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Moments and Memories of WHS



Meet some of the seniors

George Spangler, Jr. 7-3-37: Best pal, Robert Wagner; girlfriend, Peggy Gibbs; Ambition, musician; Hobby, cars; Favorites: teacher, Mr. Banks, subject, chemistry; Song, ‘There’s More Pretty Girls Than One’; Food, beans and potatoes; Color, blue; Expression, By Graneys; Honors, one year in basketball.

Donelda Breeding, 8-13- 38: Best pal, the gang; Ambition, to be famous; Hobby, collecting Jackie Gleason records; Favorites, teacher, Mr. Jack Taylor; Subject, speech; Song, ‘My Funny Valentine’; Food, spaghetti and meatballs; Color, yellow; Expression, Well, alright; Honors, secretary of the Music Club, five years in the band; one year in chorus; Clubs, Music, Speech and FHA.

Mary Dallas Fox, 12-10- 37: Best pal, Louise Fields; Boyfriend, Curtis Craft; Ambition, housewife; Hobby, writing Curtis; Favorite, all of them; Subject, typing; Song, ‘Memories Are Made of This’; Food, chocolate cake; Color, blue; Expression, Bless Pat.

Anthony Lee Webb, 8-5-37: Best pal, Remus Hart; Girlfriend, Helen Jean Ogelvie; Ambition, to get ahead; Hobby, shooting rifles; Teachers, Mr. Collins and Miss Raleigh; Subject, English; Song, ‘Great Pretender’; Food, fried chicken and chocolate pie; Color, black and blue; Clubs, Wild Life.

Charles M. Day, 11-4-37: Best pal, Joe Cook; Girlfriend, Shelbia Jean Lucas; Ambition, bookkeeper; Hobby, cars; Favorites, Teacher, Bill Collins; Subject, bookkeeping; Food, pizza; Color, red; Expression, “Souie”; Years in band, one; Years in Chorus, two; Clubs, Music, Wild Life.

Anna Louise Eversole, 6-16-38: Best pal, Phyllis Eversole; Boyfriend, James Hornshy; Ambition, to make Jimmy a good wife; Hobby, dating Jimmy; Favorite teacher, Miss Raleigh; Subject, English; Color, black; Food, apples; Song, ‘Give Me Love’; Expression, Jimmy darling (gosh); Honors, Vice-President of FTA, Years of chorus, one; Clubs, Beta, Pep, FTA, Wild Life, Speech, Old Maid.

Billy Wayne Morgan, 4-21-39: Best pal, Charles Music; Ambition, to be a truck driver; Hobby, collecting teeth; Favorites: Teacher, Mr. John Preston, Subject, woodwork; Song, ‘See You Later Alligator’; Food, steak; Color, red; Expression, Lord Have Mercy, Child.

Mildred Nadine Necessary, 7-7-37: Best pal, Janice Hall; Boyfriend, J.B. Brashears; Ambition, to be a nurse; Hobby, writing letters to my boyfriend; Favorites, Teacher, Jim Preston; Subject, History; Song, “Tall Man”; Expression, “See You Later”; Honors, President of Bible Club, 1; Chorus, 1; Clubs, Bible Club.

On Tuesday, Sept. 13, the cheerleading committee met in the auditorium for the purpose of selecting an additional cheerleader. The committee was composed of Beth Lucas and Coach Moore from the freshman class; Carol Brown and Miss Wampler, sophomore class; Margaret Day and Mrs. Combs, junior class; and Chelsea Hall and Mr. Banks, senior class. Athletic representatives were Robert Meade, football team; Rex Polly, basketball team; Carlos Fugate, track team; and Jimmie Jones, baseball. The prospects were judged on five points: ability, character, voice, appearance and response.

In the finals were Wanda Collier, Edith Logan, Inez Pratt and Mary Whitaker. Mary Whitaker was the winner and will join with those who were B-Team cheerleaders: Lillian Fraley, Donna Sue Spangler, Lona Lykins and Nancy King.

(The above article from the Sept. 1955 Black Kat.)

The Kat’s Meow

Tommy Fields, who is this girl you sit with in study hall? Could Nina Stamper tell us? Mary Raleigh, how are you and Charles Hall making it now? Who has Susanne Craft been smiling at every day on her way to homeroom? Could Joe Cook tell us? Who is this we see Mary Stamper with lately? Do you know Wen- dell Meade? I wonder whose class ring Betty Daniel is wearing. Could Dan Kincer tell us? Mike Adams, isn’t it nice to have two girls at one time? Susanne Craft and Ava Martin? Could Emma Lou Boggs tell us why Doug Adams goes to Whitco so much? Billie Jean Hodge, who is that Fleming boy, could it be Tommy Shehee? Wouldn’t Dallas Lee Fields and Kelly Darrell Boggs make a cute couple? The freshman girls think that Charles Hays of Mrs. Combs’s English class is very handsome. Bolden Lee Dagnan, we hear you have your eye on a cute freshman, could it be Vonda Addington?

(The above from the Nov. 1955 Black Kat.)

February song dedications

’ Jealous Heart’, Lona Lykins to Jim Jones; ‘If I Give My Heart to You,’ Margaret Day to Sonny Webb; ‘Hearts of Stone,’ The Turtle Club; ‘Hearts and Flowers,’ Bobby Marlowe to Carol Brown; ‘Brokenhearted Me,’ Gerald Mullins to Betty Pratt; ‘My Heart Cries For You,’ Ava Martin to Dwight Baker; ‘Heartaches,’ Virgil Kincer to Phyllis Eversole; ‘Two Hearts,’ Billy Banks and Christine Banks; ‘Beware My Foolish Heart,’ Bill Hacker to Iva Lee Johnson; ‘Heart of My Heart,’ Jimmy Blair to Elana Holstein; ‘Let Me Call You Sweetheart,’ Johnny Talubee to Nancy Bell; ‘Take My Heart,’ George Kincer to Betty Caudill; ‘Deceitful Sweetheart,’ Ramona Sturgill to David Lewis.

(The above article from Feb.1956 Black Kat.)

Kat Quips

Wonder why Judy L. Adams is so interested in Fleming this year? Could Dickie Craft be the reason? Looks like the flame between Ronnie Bentley and Ramona Sparks is still burning bright. How about it, kids? Gerald Mullins is trying to play the field, isn’t he? Wonder what Betty Pratt has to say about it? Robert Meade, please tell us who the lucky girl will be, Rebecca Pace or Joella Craft? Don’t Darrel Caudill and Mary Whitaker make a cute couple? Mary Brock, would you happen to know where Carlos Fugate’s track medals are? (What do you say, Carlos?) Aleen Adams and Jack Reed seem to be hitting it off right! Rex Polly, why don’t you give the girls a chance here at WHS? Helen Ogelvie, why are you always late for 1st period class? Could Ben Webb give us the answer? Wonder why Donelda is so heartbroken about a vacancy in the sax section of the band? Looks like Betty Lou Adams and Bassil Sexton are a steady couple!

(The above article from the Sept. 1955 Black Kat.)

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