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Moments and Memories of WHS




Some of the seniors of the class of 1956:

James Douglas Polly, born 7-29-38. Best pal, Larry Craft; Ambition, To be happy; Hobby, Swimming; Favorites: Teacher, Mrs. Hall; Subject, Plane Geometry; Song, Band of Gold; Food, roast beef and chocolate pie; Color, blue and white; Expression, “Can’t say in public”; Honors, Sec., Treasurer of the Science Club; Six years in the band; two years in chorus; one year in football, basketball and track; Clubs, Beta for two years, Science for three years; Wildlife Club for one year.

Reba Lynn Adkins, born 4-14-38. Best pal, Billie June Parsons; Boyfriend, Wallace Whitaker; Ambition, To live a happy life; Hobby, reading; Favorites: Teacher, Mr. Jim Preston; Subject, American History; Song, Blue Suede Shoes; Food, steak; Color, green; Expression, “Oh, golly”; Clubs, Pep.

Cleo Wampler, born 7-7-36. Best pal, Christine Braham; Ambition, nurse; Hobby, collecting movie stars pictures; Favorites: Teachers, Mr. Caudill; Subject, English; Song, Seven Days; Food, potato salad and meat loaf; Color, green, Expression, “Oh! Gosh!; Clubs, Beta, Pep and Bible Clubs.

Marion Eugene Cole, born 01-09-40. Best Pal, Douglas Castle; Ambition, architect; Hobby, playing football, baseball and basketball; Teacher, Miss Raleigh; Subject, English IV; Song, Why do Fools Fall in Love? and Great Pretender; Food, meat loaf; Color, red and black; Expression, “Oh Lord”; Years in Band, 1; Years in Chorus, 1.

Rebecca Pace, born 03-22-38. Best pal, Alma Lee Hall; Boyfriend, Robert Meade; Ambition, Live a happy life with Robert; Hobby, dating Robert; Favorites: Teacher, Miss Raleigh, Miss Adams; Subject, Typing; Song; “ No, Not Much”; Food, steak; Color, blue; Expression, “Well, I’ll Be”; Clubs, Pep and Science.

Cecil Ray Barnett, born 08- 12- 35. Best pal, Bill Hacker; Girlfriend, Hester Caudill; Ambition, To marry Hester and go to Florida; Hobby, going to the drivein; Favorites: Teacher, Mrs. Day; Subject, bookkeeping; Song, Heartbreak Hotel; Food, fried chicken; Color, blue or green.

Charles Jones, born 11- 14-38. Best pal, Bill Hacker, Jim Blair, Darrel Caudill; Girlfriend, Ain’t gonna tell; Ambition, “ to marry an old fashioned girl.” Hobby, fishing, among other things including “fly tying”; Favorites: Teacher, Miss Raleigh, Mrs. Hall, Mr. Stallard, Miss Adams; Subject, bookkeeping; Song, Unchained Melody; Food, meat loaf; Color, black; Expression, “By Ned”; Honors, President of Pep Club, Getting a “B” under Miss Raleigh; Years in Football, 2; Clubs, Wildlife Pep, Manual training club, Gnat Club and Rabbit Club.

Suzanne Craft, born 07- 18-38. Best pal, Ava Martin; Boyfriend, Don Bates; Ambition, to make lots of money; Hobby, collecting friends’ pictures; Favorites: Teacher, Miss Raleigh; Subject, Family Relations; Song, Why Do Fools Fall in Love?; Food, Swiss steak; Color, baby blue; Expression, Oh! Me; Years in Band, 4; Years in Chorus, 1; Clubs, Music Club, 4 years; Wildlife Club.

Big Sandy Bowl

Well, nearly the whole school went to Paintsville, but if you didn’t see us, it’s because you weren’t up early enough. We left WHS at 6 a.m. and the band performed on the Paintsville field at 9:58. We went next to the last band to perform and as snappy as we were, you had to look fast. After the judge’s decision, we were dismal and had a defeated spirit, but no one said much.

The parade started at 2 p.m., and you guessed it, WHS band marched last as always, but the best was saved until last and that was proven by the beautiful trophy the majorettes brought home. Excitement and tension was high but the Queen, Miss Ramona Sparks, reigned majestically, while the candidates modeled. The winner was Miss Prestonsburg, neatly attired, but not more beau- tiful than our own candidate for Queen, Miss Ann Daniels.

Governor- elect A. B. ( Happy) Chandler was there and made a speech, also Lt. Governor, but we could not stay for half time ceremonies.

Mayor Wells crowned the Queen and gave her the traditional kiss. A dance after the game was enjoyed by everyone.

What football means to me

Jimmy Jones, Captain, “Football is a sport, where you have to work hard, but playing under the coaches we have is fun. It is not only fun, but builds you into a well-rounded person. You learn sportsmanship, and all the things to make a man out of you. To make a good football player, you have to give up a lot, and stay in condition (shape). I have enjoyed playing for WHS. ”

Gary Long, Co-Captain, “Football means that if a boy plays this sport, he will become one of the better boys of high school. Football helps promote sportsmanship, better character for the boy who someday hopes to become a college football player. I played high school football, not for the glory but for the enjoyment of the sport as a game. Of course a boy will get a few hard knocks here and there but when the season is over, he is always wishing for the day of another game to come. ”

William Harold Kiser, “One of the greatest sports a guy can play, helps him make a strong body and when a player gets rough, you can get rough right back with him. It also attracts ‘girls,’ especially at Homecoming or when we order our jackets. ”

Robert Meade, “Football is a game of hard work. It means lower grades, for sometimes we do not have time to study as much as the other students. It means practice during snow, rain or sunshine or what have you. But after it is all over, one can look back to no greater moments in his life, when he brings home the bacon for good old WHS. I think it is very fortunate to have such fine coaches. To me they are the best in the land. ”

Harold “Monster” Ogelvie, “Football is a real good way to get the girls to notice you. Especially one! This is the only game I know that will grow hair on your chest and skin it off too. It’s rough sometimes, but on Friday night, look at all the girls that see your handsome form. All jokes aside, I think it is a wonderful game, and every boy should play. ”

Linza Wright, “Football has meant a lot to me in the past year that I have played. I have only played one year, but I have gotten a lot of experience from it. I have learned to be a good sport and most of all, I have been able to take many exciting and pleasant trips. Although it means a lot of hard work and practice along with a lot of fun. But, as for myself I can really say I have fully enjoyed football, and the nice cooperation of the coach, team and student body. ”

Major Sparks, “Football means a great deal to me, but there is hard work as well as fun. You meet lots of nice boys and coaches. ”

Sammy Blair, “ To me football is the greatest of sports. It is a lot of hard work and a lot of fun. The work is in the practices and the fun is in the game. I’m glad I’ve got another year to play.”

(The above article from the November 1955 Black Kat.)

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