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Moments and Memories of WHS



Can you identify these Whitesburg High School graduates? Answers are at the bottom of the column.

Whitesburg High School Class of 1960

The exciting senior year began with elected officers setting high standards for their fellow classmates. President Elvin Colwell, Vice- President Orbin Banks, and Secretary-Treasurer Juda Holbrook would lead the class to many accomplishments. Chesta Webb earned Valedictory honors and Salutatory was easily acquired by Emily Rose Cook.

Students named to the Senior Superlatives collection were Orbin Banks and Emily Rose Cook as Most Studious; Roger Kincer and Juda Holbrook as Most Likely to Succeed; Willis Whitaker as Most Handsome; Frances Crase as Most Attractive; and Don Kuraka and Carol Canaster as Most Popular.

Football season began early and the senior lettermen, Bobby Banks, Roger Kincer, Benny Jones, Bertrum Brawshaw, Wayne Barker, Clifford Sparks, Glen Eddy Kincer, Coy Pigman, Ronnie Frazier, Owen Pace and Woody Breeding, would teach the underclassmen what it meant to be a contributing member of the WHS football team. Coach Ed Moore’s team would compile nine wins and two losses with a total of 1376 points to their opponents 83, and earn the team title as runners-up in the E.K.M.C. Two season games did not allow the opponents any points on the score board, Jenkins 33-0 and Elkhorn City 75- 0. The Hazard game ended with Hazard 19 and WHS 13, which was one of the closest games in history of the two schools. Captain Roger Kincer would set a record that football season as the leading high school scorer in Kentucky with 214 points. Homecoming brought another first in 1960, with the homecoming queen elected by the students. The honor was given to Shirley Maggard as Queen, and the attendants were Emma Banks, Mina Breeding, Sue Combs, Juda Holbrook, Sharon Reynolds, Pat Stallard, Shirley Mullins, Jackie Walker, Brenda Williams and Cookie Wright.

Sock hops were held on Friday night or Saturday morning in the gym and often broadcast live over WTCW, the radio voice of the mountains. The best guy dancer in the class of 1960 was Larry Ison followed closely by Owen Pace and Tommy Stansberry. Prizes given to the best couple included a case of Cokes and sometimes a roll of bologna. It was rumored the winners would often host a picnic after the dance at the picnic grounds on Pine Mountain.

Skipping class or sneaking in late was not a concern for teachers because students could not walk in the quiet halls for squeaky steps and floors. Footsteps on the wooden floors echoed against the tall ceilings when anyone entered the halls making it impossible to avoid capture. Upstairs, the study hall desks faced the stage, which was also the only legal entrance into the large open space. However, some eager boys would race up the fire escape and enter study hall through the long windows in the back of the room where someone would always open the window, if closed, pretending the room was too hot. Shielded and protected by friends made it difficult to catch the intruders. It was often remarked that dur- ing Coach Ernie Trosper’s tenure in study hall, he was seen turning his head with a smile on his face as the misbehaving students focused on their open books. No one was certain if the smile was for students and their behavior, or if he was looking in the direction of the room belonging to Miss Jan Combs.

(The above article from “The Last Black Kat” distributed at the 2005 All- Class Reunion.)

Answers to the above Pictures: 1 Rhonda Raleigh. 2 David Combs. 3 Andy Fields. 4 Flecia Webb. 5 Neshella Breeding. 6 Carol Shepherd. 7 Tim Sexton. 8 Paul David Sturgill. 9 Denise Collins. 10 Claude Little. 11 Avery Adams. 12 Kathy Baker.

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