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Moments and Memories of WHS

On Thursday, after the junior class gave a very good play, the freshmen and sophomores were asked to remain in the auditorium. The juniors and seniors were called later in the day. Everyone was somewhat puzzled but we soon found out it was something we had been needing long before now. That was a pep talk on backing our team. It all really hit us hard.

Miss Little introduced the program by telling us we needed more school spirit. Then Coach Moore told us some ‘hair-raising facts.’ He told us emphatically that the Whitesburg football squad had not lost a game this year but WHS had. Hardly anyone had thought of it this way. He said we had not backed our team sufficiently the whole football season with the exception of a very few. Naturally, our team would not play their hearts out when no one seemed to care if they win or not. I think the people in town and surrounding areas should give the squad a little backing. So what do you say, Whitesburg, let’s get behind this team and cheer them to victory on Nov. 10 when they meet the Middlesboro Yellow Jackets in the Pinnacle Bowl.

We have selected two girls to represent us at two different bowl games this month. Bobbie Sumpter was selected to represent us in The Coal Bowl which is played at Harlan. Our Big Sandy Bowl representative this year is Carol Brown.

(The above article appeared in The Mountain Eagle, Nov. 1, 1957)

The ‘W’ Club

For the past two weeks Coaches Hall and Moore have been organizing a ‘W’ Club. This club is for boys who have earned letters in football and basketball or any other sport. This club is to try to keep people from wearing letters not rightfully earned. Some people think that the club is just to keep girls from wearing their boyfriend’s or their brother’s jacket. When someone wears a jacket or sweater that is not theirs they are just misrepresenting their school. I don’t think I would feel right to wear a sweater or jacket if I didn’t earn it. Some people wear jackets and sweaters from other schools such as Fleming-Neon, Jenkins, and Kingdom Come. If they want to wear the jacket that bad why don’t they just go to that school? I know that the members of the “W” Club and the coaches would appreciate it if any person wearing a jacket or sweater would remove the letter.

Why not cooperate with the school and the club by removing the letters? We are not trying to push anything on anybody. We are just trying to do what’s best for the school athletic spirit.

(The above article was written by Sonny “Squash” Enfusse for the January issue of the Black Kat)

I know not whether I could really call my heart an educated one, but I guess it has learned a few important things during my 17 years of life. Through everyday experiences, I have learned that other people have to be considered and respected just as much as we ourselves want to be respected with love and consideration. I have learned to receive heartbreak with a stronger sense of will and determination. I believe that in years to come, I will learn many more things and will be more educated and learned as I go about my life.

(The above article was written by Billie Amburgey for the January issue of the Black Kat)


Congratulations go to Miss Sylvia Owens. She won at WHS the coveted Betty Crocker award. We are proud of Sylvia and hope she wins in the state also. She received a lovely gold pin showing a heart and a home which signifies the home is in the heart. Good work, Sylvia, and more power to you.

Teachers’ pet peeves

1. Students who never get homework. 2. Students who talk in class. 3. People who cheat on tests. 4. Elvis Presley. 5. Students who read movie and television books during class. 6. Students who are always wisecracking. 7. People who try to run things their way. 8. Students who always wait to sharpen pencils after class starts. 9. Students who won’t do what they are told. 10. Students who can do good work but won’t. 11. Interrupted class schedules.

Hurrah for Miss Stamper

In the January 16 Mountain Eagle, it stated that the public library might be closed because of lack of funds. If this happens the only libraries open would be Whitesburg and Fleming-Neon school libraries. One lady who helped us get a library in Letcher County again went to bat for the students of Letcher County. Of course, everyone knows Miss Cleo Stamper is the person responsible. Tuesday, January 14, Miss Stamper told the fiscal court of our great need, the library. We, of the Black Kat Staff, would like to thank her for her effort and interest in our community and in our school. We are proud to have her on the school hill.

(The above three articles from the January, 1958 Black Kat)

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