boyfriend, Doyle Day; Pal, Janell Callahan; Favorites, Teacher, Mrs. Hall; Food, cherry pie and ice cream; Drink, Pepsi; Movie Star, Jeff Chandler; Singer, Elvis Presley; Song, “All Shook Up”; Color, blue; Expression, “Well;” Ambition, go to business college; Secret Ambition, to make a good wife; Activities, Pep Club, Wildlife Club.

Elmer Ray Gibson, “Gib,” 1-18-38. Pals, Arvil Hoskins; Favorites: Teacher, Miss Raleigh; Food, chicken and ham; Drink, milk; Movie Star, Jane Powell; Singer, Johnny Cash; Song, “I’ll Walk the Line”; Color, black; Expression, “My Gosh”; Ambition, to go around the world with a certain girl; Secret Ambition, to get a certain girl; Activities, football for two years, Wildlife Club, Track two years; Honors, two letters in football, one runner-up trophy in the ball game.

Mattie Vern Caudill, “Mat,” 4-11-39. Pal, Shannon Adams; Favorites: Teacher,

Jan Combs; Food, fried chicken; Drink, Pepsi; Movie Star, Rock Hudson; Singer, Elvis Presley; Song, “Love Me Tender”; Color, blue; Expression, “Is that right?”; Ambition, To be a secretary.

Carlos Fugate, “Bull,”- 4-21-38. Girlfriend, Emma Jean Walker; Pal, Rodney and Phil; Favorites: Teacher, Miss Raleigh; Food, steak; Drink, Country Club; Movie Star, Jane Russell; Singer, Carl Smith; Song, “Wait a Little Longer”; Color, black; Expression, “Fiddlesticks”; Ambition, to be a hot-rodder; Secret Ambition, to graduate; Activities, Two years in the Wildlife Club; Honors, three years football, three years track, and one day of chorus.

Jerry R. Barker, “Bark”, 2-14-39. Girlfriend, Barbara Slone; Pal, Harold, Charles, Don, S.T., Kirby; Favorites: Teacher, Mr. Banks; Movie Star, Tarzan; Singer, Jerry Hanks; Song, “Butterfly”; Color, avocado; Expression, “I swanne”; Ambition, traveling salesman who meets pretty woman; Secret Ambition, travel around the world.

Linda Wagner, “Lou”, 5-25-38. Boyfriend, Bobby Stamper; Best Pal, Janice Webb; Favorites: Teacher, Mrs. Day; Food, chicken; Drink, Pepsi; Movie Star, Debbie Reynolds; Singer, Elvis Presley; Song, “All Shook Up”; Color, blue; Expression, “Gosh”; Ambition, beautician; Secret Ambition, Can’t tell; Activities, Wildlife Club, Bible Club and Pep Club.

Mattie Lou Banks, “Pip”, 4-2-29. Boyfriend, Bolden Dagnan; Pal, the gang; Favorites: Food, meatloaf; Drink, Coke; Movie Star, Rock Hudson; Singer, Perry Como; Song, “You’re the Reason I’m in Love”; Color, green; Expression, “Gee whiz”; Ambition, secretary; Secret Ambition, travel around the world; Activities: F.H.A., Pep Club, spectator in basketball and football.

Bobbie “Bunny” Sumpter, 6-16-39. Boyfriend, Lloyd Hodge; Best Pal, the 3 Roll Kids; Favorites: Teacher, Mr. Enlow; Food, ham fried in pineapples; Drink, milk; Movie Star, Bowery Boys; Singer, Fats Domino; Song, “Confidential”; Color, blue; Expression, “Oh! now”; Ambition, secretary; Secret Ambition, It wouldn’t be a secret if I told; Activities, Pep Club, Wildlife Club, Music Club, Chorus three years, Band two years; Honors, Coal Bowl Representative, Homecoming attendant ; Grand Marshal at graduation and baccalaureate, Class Secretary, All festival chorus.

(The above article from the May 1957 Black Kat and the Yellowjacket yearbook.)

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