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Moments and Memories of WHS



Meet some of the seniors

Phyllis Tolliver: Birth-6-24-43; Friend, Sue, Shelia; Favorite TV program, Bonanza; Favorite actor, Paul Newman; Favorite song, Moody River; Co- Editor of the Yellowjacket; Advice to underclassmen, Don’t get behind in Literature notebook and party after the prom; Ambition, To come back and take Miss Adams’s place; Voted best dressed girl by the senior class.

Arius Holbrook: Birth, 4-4-43; Advice to underclassmen, To look ahead and plan what you should do instead of looking back and saying what you should have done; Friend, Janice Banks; Favorite TV show, ‘Outlaws’; Favorite actor, Michael Landon; Favorite song, Pig Latin Song; Ambition, To get a job, home and wife.

Creda Joyce Baker: Birth, 10-7-43; Advice to underclassmen, Study hard, go on the senior trip; Friend, Clester; Favorite TV show, Young Dr. Malone; Favorite actor, Anthony Perkins; Favorite song, I’m Getting Married; Ambition, To be a good wife.

David Steven Combs: Birth, 3-23-42; Advice to underclassmen, Get all of your homework up on time, so you won’t have to work so hard the last month or the last minute; Favorite TV show, The Tab Hunter Show; Favorite actor, Dennis Day; Favorite song, What I Say, Part 1 and 11; Ambition, To make something out of myself; Voted Best Boy Personality.

Billy Joe Fields: Birth, 01-10-43; Friend, Nelline Smith; Favorite TV show, Popeye; Favorite song, Mother-In-Law; Advice to underclassmen, Stay home and work; Favorite Actor, None

Kay Daniel: Birth, 6-1-43; Advice to the underclassmen, Be sweet to the teachers; Friend, Tebo Hodge; Favorite TV show, Perry Como Show; Favorite actor, Paul Newman; Favorite song, You’ll Never Walk Alone; Ambition, To own my own clothing store; Voted Politest Girl

Cleve Collier: Birth, 05- 09-43; Friend, Just Shopping; Favorite TV show, Wagon Train; Favorite actress, Kim Novak; Favorite song, Ain’t That Just Like a Woman; Advice to underclassmen, Live it up, I never did; Ambition, To be a teacher.

Brenda Williams, Birth, 08-01-44; Friend, Danny Adams; Favorite TV show, 77 Sunset Strip; Favorite actor, Paul Newman; Favorite song, Gee Whiz; Advice to underclassmen, Have your fun as you’re only a senior once unless you have too much fun; Ambition, To be an accountant; Voted Most Popular Girl.

Why I think Whitesburg Yellowjackets have lost so many football games

Ronnie Amburgey, We’ve had a lot of tough luck. Some of our games have been lost by small margins; this is largely due to so many serious injuries to our players. Kenneth Hall, The reason for losing so many games is we don’t do as the coach says. We should come out to practice every day but some only come out once a week. It is not the coaches’ fault that we don’t win. The coaches are not the ones who play the game. They tell us how to play and if we did what they say, we could win more games.

Arnold Frazier, I believe the reason we have lost our ball games is due to lack of teamwork, lack of spirit, and cooperation from the school.

Burkey Fields, Everybody does not do his best all of the time.

Wilgus Sturgill, I think the boys didn’t have enough of the ‘Old want-to spirit.’ We just didn’t want to win badly enough. Another main reason, we didn’t have much defensive end-play, which includes myself. In my opinion, we met only one team that hit very hard and that was the Lynch Bulldogs. Another reason we did not win is the other teams had more points that we did at the end of the game.

Fulton Combs, I think we didn’t have enough teamwork which by itself can defeat a team. Another important thing is the individual himself. Many of the players didn’t stay in shape as they should have.

If you were going to the moon and could only take one small thing with you in your hand, what would you take?

Marsha Kincer, I would take a joke book! People there probably never heard any jokes and you could get on the good side of them. Emma Holbrook, I would take some cheese and a box of crackers. Yvonne H. Boggs, I would take the Bible to study while going up there because that might make the trip safely. Randy Scott, I would read the Bible and trust in God that He would bring me safely back home again. Tebo Hodge, I’d take a big old sandwich a foot long. Gladys Holbrook, I would probably take a sharp knife to cut the green cheese with, because without a doubt I wouldn’t have much to eat. Freida Moore, I would take my Saint Christopher medal which has been blessed. June McCloud, I would take a picture of my mother. Rusty Combs, The most important thing that I would take would be the Holy Bible. It would bring more pleasure to me than anything else that I can think of. Creda Baker, I would take my autograph book. Goldie Gibson, I would take some of my old love letters to read, because it could get very lonesome with no one but the man in the moon up there.

Christmas song dedications

Tebo to Ramona, ‘Jingle Bells’; Josephine to Nathan, ‘Only You,’ ‘All I want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth’, ‘Soup to Santa’; Gary to Rusty, ‘I’ll Be There’; Mary Golden to Johnny Brown, ‘I’ll Have a Blue Christmas’; Charlie Banks, ‘Frosty the Snowman’; Joe to Elaine, I’ll Be Home for Christmas’; Gladys to Kenneth, ‘I’m Waiting for You’; Mr. Burkich to Jennifer, ‘Santa’s Coming in a Whirlybird’; Mrs. Gatton and Miss Cureton, ‘Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly.’

The Kat wants to know

Pete White, what are you doing with Mina Breeding, are you bound to get a majorette? Wonder why Nell Ingram likes Lees College so well, could Paul Boggs be the reason? We wonder why Wendle Banks is so interested in Cumberland River, could Nina Scott be the reason? Yvonne Boggs, is it true you have your eye on Neil Lucas? Good luck!

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