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Moments and Memories of WHS



Meet some of the seniors

Danny Hoskins: favorite food and drink, ham and milk; favorite singer, Gomer Pyle; secret ambition, be a truck driver; pet peeve, teachers.

Linda Franklin: favorite food and drink, hamburger and Coke; favorite singer, The Monkees; secret ambition, marriage; favorite song, ‘Close Your Eyes’; pet peeve, homework.

Kathy Day: favorite food and drink, hamburger and R.C.; favorite song, ‘Baby, I Need Your Loving’; favorite singer, The Monkees.

Winson Wagner: favorite food and drink, pizza and Coke; favorite singer, Porter Wagner, secret ambition, become a doctor, pet peeve, getting caught smoking by Mr. Combs; favorite song, ‘I Think We’re Alone Now.’

Junior Holbrook: favorite food and drink, pizza and Kick; favorite singer, The Monkees; secret ambition, beatnik; pet peeve, conceited fools; favorite song, ‘Look Out Here Comes Tomorrow.’



June Pratt: favorite food and drink, olives, Swiss steak and mint julep; favorite singer, Four Seasons, Tom Jones; secret ambition, for Duke and me to be truly happy; pet peeve, nosy, meddlesome people; favorite song, ‘So Happy Together.’

Judy Hammock: favorite food and drink, pizza and Pepsi; favorite singer, Ricky Nelson; secret ambition, mad scientist; pet peeve, sorry about that; favorite song, ‘I Need Your Loving.’

Windus Collins: favorite food and drink, steak and Pepsi; favorite song, ‘Baby I Need Your Loving’; favorite singer, Gomer Pyle; secret ambition, be a cop; pet peeve, teachers.

The gossip corner

The Kat wants to congratulate Jenny Galloway and Bobby Collins on their recent marriage. The Black Kat hears that we have a new math teacher. Welcome Mr. Dunaway. Wonder who asked Glennis Reed to the prom? Could Lee Gibson tell us? The Kat hears that Sandra Kay Day would rather be in Phoenix, Ariz., than in school. Wonder why? The 3rd period senior English class wants to know J.R. Bates’s system for passing English. Could marriage be far away for Stevie Hale and Sheila Day? The Kat wonders. Who is Miss Hale’s nameless boyfriend? Who did Wayne Benton ask to the prom? Could it be Donna Lewis? Won’t Jack Cox be mad? The Kat wonders why Mrs. Gatton gave June and Pauline a garter for a present? The Kat wonders why Mark Witt likes Louisville so much. Could it be because of Judy Raber? What happened on prom night besides the prom? Was it a wedding between Barbara Hall and Alvin Eldridge? The Kat hears that Bobby Blair and Linda Weir have created a new style of dancing. Wonder who Gerald Baker asked to the prom? Could Carol Brown tell us? The Kat hears that the 3rd period English class is bothering Mrs. Franklin. We wonder how? Wonder who that new boy is that Vicki Bates is crazy about? That was a sudden change.

Hats off to

Olivia Maggard our Homecoming Queen, and runners-up Beverly Day, Donna Potter, Jolinda Maggard; Don Crosthwaite for narrating our Homecoming; to the cheerful pep rallies we always have before a ballgame; to all A team cheerleaders, Beth Blackson, Sandra Lynn Day, Lana Watts, Margaret Hammonds, Teresa Moore; to Mr. Burkich for finally getting our P.A. system fixed; to Mrs. Sibyl Brown and all lunchroom chefs for feeding football boys fried chicken and other goodies before home games; to all men on the faculty for shining their shoes and wearing coats and ties to school; to Nancy Brock for being honored by a big trip to Washington D.C. with the Upward Bound Program and getting to shake hands with Vice President Humphrey and receiving a charm bracelet from him; to Leigh Lewis for representing us on WTCW Craig Scott Show; to the pep band for playing at our pep rallies, the members are Terry Cornett, Jan Yinger, Pat Holbrook, Evelyn Holbrook, Danny Mohn, Junior Holbrook, DeVaughn Bradshaw, JoAnn Hughes, Margaret Salyers, and Carol Sexton; Craig Scott for attending our pep rally and recording our school song and yells for WTCW; to Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Scott and Mr. Robert Lewis, the chaperones and driver of the Cumberland River bus to the Homecoming game Friday night; to Mrs. Hale, our custodian, for keeping the girls’ restrooms so clean; to Coach Thomas and the football boys for the first victory of the year over M.C. Napier, 39 to 12; to Mr. Richardson for winning over Mrs. Richardson’s home room in magazine sales; to Mr. Combs for doing a wonderful job of replacing Mr. Ritter; to Mr. James Estep, who drives the Sandlick School bus. We really appreciate it!

Song dedications

Jenny Calloway and Bobby Collins, ‘ Lonely Too Long’; June Pratt and Duke Combs, ‘My Darling, Be Home Soon’; Wayne B. and Granny, ‘It’s Too Late’; Pauline Collins and Andy Collier, ‘It Takes Two; C.B. Banks and 6th Period, ‘I’m Not Your Steppingstone’; Ella Fields and Jerrell Webb, ‘I Think We’re Alone Now’; Cathy Gross and Jesse Cook, ‘Baby I Need You’; Cotton Collins and Sharon Webb, ‘Pushing Too Hard’; Linda Holbrook and Bud S., ‘Baby I Need Your Love’; Sharon Howard and Danny Fox, ‘You’ve Got the Way to Move Me’; Vivian Bates and Leland Yeary, ‘It Takes Two.’

A salute to Mrs. Virginia Combs

This issue of the Black Kat (March 1967) is dedicated to Mrs. Virginia Combs, who retired at the beginning of the second semester. All the students and faculty will miss her.

She taught journalism and English at Whitesburg High School for many years. She was sponsor of the Black Kat, Beta Club, and Nurse’s Club.

We will miss her because she was always willing to help a student in any way possible. She loved and was loved by all people connected with Whitesburg High School.

We, as members of the student body, take this opportunity to thank you, Mrs. Combs, for all the ways you have helped to make Whitesburg High School a better school.

The following are some comments made about Mrs. Combs by members of the Black Kat Staff.

Nova Fields: I liked Mrs. Combs because she was an understanding teacher, who seemed to enjoy teaching. She was nice and friendly to everyone. Sandra K. Day: Mrs. Combs was a wonderful teacher because her long enduring patience and love for her students. Darius Fugate: She is always smiling, and she was a kind and understanding teacher. Vivian R. Fields: Mrs. Combs will always be remembered by everyone because she was such a kind teacher. Ann Baker: She is jolly at all times in the classroom, and she always has a smile on her face. Debbie Marshall: It is really an honor to know that you have a friend that can make you feel wonderful while in her presence. Mrs. Combs was that kind of a friend. Carolyn Colinger: She is so very sweet and understanding. Jenny Calloway: Her vivacious manner made class interesting and fun.

New Year’s resolutions

Carolyn Colinger: To try and wait patiently for the senior trip. Dean Craft: Stop calling referees bad names. Gale Collins: Stop going to the office. Darius Fugate: Start taking books home. Terry Breeding: Stop giving the teachers hard times. Bernita Whitaker: Be true to my steady boyfriend. Barbara June Hall: Learn to control my temper. Nancy Gibson: Have more respect for my teachers and friends. Vivian R. Fields: Learn to cook so I won’t get thrown out of Home Ec.

(The above articles from the 1966-67 Black Kats and the Yellowjacket Yearbook.)

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