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Pictured is the 1990 Whitesburg High School academic team.

Pictured is the 1990 Whitesburg High School academic team.


The Whitesburg academic team has kept busy the whole month of January. They started off the month with a varsity loss to Neon on Jan. 5. However, the freshman and junior varsity squads picked up a win during the quick recall matches. In the written assessments, Elijah Fleming placed third in the math competition, and in the J.V. math, Robert Soto placed first, Joel Webber second, and Dan Brennan fourth. In the language arts competition, Velanne Welch placed third in the varsity and in the J.V. match, Dan Brennan and Neil Bedwell both tied for second.

The Whitesburg team swept the science competition with Elijah Fleming placed first, placing second was Robert Soto and Darren Day took third. In the B-team science competition, Justin Webb received first place and Brandon Baker placed fourth. The last competition was social studies and Richard Roberts was awarded first place and Hatler Kiser took fourth.

In the J.V. social studies match, Darren Day placed third with Freddy Sizemore taking fourth.



One week later, the academic team took on Letcher on Jan. 12. The freshman and J.V. teams picked up a win with the varsity taking a loss. In the English written competition, Elijah Fleming placed first and Rosa Halcomb took fourth and in the J.V. English, Dan Brenan received second, and Eleanor Abalos placed third.

The academic team completed their competition by participating in the Kentucky Valley Academic League Competition on Jan. 28. Whitesburg varsity English competition team is ranked fourth overall in this league and there are 13 high schools in our region and they competed in this tournament. Whitesburg’s J.V. team is ranked second in the league, and in the J.V. competition Robert Soto placed first in the math competition and Eleanor Abalos took fourth in the English competitions.

Whitesburg High School held its graduation at 8 p.m. at the WHS football field on May 18, 1990. After Rev. Gary Fields gave the invocation, Salutatorian Kimberly Caudill gave her Welcome Address. Next, the WHS Chorus sang “We Must Say Goodbye.” Then the Valedictorian Jennifer Stephens gave her Senior Address. The presentation of diplomas was performed by Principal David Williams and the benediction was given by Rev. Lloyd G. Mullins, Jr.

The Valedictorian was Jennifer Stephens. She is the daughter of Brenda and B.J. Stephens. She has been a cheerleader, and a member of the French, Math, Beta, and Speech Clubs at Whitesburg High.

The Salutatorian was Kimberly Michelle Caudill. She is the daughter of Ames and Karen Caudill. Kim was the Student Council Vice- President, member of the tennis team, French Club, W-Club, and the Young Christian Athletes.

Senior Will (Part I)

I, Anne Caudill, will Ginger Craft my chewing gum, nail clippers, makeup, and all the other contents of my purse because you always borrow it. I, Dan Brennan, will Tommy Roark my ability to dip Skoal while playing the tuba. I, Ivan Whitaker, will Owen Gibson my ears so he will have something to remember me by. I, Edith Dickerson, will Sondra Stidham and April Webb my long fingernails and my clothes so they won’t have to borrow them anymore. I, Jennifer Short, will Laverna Akers my ability to miss school whenever I want. I, Tonya Newman, will Libby Trent my abilities to carry tales. I, Rebecca Craft, will Jason Kincer my ability to manipulate my parents into using their automobiles. I, Richard Roberts, will Mr. Jones my hair so his head doesn’t get sunburned. I, Lesley Ison, will Denny Breeding my courage to walk away and come out a winner. I, Amy Mullins, will Carla Stamper my ability to listen and know what’s going on. We, Jennifer Hart and Holly Fields, will our ability to talk, chew gum, and sing Metallica songs under our breath in Mrs. Hayes’s chorus class to anyone who joins chorus. I, Cristi Honeycutt, will my ability to keep my boyfriend over two months to my sister Carol. I, Jennifer Lucas, will my ability to have enough patience to stay with one guy more that a week to Dena Collins. I, Randall Sturgill, will my ability to get caught kissing in the hall to Melissa Parsons and Kevin Brown. I, Kim Gilbert, will my tolerance for band directors to April Hogg. I, Jennifer Taylor, will Angie Trent my ability to walk without looking like a duck. I, Angie Hatton, will Stephanie Taylor my ability to make Mrs. Barker break out in hives. I, Randall Sturgill, will my motorcycle to Norman Lewis in hope that he never gets stuck in waist deep mud. I, Fred Sizemore, will Scott Tillie my bicycle because the way he drives he will need it to go to the Senior Prom. I, Sharon Hatfield, will my ability to keep my eyes on my typing book while typing to Requa Fields.

The Harris Award is named in honor of Professor H. H. Harris, who served as Principal of Whitesburg High School from 1919 until 1927. It is awarded by the faculty to a senior boy on the basis of leadership, character, and scholastic standing. This year’s recipient is Michael Jacobs.

The Dugan Award is an award named in honor of Miss Ann Dugan, who served as the Home Economics teacher for 27 years at Whitesburg High School. The award was first presented in 1966 and is awarded by the faculty to a senior girl on the basis of character, scholastic standing and leadership ability. This year’s recipient is Vanessa Fields .

Senior Honors

Math Award, Lisa Bowen. Biological Science Award, Lisa Bowen. Social Studies, Cyndee Reynolds. Directors Award, Cyndee Reynolds and Dan Brennan. John Phillip Sousa Award, Brian Pike. Music Scholarship, Brian Pike. WYMT-TV Achievers, Jennifer Stephens and Kimberly Caudill. Women’s Club Scholarship, Kimberly Caudill, Elijah Fleming, and Kathy Sparks. XI Alpha Lanada, Cyndee Reynolds. Eastern Kentucky University

Achievement Scholarship, Jonathan Shackleford. Union College Trustee Scholarship, Michele Back. Union College Achievement Scholarship, Cyndee Reynolds. Union College Music Scholarship, Cyndee Reynolds. Editor of Yearbook Award, Vanessa Fields. English Award, Michele Back. Writing Award, Tracey Wilson. Drama Award, Kathy Hogg. Media Award, David Sturgill. Dawahare Award, Mike Jacobs and Lisa Wilcox. Football Award, Everett Shepherd. Weightlifting Award, James Morgan. Baseball Award, Robbie Witt. Drafting Award, Tony Benton. French Award, Jennifer Stephens. U.S. Army Reserve National Scholarship Award, Angie Hatton and Richard Roberts. University of Kentucky Academic Achievement Award, Jennifer Stephens. DAR Good Citizen Award, Mike Jacobs. Art Award, Thomas Collins (airbrushing and lettering), June Sexton (drawing and painting), Lesa Fields (paints and crafts), Heather Swisher (paints and crafts). Retailing Award, Ronnie Adams, Vanessa Adams, Michelle Bentley, Linda Bunch, Yolanda Creech, Edith Dickerson, Mary Eldridge, Hollie Fields, Randy Frazier, Scott Halcomb, Michelle Holbrook, Cristi Honeycutt, Ben Kincer, Vonda Logan, Tonya Newman, Tina Sexton, Sarah Sturgill, Aimee Sumpter, Brian Tidd, Cathy Vance, and Janice Watts. Vocational School Awards: Leanna Tolliver (health services), Travis McDaniel ( auto body) , Larry Lewis (carpentry), Richard Boggs (diesel mechanics), Wade Day (drafting), Everett Shepherd (mine maintenance), Elmer Hammonds (welding), Betty Noble (FBLA Savings Bond). Southeast College Award –Jennifer Stephens and Kimberly Caudill. Southeast College (Career Access Program), Aimee Sumpter. Hazard Community College Scholars for Excellence, Jennifer Stephens. Morehead State Presidential Scholarship, Tracy Wilson. Morehead State Regional Honors Scholarship, Richard Roberts and Kathy Sparks. Morehead State Residents Hall Award, Angel Adams and Daniel Brennan. Morehead State Leadership Award, Danny Adams and Anna Slone. Alice Lloyd College Scholarship, Mary Baker, Jimmy Hall and Jeff Lucas.

(The above articles from the 1989-90 Black Kats and the WHS Yearbook.)

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