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Moments and Memories of WHS

Can you identify these WHS graduates?



WHS Class of 1951

Class officers were: President, Ina Mae Adams; Vice President, Sammy Maggard; Secretary/Treasurer, Patsy Hamilton; Class Sponsor, Vera Raleigh; Valedictorian, Donna Jo Adams; Salutatorian, Ina Mae Adams; Class motto, Not finished — just begun; Class flower, White Rose; Class colors, Black and White.

The Class of 1951 arrived at WHS scared but excited. We quickly met new people from the elementary schools around the county and acquired many new friends. Some of those friends we keep in touch with today.

Our class members participated in many school activities. We had members in the Band, Glee Club, Boys’ Chorus, Science Club, Home Economic Club, the Black Kat Staff, the football team, the basketball team, and members took voice and piano lessons.

The Band, Glee Club and Boys’ Chorus, voice students, and piano students, traveled all over the state competing with other schools. In our senior year, we had five members that gave private voice and piano recitals. We had a senior class play “Lena Rivers.” We went to Washington D.C. on our senior trip. We had four couples that dated in high school and married after we graduated.

Our most memorable accomplishment

The WHS 1950-51 basketball team put WHS in the spotlight. The team earned a place in the “Sweet Sixteen State Basketball Tournament.” The team finished fourth in the state. We outplayed such teams as Corbin and Danville. Jimmy Bert Tolliver, a junior member of the team, was voted “MVP of the Tournament.” This was the first since 1938-39 that WHS had a basketball team in the state tournament.

Class members who were on the 1951 WHS Basketball Team that played in the Kentucky State Basketball Tournament and came in fourth were Ron Kincer, Captain; Bob Stout, Gerald Kincer, Cann Craft, Maurice Blair, Manager; Ray Pigman, Coach and Vernon Whitaker, Assistant Coach.

WHS Class of 1954

President, Shirley Frazier; Vice President, F. C. Hammons; Secretary, Ruthena Smith; Class Motto, “Not Finished, Just Begun”; Class flower, white carnation; Class colors, blue and white. Top honors in the class went to a brother and sister. The Valedictorian was James Crase; Salutatorian, Guinevere Crase.

In basketball, the Yellowjackets sure made us proud. District Champions, Regional Champions, EKMC Runner-ups, B-Team Championship.

Senior basketball players were: Willis Caudill, Jim Crase, Bob Kincer, Merida Logan and Ralph Ogelvie.

In football, our Yellowjackets won the EKMC Championship. Senior football players were Bobby Adams, Richard Adams, Willis Caudill, F. C. Hammons, Bob Kincer, Ralph Ogelvie, Garland Stallard and Bill Witt.

Track, we were Regional Champions and EKMC Champions.

Rifle Teams won One Man Rifle; Peep Site Rifle and Two Girl Rifle Team.

The WHS Band marched in the Mountain Laurel Festival parade in Pineville. Miss Shirley Butcher was chosen as the first “Big Sandy Bowl Queen”.

Graduation for the class of 1954 was May 21, at 7:30 p.m. in the Whitesburg Gym.

(The above articles from the “Last Black Kat” which was distributed at the All Class Reunion at the Campbell House in Lexington, July 30, 2005.)

Picture 1, Burnman Fowler; Picture 2, Darla Banks; Picture 3, Jimmy D. Hall, III; Picture 4, Georgia Armstrong; Picture 5, Sherry Barker; Picture 6, Rodney Pigman; Picture 7, Shannon Melton; Picture 8, Tim Lucas; Picture 9, Kevin Boggs; Picture 10, Melanie Smith; Picture 11, Donald Mullins; Picture 12, Kristi Hall.

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