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Moments and Memories of WHS




Meet some of the seniors

Paul Dean Adams: Band (4 yrs.), Boys’ Chorus (3yrs.), sophomore play; Most influential teacher, Mr. Paul Boggs; Most memorable classmate, Henry Wade; Prettiest girl, “All of them”; Most memorable event, Band trip to Middlesboro; Favorite songs of the 50’s, ‘Little Darling’,’ ‘Little Things Mean the Most.’

Shirley Frazier Breeding: Glee Club, TR10, FHA, Bible Club; Most influential teacher, Ruth Tolliver; Most memorable classmate, Ruthena Smith; Most memorable event, Four years of unforgettable events; Favorite Songs of the 50’s, ‘Loveliest Night of the Year.’

Henry Wade Wampler: Band, Science Club, senior play; Most influential teacher, Mr. Banks; Most memorable classmate, Paul Adams; Most memorable event, Graduation; Favorite songs of the 50’s, ‘Kisses Sweeter Than Wine,’ ‘Great Pretender.’

Ruthena Smith Fugate: Band and Choir; Most influential teacher, Ms. Raleigh (English) Wampler (Civics); Most memorable classmate, Shirley Frazier Breeding (still is today); Most memorable event, Participating in our regional (state) choir; Favorite songs, “Anything I could use to jitterbug.”

Bobby F. Kincer: Football, Basketball, Track, Glee Club; Most influential teacher, Jim Boyd; Most memorable classmate, Bobby Lee Adams; Most memorable event, Winning EKMC in football; Favorite songs of the 50’s, ‘ You’re Nothing But a Hound Dog.’

Glenda Brooks Sexton: Band, Pep Club, Drama; Most influential teacher, Lucille Pigman, Most memorable classmate, Garland Stallard; Most memorable event, Graduation day; Favorite song of the 50’s, ‘Only You’ (Platters).

Benita Collins Long: Band, Glee Club, FHA (State Vice- President), Piano; Most influential teacher, Dorothy Jenkins, Hugh Adams; Most memorable classmate, Mary Elizabeth Combs, “Blue Eyes”; Most memorable event, Every day in high school, the Band, and the senior trip; Favorite songs of the 50’s, ‘My Happiness.’

Patsy Kincer Griswold: Glee Club; Most influential teacher, Ms. Raleigh; Most memorable classmate, Clova White Kincer; Most memorable event, Graduation; Favorite song of the 50’s, ‘September Song.’

April 12 meeting of Athletic Association

A meeting of the Whitesburg Athletic Association met on Monday night, April 12, the purpose of which was to elect new officers for the coming year.

Mr. Follace Fields was elected President; Dr. Lee Moore, Vice-President and Russell Price, Secretary– Treasurer.

The following were elected to the Board of Governors: Jack Little, Herbert Caudill, Jimmy Marlow, Jim Brown and Forrester Combs.

The next regular meeting is scheduled to be held on Monday, May 10, 1954.

Dance at VFW for band uniforms

Saturday evening, April 17 from 8 p.m. to 12 midnight, a dance will be given at the VFW, the entire proceeds which will be donated to the WHS Band uniform fund. Music will be furnished by the Whitesburg Hi School orchestra. Admission will be $2.00 per couple. So come out and enjoy the evening and at the same time help to uniform the band.

(The above articles from the April 15, 1954 Mountain Eagle.)

Band concert proves to be success

The annual spring band concert, which was given at the Alene Theater on Thursday, April 1, proved to be a success both musically and financially. The Band Club netted a profit of $200 from the concert to be used for the purchase of new band uniforms.

Citizens of Whitesburg have been privileged to see the marching band at numerous times during the current school year, but this was the first opportunity to hear the concert band under the baton of Mr. Jack Taylor, Band Director, and he is to be commended highly for the fine work he has done in the music department. In addition to the concert band, Mr. Taylor presented the newly organized 15-piece high school orchestra, which played five popular numbers in a fine manner. The applause from the audience proved that they were well liked.

We are justly proud of our band and shall be looking forward to hearing them in the not too distant future.

(The above article from the April 8, 1954 Mountain Eagle.)

My impressions of WHS by some of the freshmen

Boyd Hampton. “When I arrived at WHS, Monday 31, the first thing I noticed was the big welcome sign. It made us all feel welcome right at the start. When I went into the building I noticed how well the upperclassmen had kept the school in the past years. I hope we can keep it looking as nice as or nicer than they have. Then we met all of the teachers and were very happy to find they are the nicest teachers that any school can have. We especially want to welcome Mr. Boggs, our new principal, and we hope we can make him proud of us, and not sorry he came to WHS.”

Mary Helen Raleigh. “As I climbed up the steps the first day of school I wanted to go back home. My first impression was one of disappointment. I had expected a smaller school and the crowd of students confused me. I have begun to like school better since I have become settled in my classes and have become acquainted with my classmates.”

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