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The Whitesburg High School cheerleading squad took first place in the 53rd District Cheerleading Competition.

The Whitesburg High School cheerleading squad took first place in the 53rd District Cheerleading Competition.


Homecoming Queen Teresa Davis Crowned Queen

On Friday, Oct. 24, WHS celebrated its homecoming. A parade was held in the city at 1:30 p.m. and all Whitesburg area schools were dismissed for the event. At 6:30 p.m. the high school homecoming game festivities began. The ceremony opened with the presentation of float awards, which was followed by the coronation of the 1980 Queen. The entire Honor Court, including the Queen candidates and their escorts, assembled on the field for all of Whitesburg to see.

The 1979 homecoming queen, Donna Maggard, escorted by Robbin Roberts, walked out on the field. She was followed by the 1980 Honor Court: Joyce Collins, escorted by Mike Baker; Beverly Fields, escorted by Chris Combs; Ruth Gibson and her escort, Billy Smallwood; Margie Hogg with escort Terry Honeycutt; Teresa Nichols, escorted by Stephen Kincer; Anna Sexton, escorted by Doug Raleigh; Teresa Sexton with escort Gene Yinger; Paula Warzon, escorted by Roger Collins; Cecilia Webb and escort Rodney Slone, and Darlene Webb and her escort, James Snell.



Next came the class representatives and their escorts. The first was the freshman representative, Annette Combs, escorted by Keith Callahan. The sophomore representative was Karen Buntin, and she was escorted by Vernus Sturgill. Dottie Fields, junior representative, was escorted by Robert Gibson, and the senior representative, Sheila Boggs, was escorted by David Boggs.

The last group to arrive on the field was the Queen candidates and escorts. Laura Adams was escorted by Tim Sexton. They were followed by Teresa Davis and her escort, Greg Hogg. Last came Janet Kincer, escorted by Bascil Boggs. Then arrived the moment which the whole school had been anxiously awaiting: the crowning of the 1980 Homecoming Queen. Teresa Davis was crowned queen and so the ceremony came to an end.

Fifteen floats enter parade



The theme of the 1980 Whitesburg Parade was “Patriotism,” and the streets were filled with red, white, and blue banners and floats.

There were 15 floats in this year’s parade. Trophies were awarded in four categories: Civic, Elementary School, High School, and Clubs. The civic floats included Whitesburg Junior Majorettes, West Whitesburg Peewee Football Team, Colson Majorettes, Ladies’ Auxiliary, Girl Scouts and Order of the Eastern Star.

Third place went to Eastern Star; second place to Ladies’ Auxiliary; the first place trophy went to the Girl Scouts.

In the elementary division, there were four entries. These included Mayking Kindergarten, Whitesburg Kindergarten, Letcher Kindergarten, and Cowan Elementary.

Third place went to Whitesburg; second place to Mayking and first place was awarded to Letcher. The club division only had one entry. First place went to the DECA float.

The moment everyone at WHS had been waiting for finally arrived when winners of the High School Division were announced. Every class of WHS had entered a float. For awards this year, the winning class received a plaque to be displayed in the school trophy case. This year’s second place went to the freshman class, and the first place was awarded to the senior class.

Three bands marched in the parade this year, Whitesburg, Letcher and Jenkins High Schools. Other participants in the parade included Mayking, Whitesburg and Letcher kindergartens and Millstone Headstart; Cowan and WHS cheerleaders were also participants in the parade. Colson, Cowan, and Whitesburg Junior Majorettes performed and marched. The West Whitesburg Peewee Football Team, First Baptist Church Clown Ministry, Girl Scouts, and Cowan Football Team also took part in the parade.

Dance follows game

After the homecoming ballgame on Friday, Oct. 24, the WHS Band Boosters sponsored a homecoming dance at West Whitesburg Elementary Gym featuring Tony Ison.

The gym was specially decorated for the occasion. Most of the fans of the victorious Jackets came out to celebrate.

All Festival Band chosen

Several of the WHS band members made a trip to Middlesboro, on Oct. 6 to try out for the All Festival Band. Each person was judged on how well he or she could play the music. Four band members were honored by making the All Festival Band. Melinda Combs, Karen Maggard, and Betsy Adams, all on the clarinet, and Lisa Bentley on the flute were selected.

These girls will be making a three- day trip to Middlesboro during the week of Thanksgiving. They will present a concert on Wednesday, Nov. 26. The students and faculty of WHS are proud of these outstanding musicians.

Favorite entertainment at WHS

Group 1: The Silver Bullet Band; 2: Queen; 3: The Commodores; 4: Devo; 5: AC/DC; 6: The Eagles; 7: The Little River Band; 8: Air Supply; 9: Supertramp; 10: Styx. Singer, 1: Bob Seeger; 2: Barry Manilow; 3: James Taylor; 4: Donna Summer; 5: Jackson Browne; 6: Mick Jagger; 7: Barbra Streisand; 8: Kenny Loggins; 9: Cliff Richard; 10: Kenny Rogers. Type of music, 1: Rock; 2: New Wave; 3: Soft Rock; 4: Country; 5: Classical. TV Show, 1: Dallas; 2: Dukes of Hazzard; 3: Saturday Night Live; 4: Soap; 5: Monty Python’s Flying Circus; 6: Little House on the Prairie; 7: Charlie’s Angels; 8: Woody Woodpecker; 9: The Jeffersons; 10: WKRP in Cincinnati.

(The above articles from the Nov. 12, 1980 Black Kat.)

Awards Day June 4, 1981

Valedictorian, Teresa Nichols. Salutatorian, Victoria

Johnson. Scholarship, Lesa Nease. English, Teresa Nichols. Writing, Sherry Waller. Science, Teresa Nichols. Math, Teresa Nichols. Social Studies, Lesley Fields. Biology, Victoria Johnson. Distributive Education, Bill Amburgey. Home Economics, Delana Ison. Physical Education, Oscar Profitt. Library, Sherry Waller. DAR, Sherry Waller. Harris Award, Greg Hogg. Dugan Award, Sherry Waller. Baseball, Chris Combs. Basketball (boy), Greg Hogg. Basketball (girl), Nancy Huff. Track (boy), David Boggs. Track (girl), Paula Warzon. Yellowjacket staff, Mary Banks, Beverly Fields. Band Award, Lisa Bentley. John Phillip Sousa, Melinda Combs. Senior band members, Bill Amburgey, Sheila Boggs, Tammy Creech, Vicki Johnson, Audrey Napier, Cecilia Webb, Mary Smith, Lisa Bentley, Melinda Combs. Top 10 percent, Teresa Nichols, Victoria Johnson, Nancy Huff, Kim Collier, Lisa Bentley, Myra Corello, Sherry Waller, Janet Kincer, Lesa Nease, Robert Gibson, Bascil Boggs, Beverly Fields.

The recipient of the 1981 Yellowjackets’ Distinguished Faculty Award is football Coach James Gose. As a coach, Mr. Gose guided the Jackets to district and regional competition. As an Alternative Education teacher, Mr. Gose teaches skills to develop strong bodies and stresses discipline to develop strong minds. As a person, Mr. Gose’s winning ways earns him a deserving place with the administrators, faculty, students, and community. Coach, teacher, friend, we dedicate the 1981 Yellowjacket to Coach James Gose.

The 1981 53rd District Cheerleading Competition was held at the Letcher High School Gym on March 7. Whitesburg, Letcher, and Fleming-Neon cheerleaders competed.

The squads were judged on a number of cheers and a pom-pom routine. Whitesburg came out on top with a first-place trophy. Letcher ranked second.

The squad went on to Knott County Central to compete on March 14.

The members of the boys’ varsity squad are: Margie Hogg, Delana Ison, Heather Buntin, Brenda Williams, Dottie Fields, B.J. Maggard, Jennifer Noble, Telena Short, Kaye Gose, Michele Reedy, and Lisa Gibson.

Gatton wins contest

The 32nd Annual Mathematics Association of America test was given on Tuesday, March 10 at WHS.

Students taking the test had 90 minutes to answer 30 math problems.Twelve students competed for school honors.

Robert Gatton, a freshman, had the top score. In second place was Teresa Nichols, a senior. Kim Arthur and Kitty Gish tied for third place.

(The above article from the March 18, 1981 Black Kat.)

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