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Whitesburg High School First Homecoming

On Friday, Oct, 8, 1954 WHS will observe its first Homecoming. The highlight of the evening will be the Whitesburg vs. Lynch football game at which time the football queen, Miss Margaret Day, will be crowned. Her attendants will be: Kaye Moore, Elizabeth Blair, Nancy King, Shelbia Mullins, Arlayne Collins, Walleen Enlow, Chelsia Hall, and Donelda Breeding. The queen and her attendants were chosen by the football team.

The festivities of the day will begin at 1 p.m. on Oct. 8 with a parade through Whitesburg led by the WHS Band, featuring the queen and her attendants and as many floats as care to enter the competition. The most outstanding float will receive a $15 prize and the second prize will be $10. It is hoped that there will be numerous floats entered in the parade. Anyone wishing to enter will please contact the committee.

During the half- time, the WHS Band will present a program honoring the queen and her court.

The Whitesburg Girl Scout float took second place in the 1960-61 homecoming parade.

The Whitesburg Girl Scout float took second place in the 1960-61 homecoming parade.

Immediately following the game there will be a Homecoming dance. The Whitesburg Hep Cats will furnish the music. Admission will be 50 cents a couple or 25 cents per person. The place will be announced later.

The Homecoming committee is composed of: Rachel Moore, Martha Ann Boyd, Betty Little, Viola Moore, Dorothy Jenkins, Hugh Adams, Ed Moore, Jack Taylor, Woodford Webb, Charlie Hall and James Marlowe.

(The above article appeared in The Mountain Eagle Sept. 23, 1954.)

1955-56 Homecoming

The 1955 Homecoming Queen has been selected by the Whitesburg Yellowjacket squad. Miss Lona Lykins will reign as the Homecoming Queen of 1955. Her attendants will be Betty Lou Adams, Barbara Holstein, Rebecca Pace, Ella Louise Yonts, Shirley Ruth Combs, Mary Elizabeth Whitaker, Carol Brown and Betty Lou Caudill.

The Homecoming parade will begin at 1 p.m., Oct. 28. All floats entering the parade will form a line on Railroad Street, just back of Madison Avenue. Floats must be ready and in line by 12 noon.

The parade will begin at the corner of Madison Avenue and Whitesburg Building, and proceed to Main Street and return to Madison Avenue.

For the night performance all floats will assemble outside the football field by six p.m.

The trophies are being donated by the Bank of Whitesburg and Royal Crown Bottling Company of Whitesburg.

The Homecoming dance will be held immediately after the Prestonsburg- Whitesburg game in the school gymnasium. Admission is 25 cents.

The floats were as follows: (1) Fire Department, Best Fire Department in Eastern Kentucky (2) Welcome Committee, Town Officials ( 3) WHS Band, Michael Elias, and members of the band (4) Queen, Lona Lykins (5) WHS Beauties (6) WHS Beauties (7) WHS Beauties (8) WHS Beauties (9) Rotary Club, Davy Crockett and Bear (10) Lions Club, Boost the Yellowjackets (11) Jaycees, Memories of 1954 Homecoming (12) 4-H Club, Better 4-H Clubs for Letcher County (13) VFW Auxiliary, Wishing the Best for WHS (14) VFW Club, Lest We Forget Departed Alumni (15) Woman’s Club, Promotion of Youth in the Community (16) Pep Club, Better Sportsmanship (17) FHA, Better FHA Clubs (18) Bible Club, Better Church

All of the floats were beautiful. The first place prize went to the VFW and second place went to the Jaycees.

(The above article from 1955-56 Mountain Eagles.)

Homecoming 1956-57

On Oct. 5, 1956, WHS had their third annual Homecoming with Lana Lykins Jones relinquishing her regal position and crown to this year’s lovely queen Ella Yonts. Her attendants were Emma Walker, Bobbie Sumpter, Mary Johnson, Sandy Gibson, Judith Combs, Wanda Collier, Bobbie King, and Carol Brown. Our stinging Jackets really stung the Lynch Bulldogs with a score of 42 to 14. Preceding the game and coronation, there was a parade through town led by our high-stepping band. After the game the Homecoming Dance was held in the newly erected Harlow Motor Company building. A great day for everyone in Whitesburg!!!

Homecoming 1958-59

The 1958-59 senior class of WHS has elected Miss Margaret Bach to reign as the Homecoming Queen. The royal attendants elected by the football team will be Misses Mary Rogers, Judy Adams, Sandy Gibson, Chesta Webb, Kaye Hale, Phyllis Tolliver, Patricia Stallard, and Sammie Adams.

Homecoming has been scheduled for Friday, Oct. 3. The afternoon parade of floats will begin at 2:30 p.m. The floats will assemble at 1:45 p.m. on Madison Street and Railroad Street. The parade will be led by the bands of Letcher County High Schools. It will proceed through Main Street, making the circle at Paschal Fields’s Service Station on Route 15, and return to Madison Street.

The VFW Ladies’ Auxiliary took third place with their float showing a weathervane and “calling all grads” from north, east, south, and west. Girl Scouts, with a trainload of grads, won first place, and Brownie Scouts won second.

Homecoming 1960-61

Whitesburg Girl Scouts looked as though they had stepped right from the pages of Louisa May Alcott’s “Little Women.” Their float took second place in the competition among local civic groups in the Whitesburg Homecoming Parade.

The VFW Auxiliary float showed Snow White, her prince and seven dwarfs. The float placed third in the competition among local civic organizations.

(The above articles from Mountain Eagles, Black Kat Newspapers and school yearbooks.)

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