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Moments and Memories of WHS



Meet some of the seniors

Robert A. “Comanche” Wright: Born 4-26-39; Best Pal, Lloyd Hodge; Favorites, Teacher, Mr. Banks; Food, fried chicken; Drink, another big orange; Movie Star, Rock Hudson; Singer, Johnny Cash; Song, “Walking”; Color, Black; Expression, “Sure, Penney”; Ambition, Engineer; Secret Ambition, Ride first rocket to the moon; Activities, basketball two years, football two years, track two years, Wildlife Club, baseball one year. Honor, All-Conference End 1956.

James Lloyd Ha l l “Podge”: Born 1-3-40; Girlfriend, Beulah Bates; Best Pal, Charles Noble; Favorites, Teacher, Jim Preston; Food, Steak; Drink, Coke; Movie Star, Tab Hunter; Singer, Sonny James; Song, “Young Love”; Color, Blue; Expression, “Real Cool”; Ambition, Factory Worker; Secret Ambition, Trip to the moon.

Yvonne “Suzy” Sexton: Born 2-18-38; Boyfriend, Junior; Best Pal, “the Gang”; Favorites, Teacher, All of them; Food, Lemon pie; Drink, Ginger Ale; Movie Star, Tab Hunter; Singer, Ray Charles; Song, “Ain’t That Love; Color, Avocado Green; Expression, “You don’t say”; Ambition, Telephone Operator; Secret Ambition, to be the boss when I get married; Activities, Wildlife Club, Pep Club; Honors, Second prize in singing contest while in grade school.



Norma Jean Stallard “Nonie”: Born 1-29-38; Boy Friend, Jim Howard; Best Pal, Barbara, Charlene and Kathy; Favorites, Teacher, Miss Raleigh; Food, Southern Fried Chicken; Drink, R.C.; Movie Star, William Holden; Singer, Perry Como; Song, “More”; Color, Blue; Expression, “Oh, Honestly”; Ambition, To get married; Secret Ambition, To be a jet pilot; Activities, Beta Club, FHA, Pep Club, Chorus, Mixed Chorus; Honors, Superior rated in State Speech Festival in Lexington; FHA reporter; Senior Play

Joyce DeAnn Johnson: Born 11-27-38; Boyfriend, Don Holbrook; Best Pal, Glenda Holbrook; Favorites, Teacher, Mr. Caudill; Food, Fried Chicken; Drink, Dr. Pepper; Movie Star, Tab Hunter; Singer, Elvis Presley; Song, All Shook Up; Color, Red; Expression, “Well, Is That Right”; Ambition, Housewife; Secret Ambition, Airline Stewardess; Activities, Spectator Sports.

Boyd Orville Hampton “Dick”: Born11-11-39; Best Pal, Charles Ray Morgan; Favorites, Teacher, Jim Preston; Food, Chocolate Cake; Drink, Buttermilk; Movie Star, Frankenstein; Singer, Ernie Ford; Song, “Sixteen Tons,”; Color, Red; Expression, “ You Know Better.”; Ambition, Make a million dollars; Secret Ambition, To marry someday.

James Hollis Banks: Born 10-14-39; Pals, Bennett Collins and Junior Hall; Favorites, Teacher, Mr. Collins; Food, Fish; Drink, Milk; Movie Star, Marilyn Monroe; Singer, Elvis Presley; Song, “All Shook Up”; Color, Blue; Ambition, Live to 100 years; Honors, Being a Banks, being a senior, going to school at WHS, having Eisenhower for president.

Annette Raleigh “Germtrol”: Born 8-24-40; Boyfriend, “Military Secret”; Best Pal, Nancy Clay; Movie Star, Sal Mineo; Singer, Pat Boone; Song, “I’m Walking Behind You”; Favorites, Teacher, Miss Stamper; Food, Beef Stew; Drink, Milk; Color, Purple; Expression, “ Uh- oh!”; Ambition, Lab Technician; Secret Ambition, Doctor; Activities, Music Club, four years, Band four years, Chorus, Piano; Honors, Beta Club, Rank Leader, Section Leader of Saxophones, All Festival Band, Varsity Band ’56-’57.

Band Boosters Club

The Whitesburg Band Boosters Club met in the band room on Nov. 19 at 7 p.m. Mr. Myrel Brown, president, presided over the meeting. Plans were discussed concerning a Christmas concert which will be presented at a date to be announced. This concert will include members by the High School Band, the Girls’ Glee Club, the Mixed Chorus, and the Junior Chorus. This fine concert will be given for the pleasure and enjoyment of the public, in the spirit of the Christmas holiday season. No admission will be charged.

The Band Club is buying jackets to present to the senior band members meeting certain requirements. Nine boys and girls are to receive this honor and token of appreciation for successful and outstanding achievement.

Plans were discussed for giving a band boosters dinner. Tickets will be on sale for this dinner.

WHS Graduate (1943) Purchases The Mountain Eagle

W.P. Nolan, publisher of The Mountain Eagle, today announced the sale of the newspaper to Thomas E. Gish of Frankfort.

Nolan said Gish will take over operation of the paper Jan. 1, after final sale arrangements have been completed.

Gish and his wife, the former Pat Burnett, have had wide experience in the newspaper field. Gish for the past nine years has been Frankfort Bureau Manager for United Press Associations. Mrs. Gish was a staff reporter for the Lexington Leader for eight years. Gish, 30, is a native of Seco. His father, B. F. Gish, is superintendent of the South-East Coal Company’s mines at Seco and Millstone.

Gish attended Whitesburg High School and was named the school’s Outstanding Freshman Student in 1940. He was an active member of the Whitesburg Chapter of Future Farmers of America during his high school years, and served as chapter president during one of the years the group received district and state awards for outstanding work.

News from the hill

Visitation day was a huge success with 126 parents visiting our school. The Speech Class gave a remarkable program at 2 p.m. The remainder of the students were allowed to go home at that time.

On Thursday of last week, the annual staff completed 15 pages of the “Yellowjacket” and sent it to the press. We really worked hard and we appreciate Miss Jan Combs’s sacrifi ces so that we might have a yearbook. You people who haven’t gotten your Yellowjacket had better hurry. You’ll really miss the fun in the spring when everyone else is enjoying the cute pictures that we have sneaked.

(The above articles from the Nov. 22, 1956 Mountain Eagle.)

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