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Moments and Memories of WHS



Harris Award

The Harris Award was named in honor of Professor Henry Howell Harris, who served as Principal of Whitesburg High School from 1919 until 1927. It was awarded by the faculty to a senior boy on the basis of leadership, character, and scholastic standing. Pictured are the first eight recipients of the Harris Award.

1953-54 School Year Whitesburg Band Club meets

The Whitesburg Band Boosters Club met Friday afternoon in the band room at 2:00 p.m. The meeting opened with prayer by the Rev. E. H. Barnett. A brief welcome address to the new band instructor and new members was given by Mrs. Zenneth Bentley. During the business session, which was conducted by the president, Mrs. W.P Nolan, the following committees were appointed: Nominating committee, Mrs. Bradley, Mrs. Forrest Gentry, and Mrs. Coy Holstein. Membership committee was made up of Mrs. R.P. Price, Mrs. Windus Williams and Mrs. Oscar Lewis, and others. The treasurer report was given by the treasurer Mrs. Arthur Banks.

Mr. Jack Taylor, the new band instructor, gave a short talk pledging his best efforts for a successful year for the band. Kendall Boggs, new principal, spoke highly of Mr. Taylor and urged that all parents support him in every way. Hugh Adams, former band director, also pledged his assistance in every phase of the work of the band.

The membership drive for new members is being launched this week and the president urged that all band boosters join the club for the price of 50 cents per member.

A regular meeting date was set for the third Tuesday in each month at 3:00 p.m.

(The above article from the September 10, 1953 Mountain Eagle.)

Pep Rally held

Jack Taylor, band director, advises that the last pep rally of the season was held last night (Thursday) at 7:00 p.m. The procession of the Snake Dance, led by the band, began at the Friendly Fountain and paraded through the streets, giving several numbers in front of the Daniel Boone Hotel. This club, organized this season with Joyce Kincer serving as president, has achieved much toward creating interest and enthusiasm at the athletic events and other school activities. The band will also appear at the groundbreaking for the UMW Hospital to be erected at Tunnel Hill at 11:00 a.m. Saturday morning.

(The above article from the November 5, 1953 Mountain Eagle.)

Whitesburg breezes by Wayland to win conference crown by Coach Moore

The Whitesburg Yellow Jackets clinched the EKMC title Friday night by beating Wayland 32-0. The scoring was done by Buddy Fields, Bob Kincer, Jim Enlow, Burkie Holbrook, Ralph Ogelvie and Richard Adams, however again we have our lineman to thank for opening the gaps, not only against Wayland but all season long. Practically every man on the squad entered the game, even down to Gerald Frazier, our favorite 7th grader. This boy should be especially commended for his spirit — only in the 7th grade and he has missed just one practice session since the first of August, and that was caused by a misunderstanding between him and his teacher. Yep, we need boys like Gerald.

A lot of people and especially you boys have been wondering who the writer of this column has been and now you know. Yes, I have given you boys a few dirty digs at times and you have given me the same, not knowing who the writer was, but it was kind of fun. Boys, you have been under pressure all year. The whole town is proud of the way you have weathered the storm, beat every team in the E.K.M.C. and brought home a winner. Sure, we took two bad lickings, but as I have told you before, that’s the way the ball bounces.

(The above article from the November 12, 1953 Mountain Eagle.)

Jackets close season with triumph

The Whitesburg Yellowjackets combined good teamwork and sharp passing to close out the season in a blaze of glory by defeating the Hindman Yellowjackets in the final game of the season by a score of 71-62, thus avenging an earlier loss to the same team.

The first half was a nipand tuck affair with the quarter stop being tied at 15 all and the half-time score standing at 35 even. The second half saw the local team holding a lead throughout, although it wasn’t a comfortable lead, it was enough to notch its 17th win against 6 losses.

The Whitesburg scoring was evenly divided as all five starters hit the double digits which indicate good teamwork. Crase hit for 19, Kincer for 16, Holbrook for 15, Fields for 11, and Logan for 10. Top man for Hindman was Newsome with 19.

By decisively defeating Hindman and Carr Creek, the Jackets have sounded a firm warning to other 14th Region teams. If the local team will continue to show the teamwork, passing ability, rebounding strength and just plain old scrap that it has shown in the past few games, the Jackets could carry off both district and regional honors. Anyway, we’re with you, boys, win, or lose or draw so give them all you’ve got and remember it is better to be a good winner than a good loser.

(The above article appeared in The Mountain Eagle March 4, 1954.)

Gossip from the September Black Kat

Kaye Moore, we hear you have a crush on a certain boy. Could it be Harvey Spence? Attention: Looks as if Benita Collins and James Hale have started a new and steady romance. Just keep it going. We all think Teddy Fields is a handsome guy. Don’t you, Ann Brown? Wonder what made Frances Sturgill such a slow learner in the marching band? Could it be because she had Jim Taylor as her personal instructor and she wanted to take a lesson every day? We hear Ann Cox is lighting a flame for Willie Sergent. Why is Ralph so happy lately, could it be that Janis is in town? Notice: Sheila and Harvey claim they aren’t going steady, but do you ever catch them apart? Ken Moore it seems has finally taken notice of a girl. The Kat hears it’s Betty Frances Webb. Looks like old times for Shannon and J.W. after the Paintsville ballgame. Keep the good work up but be careful. Buddy will be home soon. Looks as if Phochie M. and Larry Craft have started a new romance.

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