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Moments and Memories of WHS

“On The Hill” by Phyllis Hall (This article appeared in The Mountain Eagle, January, 1956.)

Hi! Well, we’re on the hill again after a two weeks vacation of parties, and just a whole lot of Christmas and New Year fun and joy. Santa was good to me and I’ll bet he did not leave anyone out.

The seniors had a Christmas dance in the bandroom during the holidays, but it didn’t turn out too well. What happened, seniors? We have to get to work if we want that trip to Washington, D.C.

We played one ball game with “defeat” the main dish again served by those Carr Creek Indians. We’ll meet them again, Yellowjackets, in the regional. That game is the most important.

The surprise of the game was the appearance of the majorettes in our new uniforms at half-time. The Misses Barbara and Elana Holstein, Shirley Combs and Carol Brown’s uniforms were white with gold trim and the hats were gold and they really looked dazzling. My uniform is black and lined with white satin. The hat is white fur with a black plume. I want to take this opportunity of thanking all the band patrons who helped us to have these beautiful uniforms. Believe me, we’re proud of them.

A dance was given in honor of the majorettes at the City Hall Thursday and a real good time was had by all and a big crowd was there.

For the next two weeks you may not see me or any of our fellow students. Why? This will be the time for the semester exams. Oh my, and all our teachers are getting after us, the seniors especially.

The only shadow of the Christmas holidays was — not snow — but we felt that there was a good reason. Maybe just one life was saved by the good weather. Hey let’s not lose all those happy smiles seen around here during the holidays.

Many former WHS people were here for Christmas. I won’t attempt to name them but only to say it was good to have you home. Good-bye now.

Drive slowly and carefully. The life you save may be your own.

“ON THE HILL” by Phyllis Hall (This article appeared in The Mountain Eagle, March, 1956.)

The long-awaited hour finally arrived. On Monday, the 27th, the senior bandsmen were awarded their band jackets. We have been waiting for them nearly two months and the proud strutting done on the hill this week is being done by seniors of the band. A few of the boys and adults of the athletic program seem to be hurt because the band jackets are orange and black but BAND is printed in huge, black letters so we would not be mistaken for one of them. Heretofore the band has backed the teams in all contests; some of the students have been in the band 10 years or more without reward, and always proud of our team — who have so proudly earned their many jackets. Well, we earned ours too! We only hope you have the same feeling and appreciation for our award.

Saturday, the play cast of “Highness”, and Coach Mrs. W.B. Hall were rated excellent at the Speech Festival in Pikeville. Although we did not reach the goal we all wanted, a Superior rating, we wish Hazard, the winners, the best of luck at the state meeting.

The selecting and casting of the senior play has begun and Miss Raleigh is heading this program. The seniors chose four plays from which to make their selection. The winning play has not been announced as yet. Wonder who the lucky seniors will be who get the roles. Not chemistry students, that’s for sure. It will be assigned to seniors who have sixth period free for practice.

The faculty of Whitesburg High School has selected Harold Cook as the outstanding senior boy of the class of 1956 to represent the Whitesburg Rotary Club and Whitesburg High School at the World Affairs Conference to be held at the Netherland Plaza in Cincinnati, Ohio. No gripes were heard because of this decision. Harold is very popular and has outstanding grades. We’ll be well represented and we’re proud of you, Harold!

Don Webb, our sportswriter for The Mountain Eagle and editor of the Black Kat, has been asked to report all tournament games to the Associated Press. Don is doing a wonderful job and we know he will be on the beam with the basketball news.

“On The Hill” by Phyllis Hall (This article appeared in the Mountain Eagle, April, 1956.)

The Beta Club banquet was the highlight of the week. It was held at the Eastern Star Hall and Christine Banks, president of the honor society, gave the welcome. Eloise Reynolds accompanied by pianist Donelda Breeding and Johnny Doyle, saxophonist, sang “Body and Soul”. Anna Louise Daniel recited “The Yellow Wallpaper”. Janet Ison and Ramona Sparks sang, “Moments to Remember,” and “Easter Parade,” accompanied by yours truly. The tables were decorated very beautifully with many cute favors and the food was delicious, especially those wonderful hot rolls. Afterwards, the members played games.

Wednesday, the students saw a very good movie, “Pinky”.

Rev. Barnett spoke to the upperclassmen in our weekly chapel program. On Monday, the clubs met and began planning for spring outings.

Tuesday the survivors of the eliminations for All-Festival band went to Cumberland for the final rehearsal before the annual music festival, which will be held in Harlan.

The All-Festival chorus under the direction of Mike Elias has been practicing intensely, making trips to Fleming to rehearse with them. We have several in All-Festival chorus this year, but only a few in band, as follows: Ronnie Bentley, John Lyn Rice, Gerald Mullins, Herman Brush, Donella Breeding, Eloise Reynolds and the Eb Clarinet (that’s me).

Tuesday, the students saw two scenes from Shakespeare’s Macbeth, the slaying of Duncan and Lady Macbeth’s sleepless night. The seniors have learned to read and appreciate Shakespeare from listening to Miss Raleigh.

After the movie, the juniors and seniors voted on the King and Queen of the Mardi Gras. The winners will not be announced until 10:30 on April 10, Tuesday night. The Mardi Gras is taking the place of our juniorsenior banquet of former years, where the girls had to put their beautiful formals under the tables. A dance band and games and other activities are being planned to the last item, ending with the crowning of the Mardi Gras King and Queen.

“Black Kat News” (April, 1956)

Three cheers for Miss Adams, the junior sponsors, and the junior class. At last the junior-senior banquet has been replaced by something really worth attending. The Mardi Gras began Tuesday night at 7:15 with the grand march done to the tune of “When the Saints Go Marching In”, orchestra composed of Donelda Breeding, Johnny Doyle, John Lyn Rice, Gerald Mullins and Herman Brush. The master of ceremonies, Ronald Collier, then introduced the president of the junior class, Ralph Polly and the president of the senior class, Jim Jones. Clever commercials were given by Charles Adams. After the speaking, there were games in the main gym and dancing upstairs in Club 17. Refreshments were served during the entire evening on the Gay Pierre Sidewalk Cafe. Music was furnished by Leroy Fields, Lucy Fields and Doc Williams.

The Mardi Gras was concluded by the crowning of the King and Queen, Robert Meade and Rebecca Pace. Attendants to the King and Queen were Donna Sue Reynolds, Charles Music, Don Webb and Phyllis Hall.

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