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Moments and Memories of WHS

Whitesburg High School holds 1975 Awards Day

Whitesburg High School held its Senior Class Day program in the Whitesburg High School gymnasium on June 13. Music entertainment was furnished by the “Misfits”, Ron Lester, Eugene Holbrook, Ransom Holbrook and Gary Sturgill.

Scholastic honors were presented by Mr. Burkich to the following honor students:

Eugenia Webb, Debbie Webb, Hazel McCool, Ida Dale Webb, Alicia Gail Day, Elizabeth Morton, Anita Craiger, Gary Wright, Paul Leon Adams, Donald Shackleford, Jim Adkins, Travis Dollarhide, Carl Hampton, Kathy Niece Adams, Debbie Hansel, Sheryl Garrett, Sherry Sturgill, Jeanette Tackett, Marshell Craft, Carlana Polly. The valedictorian award was presented to Kathy Niece Adams and the salutatorian award was presented to Donald Shackleford.

Miss Wampler presented the English award to Alicia Day and the creative writing award to Ida Webb.

Mr. Polly presented the Edgar Banks Science Award to Donald Shackleford.

Mrs. Arthur presented the mathematics award to Donald Shackleford.

Mr. Frazier presented the social studies award to Debbie Hansel.

Mrs. Bates presented the typing II award to Lana Polly.

Mr. Gose presented the football award to Danny Cook; the physical education award (boys’) to Robert Meade and the track (boys’) award to Jim Adkins.

Mr. Armstrong presented the biological science award to Alicia Day.

Mr. Welch presented the editor of the annual award to Sheryl Garrett and the senior staff awards to Medina Blair, Eugenia Webb, Eleanor Witt, Vickie Frazier. He presented the Distributive Education award to Neil Franklin.

Mrs. Richardson presented the girls’ physical education award to Carolyn Hall and the girls’ track award to Leslie Mullins.

Mr. Lester presented the music award to Vaunette Baker, the chorus award to Anna Lee Wegrzyn, and the band award to Sheryl Garrett. Mr. Holbrook presented the Soil Conservation award to Vaunette Baker. Mrs. Breeding presented the French award to Donald Shackleford. Mrs. J. Day presented the art award to Karen Gose. Mrs. Barker presented the home economics award to Ethel Gibson and the Betty Crocker award to Eugenia Webb. Mr. Eads presented the basketball award to Ernie Sexton and the baseball award to Rod Fields. The Harris award was presented by Mrs. Brown to Donald Shackleford and the Dugan award was presented by Mrs. Brown to Debbie Hansel.

Committee elected 1975

At the end of August, two representatives from each senior homeroom were selected to represent their class at the senior committee meetings.

The students had their first meeting on Sept. 9. They discussed the progress of the magazine drive and voted on every student going on the senior trip to sell at least $60 worth of magazines.

The following students were selected: Mr. Polly: Rachel Breeding, Melinda Slaven; Miss Helton: Eula Eldridge, Linda Caudill; Mrs. Thomas: Evelyn Crawford, Joan Hall; Mrs. Barker: Judy Holbrook, Troy Hollon; Miss Caudill: Bridget Pratt, Teresa Noble, Mrs. Arthur: Wanda Johnson, Bill Maggard; Mr. Henrikson: Barbara Sturgill, Tammy Wright.

Ring dance 1975 King and Queen

The deniors of 1976 patiently waited Thursday night, Nov. 6, 1975, as their rings were being given out by Mrs. Barker and Mrs. Ison.

The ring dance was open and the seniors could invite anyone as a guest. The band was “Angels” from Norton, Va.

About halfway through the ring dance, everything went serious as Rachel Breeding and James Gilley came to the table to escort Lisa Kimberlin and Allen Howard to where Mr. Burkich was standing and crowned them the 1975-76 Ring Dance King and Queen!

Lisa is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eckie Kimberlin of Cowan, and Allen is the son of Russel and Burrnie Howard of Whitesburg. Both are now attending the L.C.A.V.S.

The cafeteria was decorated in the “Spirit of 76,” using red, white, and blue candles and streamers.

WHS welcomes new teacher

WHS bids welcome to a new teacher! Jim Dollarhide! Mr. Dollarhide attended Morehead State University at which he received a major in both biology and history.

While at WHS he will be teaching botany and zoology, general science, and biology. When asked his opinion on WHS and its students, he replied, “Very good, extraordinary.”

Mr. Dollarhide previously taught at Kingdom Come Settlement High School and Cowan Elementary.

(The above articles were from The Black Kat newspapers, 1975)

Band trucks on!

Is it a band of savages? Maybe 38 people gone insane? No, it’s me. WHS band is boogying on! If you happened to drive by the football field a couple of weeks before school started and couldn’t believe your eyes because you saw people dancing around in the 90 degree sun, you don’t need glasses. It’s Ron Lester and his crew practicing their kind of crowd pleasing. If you think it’s a little unusual for a band to be dancing on the field in the middle of a song — you’re right! It’s all part of a new and inventive program initiated by Mr. Lester.

The traditional halftime performance consists of three parts — an entrance, being as its name implies, an uncomplicated way to get the band from the goal line to the center of the field. The center drill is the main feature of the show; sometimes consisting of having the band stand still and play in concert style and other times it’s complicated drills forming different kinds of patterns. The exit is usually, as its name implies a way to get off the field with the least effort possible. Mr. Lester has changed all the rules!

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