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Moments and Memories of WHS




WHS Carnival King and Queen

The very successful Halloween Carnival of 1943 was brought to a close as Charles Hall and Imogene Collins were crowned the reigning King and Queen of the occasion. The sophomore class was very enthused over having elected both the King and Queen. This is the first time in the history of the school that such a triumph has been achieved by the same class.

The proceeds of the election far exceeded those of any previous year. The extra ordinary sum of two hundred thirty dollars and forty-five cents ($238.45) was taken in. This sum was used for the addition of new books to the library.

This splendid success for such an occasion was attributed to the very cooperative attitude of the whole student body to the popularity of the candidates and to the interest of the people of the community.

(The above article from the 1944 Yellowjacket Yearbook)

<bb>WHS Senior Play, “It Might Happen to You”

<b>You’ll laugh, you’ll roar, you’ll howl when you see the hilarious three-act comedy, “It Might Happen to You”, when it is played by the senior class of WHS in the school auditorium on the evening of April 11. “It Might Happen to You” is the story of a meekmannered little man who needs money, and gets so much of it that it knocks him unconscious when a suitcase containing a fortune is thrown at him from a speeding automobile. But can’t spend the money. Why? Well, you’ll have to see the play to find out. Suffice it to say that this is only the beginning of a perfect merry-go-round of excruciatingly funny adventures in the midst of which our hero dashes about from one complication to another, jumping from the frying pan into the fire and out again with the speed of a steam lined train. Indicative of the laugh-provoking lines and situations in “It Might Happen to You” is the attitude of the local cast, who laugh so much at every rehearsal that they find it hard to get down to business. All the interest argues well for the finished product.

Curtains go up promptly at 7:30, so be on hand early. If you come five minutes late, you’re liable to miss five good chuckles, for there is a laugh a minute in “It Might Happen to You”.

(The above article from the April 6, 1944 Mt. Eagle)

Hon. J.F. Williams to address high school graduates

On Friday evening, April 21, at 8 p.m., the Hon. John Fred Williams, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, will address the graduating class of Whitesburg High School. The classes as well as the citizens of Whitesburg are highly honored to have so distinguished a personality to come to our community. Preceding the address, the Salutatorian, Kenneth Boggs, will give the welcome address and Miss Joy Wray Frazier, the highest honor student, will give the Valedictory address. The High School Glee Club will sing.

On Sunday night, April 16, at 8 p.m. at the Baptist Church, the Rev. L. O. Griffith will deliver the Baccalaureate sermon to the graduation class. The High School Glee Club will sing, with Mrs. Albert Jones at the piano.

( The above from the April 13, 1944 Mt. Eagle)

Lunchroom making good progress

The new lunchroom for schoolchildren, which has only been in operation for a few weeks seems to be a decided success. Nourishing meals can now be had by the children for only 15 cents, and includes milk and vegetables and on certain days meats are served. The writer was a guest of the county superintendent, Miss Potter, on last Friday and just to give you an idea of the average meal the following were served, hot rolls, macaroni and tomatoes, a vegetable and fruit salad, also candied sweet potatoes. The food was well prepared and was a lovely meal. It seems to us that the children and parents are fortunate indeed to have this nice lunchroom in connection with the schools and especially in bad weather.

(The above article from the Feb. 10, 1944 Mt. Eagle)

Football items

The Whitesburg Football team will play a game Friday, the 17th at Cumberland. Even though they were off to a poor start in their game against Fleming, they hope to improve their play in their next game. After three weeks of stiff workout the Jackets should be in top shape for a triumphant victory. The lineup will probably be: Ralph Day, L.E.; Clay Banks L.T.; J.B. Hall, L G.; Robert Adams, C.; Don Murray, R.G.; Wid Banks, T.T.; Jack Fugate, R.E.; Windell Collier, B.B.; Bill Fairchild, W.B.; Tachael Craft, T.B.; Ossie Amburgey, F.B. Coach-Jody Adams; Manager, James Smith.

(The above article from the Sept. 16, 1943 Mt. Eagle)

Presenting some of the faculty for 1943-44

Isaac Hogg: Geometer; Graduate Morehead State Teachers College; Going around in “circles” doesn’t mean he doesn’t know his geometry.

Bonnie Day, History, graduated from Morehead State Teachers College; History is her major and she handles “him” well. She got her major, in a Day.

Myrel Brown, Biology and Mathematics, graduated from Lees College, calm and sincere and makes students his friends.

Mrs. Hugh Hust, Science; graduated from Berea College; a charming personality and liked by the students. A faithful worker who says little but knows much.

Senior class officers

Emery Lewis, President; Glenna Little, Vice-President ; Joy Wray Frazier, Secretary; Lucille Crawford, Treasurer; Billy Paul Collins, Sergeant-at-Arms.

Junior class officers

President, Mildred Mc- Call; Vice-President, Larue Webb; Secretary, Mildred Thomas; Treasurer, Clarence Mullins.

Sophomore class officers

President, Charles Hall; Vice-President, Ruby June Adams; Secretary, Jacqueline Todd; Treasurer, Betty Jo Little.

Freshmen class officers

President, Wilma Jean Jarrett; Vice-President, Earl Webb; Secretary, Virginia M. Hill; Treasurer, Erma Lee Goins.

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