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Moments and Memories of WHS

1938-39 YELLOWJACKETS BASKETBALL TEAM — (Back row, left to right) Manager Durward Banks, Estill Blair, Edison Holbrook, Amos Cook, Craney Brush, Clay Stallard, Ted Cook, Coach Millard Tolliver, (front row) Kermit Lucas, Bill Tolliver, Walker Pigman, Herman Bates, Floyd Mercer and Warren Reynolds.

1938-39 YELLOWJACKETS BASKETBALL TEAM — (Back row, left to right) Manager Durward Banks, Estill Blair, Edison Holbrook, Amos Cook, Craney Brush, Clay Stallard, Ted Cook, Coach Millard Tolliver, (front row) Kermit Lucas, Bill Tolliver, Walker Pigman, Herman Bates, Floyd Mercer and Warren Reynolds.


Commencement week program

For WHS the commencement season for the school year 1937- 38 is now approaching. Since this is the largest class that has ever graduated from the WHS we are hoping to have one of the nicest commencements that has ever been held. In order that the parents may have time to make arrangements to attend these exercises the following schedule is herein given.

Sunday night, May 15, at 7:30 p.m. the Baccalaureate Sermon will be delivered by Rev. L.O. Griffith, pastor of the First Baptist Church. All other activities will be held in the grade school auditorium beginning at 8 p.m. Monday night, May 16, Mrs. Albert Jones will give her recital. Tuesday night, May 17, Class Day exercises for the senior class. Wednesday night, May 18, the 8th grade exercises. Thursday night, May 19, senior class play. Friday night, May 20, the commencement exercises for the senior class.

The only charge for any of the above programs will be for the class play on Thursday night. The commencement speaker will be Lieut. Gov. Keen Johnson, and I am sure all will want to hear him.

(The above article from the May 5, 1938 Mountain Eagle.)

Junior-Senior Banquet held last Saturday

The junior class with the aid of its sponsors, Miss Webb, Miss Cook and Mr. Montgomery, gave the senior class and faculty members of Whitesburg High School a delicious banquet in the social room of the Presbyterian Church Saturday night, May 14.

Place cards were laid for one hundred and thirty, who attended and were all finally located when the fun began. The tables were decorated in the high school colors, which added materially to the well-planned banquet.

The toastmaster, William Fred Gibson, was at his best in introducing the speakers. Bill Kincer made the welcoming address for the junior class and Verdell Bach, president of the senior class, responded.

After an evening spent in merriment, “Auld Lang Syne” was sung by all, and the banquet was over.

The banquet was prepared and served by the Woman’s Auxiliary of the church.

69 Graduate From WHS Friday night

Commencement exercises were held Friday night at the high school for the largest class of seniors to ever graduate from WHS. Sixty-nine students completed their high school studies at this time.

The Baccalaureate services were held at the Baptist Church last Sunday at which Rev. L. O. Griffith delivered the message to the class and a large congregation.

Lieutenant Governor Keen Johnson will deliver the commencement address on the program which was arranged by Prof. R. Dean Squires.

The following received diplomas at the exercises: John Adams, Geneva Adams, Helen Amburgey, Robert Asher, Ogden Blair, Arnold Boggs, Hazel Banks, Louise Blair, Van Breeding, Charles Ray Blair, Gertrude Brown, James Berlin Brown, Kermit Baker, Verdell Bach, Elizabeth Combs, Beaulah Combs, Garrett Craft, Helen Craft, Grace Combs, Bernice Combs, Bernice Collins, Astor Collins, Foister Collins, Wm. Fred Cornett, Warren H. Creech, Sara Ellen Caudill, Warren Davis, Maureen Day, Ruth Edmiston, Norma Lee Fields, Lee Frazier, Jr. Ira Frazier, Carolyn Fields, Gladys B. Gish, Wayne Hoff- man, Marie Holbrook, Patsy Lou Hall, Blanche Hubbard, Inis Hall, Lulu Holbrook, Carl Ison, Margaret King, Robert Q. Kelly, Thomas Morton, Frances Lee Maracum, Lillian Mae Moretz, Gladys Potter, Ray Pigman, Ruby Lee Pendleton, Lela Mae Picklesimer, Julia Ann Pugh, Leah Sturgill, Yarlett Swisher, Berkley Sizemore, Isom Sergent, Pruda Webb, Estelle Smallwood Blevins, Archie Sergent, Chester Webb, Benjamin Webb, Paul Winstead, Amon Whitaker, Elmer Smith, Delmer Smith, Gene Miller Tomlinson, Kenton Sturgill, Raymond Russell Hammonds, and Otto Parsons.

(The above article from the May 17, 1938 Mountain Eagle.)

Mrs. Jones’s music recital, Monday night, May 16

Mrs. Albert Jones presented her musical recital, consisting of instrumental and vocal solos, duets, trios and choruses, Monday night.

The audience appreciated the talent and training shown by the students. A violin solo was played by Steve Bowen, accompanied by his sister Stella Fae.

(The above article from the May 26, 1938 Mountain Eagle.)

WHS wins 56th District Tournament

The 56th District Tournament was played in the Whitesburg Gym, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, March 3, 4, and 5. Thursday night, Jenkins played Kingdom Come. Jenkins won 43-15. At 7:30, Fleming played Eolia, Fleming winning 35-15. Whitesburg played Jenkins and won in a close game, by the score of 20-19. Fleming played Stuart Robinson, winning by a score of 22-18. These two close and exciting games were attended by the largest crowds that have ever attended any ball game in the Whitesburg Gymnasium.

Saturday night at 7:30, Whitesburg played Fleming and won with a score of 38-23. Mayor Bill Collins presented trophies to All-County players. They were as follows: Bill Kincer, Ted Cook and Audrey Pigman from WHS; Milton Ticco from Jenkins High School; Harold Jenkins and Dee Conley from Fleming; Parsons from Eolia; and McIntyre from Stuart Robinson.

These players also received gold basketballs. Whitesburg was District Champion and Fleming was runner-up.

(The above article from the March 1938 Mountain Eagle.)

Large crowd attends Basketball Banquet

Tuesday night, March 22, one hundred and one people attended the WHS basketball banquet at the Presbyterian Church.

This banquet was served by the ladies of the auxiliary. The food was delicious and splendidly served by the girls of the church.

The basketball boys were each given the privilege of inviting a high school girl to accompany them, and they were also escorted by some ardent basketball supporter, their meal being paid by him.

Professor R. Dean Squires acted as toastmaster, introducing the team and escorts. Music was furnished by Mrs. Albert Jones at the piano and Mr. LeRoy Fields on the saxophone and was greatly enjoyed by all. A humorous reading was given by Mrs. Jones. Two trios, “Mah Lindy Lou” and “My Curly Headed Baby”, were sung by Mesdames Miles Moore and R. Dean Squires.

This was followed by a splendid speech by Coach Ed Diddle of Western Teachers College, who was also an honored guest.

The banquet came to a close by singing of “Auld Lang Syne”, each guest departed expressing what a happy occasion it had been and this recorded another memory in the history of Whitesburg High School.

(The above article appeared in The Mountain Eagle, March 24, 1938.)

Senior play

“Grandma Goes Hollywood” was presented on the senior class night. It was a beautiful gypsy play in costume. It was well acted and rendered to the delight of a large audience who thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment. Rosa Hale, Director; Verdell Back, Business Manager. The players: A hopeful writer, Verdell Back; a hopeful mother, Helen Craft; a hopeful actress, Dot Combs; a helpful old lady, Belle Gish; a harassed author, Astor Collins; a happy wife, Julia Ann Pugh; a helpful maid, Ernette Blair; a has-been star, Grace Combs; a hustling manager, Ogder Blair; a temperamental director, Garrett Craft; a Hollywood girl, Carolyn Fields. Lela Picklesimer, prompter; property men, Verdell Ogden and Astor Garrett; furniture, Mrs. D.C. Rose.

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