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Moments and Memories of WHS




Football Homecoming

On a beautiful Friday evening, Sept. 21, 1990, 26 lovely young ladies marched onto the WHS football field for the homecoming festivities .

Tension mounted in the air as the queen candidates were each announced. Then, the moment had fi- nally arrived . . . Miss Alicia Combs was announced queen for the 1990-91 football season. It was a sensational evening that will never be forgotten. Her escort was Joe Baker.

Alicia is the daughter of Matt and Brenda Combs of Linefork. She is a senior this year and is active in the volleyball and basketball programs. Alicia’s plans on college are undecided, but her major will probably be in economics.

Basketball Homecoming

On Thursday, Feb. 21, 1991, a buzz was in the air as 17 girls hurriedly got read for the night’s event. Basketball homecoming activities were to get underway at 5:30. Following the events was a double-header game. With a packed gymnasium, tension mounting, the girls hurriedly lined up as the band begun to play. As each girl met her escort at midcourt to meet an array of photographers, they were in anticipation of the crowning of the queen.



Everyone was relieved and excited as Nicole Adams escorted by Shawn Cook was announced to be the 1990-91 Basketball Homecoming Queen.

Nicole is the daughter of the late Ricky Adams and Peggy and Jerry Sturgill. Shawn is the son of Riley and Opal Cook.

1991 senior will, part II

I, Steve Boggs, will my ability to catch fish to Mark Boggs, because Lord knows he needs it. I, Michelle Adams, will Suzie Melton the ability to have a boyfriend for more than one week and not go out on him. I, Ron Meade, will my ability to get through school without getting into any major trouble to anyone who needs it. I, Junior Holland, will John Collins my ability to have good looks and the ability to play football. I, E.R. Hammonds, will my love to Donna Lowe for she is my true queen of hearts. I, Michelle Niece, will my great singing voice to Sergeant Downs who desperately needs it. I, Randall Caudill, will all my time and love to Mary Brock. We, Shawn Cook and Randall Caudill, will our ability to lose weight to Coach Sergent. We, Stephanie Adams and Melissa Baker, will our ability to keep an honest and lasting friendship without a fight for all four years to anyone who needs it. I, Angela Jackson, will my ability to get along with everyone to Stephanie McFall. I, Tracy Ison, will my ability to keep a boyfriend and keep him for the right reasons to Amanda Madden.



WHS students enter Kiwanis car show

On Sept.16, 1990 the Jenkins Kiwanis Club held its 5th annual Mountain Car Show. There were seven entries from Whitesburg High School, Michelle Collins with her 1990 Firebird, Anthony Hall with his 1978 truck, Vanessa Hurt with her 1967 Ford Mustang, Amy Benton with her 1990 Eagle Talon, David Pack with his 1981 Chevy truck, Tracy Gibson with his 1988 Ford Probe, and Bobby Bentley with his 1979 Chevy truck.



There were many cars and classes, the most ever at Mountain Heritage Car Show. At 1 p.m., the judging began, and tensions rose. By 5 p.m., the judging was finished and they began to give out the trophies.

Winners from WHS include (in their classes)

Amy Benton, 1st place; Michelle Collins, 2nd place; Vanessa Hurt, 2nd place; David Pack, 2nd place; and Bobby Bentley, 3rd place.

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