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WHS Band gets Superior rating

The WHS band rated “Superior” at the state contest held in Lexington last Saturday, May 21. All sections of the band were given ratings of “A”.

The highest commendation was given to Martha Ann Holbrook, the oboist. She will receive the band award for this year. Barbara Lewis received second mention on her flute solo.

The entire band was complimented highly as being of unusual artistic ability. This was the seventh year the Whitesburg band has competed in the state contest and they have worked hard to live up to the splendid traditions of the band.

Fifty-nine members of the band and 26 parents and boosters of the band made the trip to Lexington.

(The above article from the May 26, 1949 Mountain Eagle.)

Yellowjackets win over Pirates, 12-7



The Whitesburg Yellowjackets defeated the Fleming Pirates Friday, April 15, on the Whitesburg field 12 to 7 in the two teams’ first spring football game. The two teams will meet again this Friday on the Fleming field.

The B teams of the two schools met at Fleming Tuesday on this week and the Whitesburg boys swamped the Fleming crew by a score of 18 to 0. Both games were reported to be very good contest and good crowds turned out.

(The above article from the April 21, 1949 Mountain Eagle.)

Dean Addington former Whitesburg Coach, passes away

Henry Dean Addington, 33, former coach of WHS, died of a paralytic stoke in the Good Samaritan Hospital in Lexington Wednesday afternoon, April 27.

Mr. Addington was a graduate of WHS (Class of 1932) and Morehead State Teachers College. He was with WHS in the late 1930’s and early 1940’s. Prior to the stroke, he had apparently been in good health.

(This article from the April 28, 1949 Mountain Eagle.)

Former WHS student opens watch repair shop

Andrew Frazier, Jr., a former student of WHS, recently opened a new jewelry and watch-repair shop on Main Street in Whitesburg. He is the son of Andrew Frazier, Sr., of Kingdom Come and is a veteran of the European Theater of Operations.

Mr. Frazier attended the Kansas City School of Watch Repairing and the institution writes that he is well trained and well qualified for his chosen work. Mr. Frazier says his shop will do watch repairing, jewelry repair work, stone setting, and engraving. He states his shop is equipped, including the Watch Master.

Whitesburg gym moves rapidly toward completion

Whitesburg’s new gymnasium is fast approaching completion and should be completely finished by the middle of April, T.G. Green, building superintendent says. When finished, it will be the best high school gym in the state and one of the most modern buildings in Kentucky.

The cost of construction will be between $200,000 and $300,000, Mr. Green states. Built by the Armstrong Construction Company in Kingsport, Tenn., the building covers a total ground space of 138 by 141 feet. It has a front entrance of Indiana-sawed stone and is of modern architectural style.

The gymnasium itself will seat around 2,000 and cement is being poured, prior to laying the hardwood floor, this week. Two rows of bleachers seats and two balconies are being built to accommodate the basketball spectators.

The basement floor of the new building will contain the WHS coach’s office, a first aid room, a room for pep rallies, a storage room, girls’ and boys’ showers with lockers, a boiler room, and a coal room.

The first floor will have a large storage room for books, a clerk’s office, and office of the county superintendent of schools, a reception room, a storage room, and a large hall with stairways at each end. In addition the first floor will contain the gymnasium. A ticket booth, enclosed in glass, will be located in the hall.

The playing floor of the gym will be 45’ by 84’, and will have a hardwood finish.

On the second floor of the building will be a home economics room, a classroom, and a supervising teacher’s room. A large hallway with 30 lockers will also be on the second floor.

All the corridors in the building will be of glazed tile, and all the first and second story floors will be of asphalt tile. The building, when completed, will be equipped with telephones, and an electric scoreboard in the gymnasium.

The WHS basketball team has been handicapped by lack of a home gym for the past few years and it was hoped that the new building would be completed in time for at least part of the season. But the problem of getting building material has hindered construction.

(The above article appeared in The Mountain Eagle, Feb. 10, 1949.)

Football Banquet at City Café

On Wednesday night Mr. and Mrs. Joe Tolliver entertained the football squad, including about 35 boys, at a banquet at the City Café. Other guests were Coach and Mrs. Ray Pigman, Mr. and Mrs. Millard Tolliver, and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Enlow. This is a most worthy gesture on the part of Mr. and Mrs. Tolliver and should set an example for other individuals, business houses and clubs of our town. Whitesburg Yellowjackets played games that would make any fan proud. They played 10 games against the best teams of this section, with six wins, one tie and three losses. Even the games we lost were well fought and in most cases were outclassed in weight.

The Yellowjackets were rated in the Courier-Journal as 11th in the state at one time in the season and every write-up described them as speedy, plucky and fast.

Our backfield was equal to any team and better than most any played. The tie game against Danville was most exciting and showed some of the best football technique ever seen here by the Yellowjackets. Let everyone get behind these boys and show them how much we enjoyed the sport this season and give them some banquets and awards for their wonderful playing and sportsmanship. Coach Ray Pigman can’t be beat and Whitesburg should be proud of him and his team.

(The above article from the Nov. 1948 Mountain Eagle.)

Whitesburg school enrollment unusually large this year

The Whitesburg Grade School and High School opened Aug. 30 with the largest enrollment they have ever had. There are 520 pupils in the grade school and a total of 523 students in high school. The largest class is the freshman with 225 enrolled; juniors second with 115 students; sophomores 108 and seniors 75 strong.

Both schools are off to a good start with many of the same teachers who worked last year. New additions are Mrs. Walters in the grades and Miss Pauline Amburgey, Mrs. Ira Whitaker and Mr. Bill Collins in the high school.

Several improvements were made during the summer to make the buildings attractive. Some of these included painting grade rooms and hall; installing new lights in all grade rooms and hall; painting study hall and installing fluorescent lighting in study hall and hall of high school building. A first-aid room is also being made in the high school building.

The faculty extends to all parents and friends an invitation to visit at any time and wishes to express appreciation for the past cooperation of all patrons.

(The above article from the Sept. 9, 1948 Mountain Eagle.)

Local student witness ceremony welcoming French

Five WHS students and Miss Viola Cook, French teacher, went to Frankfort this week to help the State of Kentucky welcome the French Gratitude Train. The train, sent in appreciation of the American Friendship Train to Europe a few months ago, had 48 coaches, one for each state.

The group left Whitesburg last Sunday afternoon, spent Monday in Lexington, and then went to Frankfort. The students were Martha Ann Holbrook, Barbara Barker, Shirley Goodwin, John Walter Hale, and Sammy Maggard.

Due to bad weather conditions in the state capitol, there was no display of documents and other contents of the train. The Whitesburg group did however get to witness the ceremony welcoming the train to Kentucky. The contents of one coach were donated to the state by the French people.

(The above article appeared in the Mountain Eagle Feb. 17, 1949.)

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