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Pfc. Bobby Maggard, son of Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Maggard of Partridge, is serving with the U.S. Army in Japan. He is working in the Engineering Department and as a sideline job he is a lifeguard at the swimming pool four nights a week. Pfc. Maggard took his basic training at Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland where he was a squadron leader of his battalion. He has been in service since January 1952 and has been in Japan since July of 1952. He was graduated from Whitesburg High School, class of ’51, where he played football for four years.

“Student Queen,” a threeact comedy by Lynn Rutland, will be given by the WHS senior class of 1953 at the Grade School Auditorium, Tuesday evening, April 21, at 7 p.m.

The cast is comprised of Elizabeth Hawkins (Janice McClure), a brilliant student but a washout socially; Chuck Wentworth (Bobby A. Kincer)’ who believes you’re never too poor to pay a compliment ; Doris Loring (Dinah Wright); Bob Loring (Eugene Brown); Marlene (Marlyeen Polly); Hal (Bob Breeding); Mac (Sidney Slemp); Evangeline (Charlsie Waltz); and Patty (Jane Finchum), all fun loving students who scarcely realize the meaning of unkindness; Mrs. Loring (Donna Tolliver), the harried mother of two irrepressible high schoolers; and Diana Benson (Eunice Tyree), the acknowledged queen of the high school.



Others in the cast include Miss Haley (Betty Gail Whitaker), the “lady boss” found in every town; Don Patterson (Gay Banks), “king of the festivities”; John Hawkins (Elmer Banks); and George Benson (Billy Sergent), the troubled father of the rival queens.

And last, but by no means least, Miss Driscall (Anita Holbrook), who is interested in beatifying all mankind.

Admission will be 25 and 50 cents.

(The above article from the April 16, 1953 Mountain Eagle.)

SSSHH! Keep this under your hat

Anna Sue Reed: Could Elbert Lucas from Columbus, Ohio, be the one who, at the end of his love letters to you, says, “Darling, please dream of me”?

Betty Frances Webb, Bert Bach thinks you are a very cute little gal. How about that?

Doug Blair and Benita Collins are seen together a lot lately. Could this be the sign of a new romance?

There have been rumors going around that Clarence Stamper and Geneva Combs are a new couple on the hill. Is this true?

Bobby Adams and Ramona Sparks never seem to have any trouble. Are we right?

At least one person on the Kat staff thinks Orville Garrett is a handsome guy.

Danny Banks seems to be Ann Cox’s new flame these days.

If anyone should want to know what Nadine Amburgey’s new nickname is, just call her Windy!!

Sidney Slemp, who is the gal on whose finger your class ring has been seen? Could it be Chelsa Hall?

Gay Thomas, the Kat thinks that if a cute gal like Charlsie Waltz is good enough to save you a seat in chapel, you should make it a point to get over there in time to occupy it.

Mary Susan Long and Gene Giles seem to be a steady couple these days!

(The above article from the Oct. 1952 Black Kat.)

John Banks finishes Signal Corps training

Camp Gordon, Ga. — Pvt. Johnny Lee Banks has completed basic combat training at the Signal Corps Replacement Training Center, a part of the Signal Corps Training Center here.

A native of Whitesburg, he is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Banks.

Pvt. Banks is a graduate of Whitesburg High School. Prior to entering the service, he was employed by the Dr. Pepper Bottling Company of Whitesburg.

In his basic combat training, Pvt. Banks received instruction in such subjects as defense against mines and booby traps, chemical and atomic warfare and training in such basic infantry weap- ons as the M-1 rifle, bazooka, grenade and machine gun.

New principal

Kendall V. Boggs has been placed as principal of the Whitesburg High School for the coming school term. Mr. Boggs was born at Eolia, and comes from a family of eight children, all of whom have been teachers.

He received his B. S. degree in education from Union College and will get his master’s degree from Eastern Kentucky State College this summer.

He served as principal of Eolia Grade School for five years before going to Harlan County in 1941. He began his work in Harlan County as principal at Blair School, then went to Cumberland High School as teacher and bus driver. For the past two years he has been principal of the Cumberland Grade School.

He has been active in community organizations, having served as scoutmaster, Field Scout Executive, President of Cumberland Lions Club and Zone Chairman. He has also been a very active member of the Professional Teachers Organization, has served as President of the Area Teachers Organization and has served on numerous committees of the In-Service Training Program of Harlan County.

Mr. Boggs comes to Whitesburg highly recommended and we feel that he will be an asset to our community.

(The above article from the June 11, 1953 Mountain Eagle.)

Gay Banks

In August, 1934, Heaven’s gift to women came into the world. Gay was an unusual child, right from the very first. As soon as he opened his tremendous brown eyes he espied a nurse and said: “Hiya Babe.” A precocious child, Gay was walking at 6 months . . . and driving at 6 years (more or less). He started wearing long pants at 12, and shaving twice a week at 14, whether he needed it or not. Gay has always been rather timid with the girls and says he didn’t get up the nerve to try a kiss until he was 8 or 9!! Now at the uncomfortable age of 18 (draft age), he is a senior. He has been terribly lucky — because he hardly ever has any kind of troubles. There you have it, friends — the story of the one and only . . . Gay Banks.

(The above article from the October 1952 Black Kat.)

Boy Scouts fund drive

Paul Vermillion is the Campaign Chairman for Whitesburg in the Boy Scout fund-raising drive.

The Boy Scout Finance Campaign for the Letcher District is making good progress according to reports received from Campaign Chairmen of the Letcher District.

Paul Vermillion, Campaign Chairman for Whitesburg reported that the drive will be completed by Saturday of this week. Among the first workers to return reports at Whitesburg were Randall Polly, Raymond Day and Roland Price.

Ted Bumgardner reported the following Campaign organization for Jenkins: A. C. Dittrick will solicit management personnel of Consolidation Coal Co. Charley Taylor will take the upper end of Jenkins. Ted Bumgardner will solicit lower Jenkins. J. S. Hale will solicit central shops, and Duard Narramore will work the tipple. Milt Bentley will be in charge of No. 4 Supervisory Force. Bill Stapleton will work Champion Store at Burdine. Harvey Hensley will work the Champion Store at Jenkins. Bates, Champion Store at Durham. Rockhouse Local will be in charge of Percy Elkins. No. 4 Local will be solicited by Robert Carter and Blaine Sexton.

The McRoberts Campaign will be worked as a part of the Neon/Fleming organization. Loren Bentley is Campaign Chairman.

(The above article from the Feb. 26, 1953 Mountain Eagle.)

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