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Moments and Memories of WHS

Picture 1 - 1967

Picture 1 – 1967

Can you identify these WHS graduates? Answers are at the bottom of the column.

Whitesburg High School Class of 1957

There were 135 members in the class of 1957 that graduated on May 23 to go out into the world to seek their future and achieve their goals.

The class officers were President, Ronald Newton Collier; Vice President, John Phillip Bentley; Secretary, Patricia Fulton; Valedictorian, Ronald Newton Collier; Salutatorian, Sue Carol Caudill. Class Motto, “This far and farther”. Flower, rose. Colors, green and gold. The Yellow Jacket staff sponsor Jan Combs, Betty Pratt, Editor, Pat Fulton, Ava Martin, Arminta Ison, Janice Fleenor, Jimmy Day, Ronald Newton Collier and James Reynolds.

The Black Kat Staff, Mrs. Virginia Combs, Advisor, Betty Pratt, Editor, Margaret Day, Don Walker, Patty John, Edith Logan, Anna Lee Combs, James Stidham, Phyllis Fitzpatrick, Eleene Adams, Janice Bentley, Ava Martin, Betty Sexton, Ann Brown, Pat Fulton, Lil Fraley, Arminta Ison and Shirley Taylor.

Picture 2 - 1962

Picture 2 – 1962

The Homecoming was on Oct. 5. The Homecoming Queen was Ella Yonts and her attendants, Carol Brown, Wanda Collier, Judith Combs, Sandy Gibson, Mary Johnson, Bobby King, Bobbie Sumpter and Emma Walker, were presented at the football game. The WHS Yellow Jackets beat the Lynch Bulldogs with a score of 42-14. After the game, the Homecoming dance was held at the new Harlow Motor Co. building.

Harold Ogelvie and Ella Yonts were crowned King and Queen of the Halloween Carnival.

Seniors on the basketball team were Wendell Meade, Captain, Lloyd Hodge, Robert Wright, Harold Ogelvie, and Donald Lee Polly.

Seniors on the football team were Lloyd Hodge, Captain, Major Sparks, Co- Captain, Harold Ogelvie, Co-Captain, Carlos Fugate, James B. Adams, Sammy Darrell Blair, Bennett Davie Collier, Jimmy Day, Elmer Ray Gibson, Rodney Lynn Kincer, Donald Lee Polly, Robert Wright and John Edison Combs.

Picture 3 - 1962

Picture 3 – 1962

Lloyd Hodge was chosen for All Conference Halfback and also as a member of the 1956 All State Football team. Cheerleaders were Donna Spangler, Inez Pratt, Wanda Collier and Wanda Rodgers.

Major Sparks was chosen to play in the West Virginia Kiwanis Senior Bowl in Williamson, W.Va., between the High School All-Stars of eastern Kentucky and the All-Stars of southern West Virginia. Miss Ella Yonts, now Mrs. Major Sparks, was selected as a candidate for “Miss Kiwanis Bowl”.

WHS Class of 1949

Class colors, maroon and white. Class flower, white roses. Class motto, “Impossible is un-American”. Class officers: President, Glenn Pendleton; Vice- President, Richard L. Webb; Secretary/Treasurer, Judith Picklesimer; Historian, Helen Williams; Class Prophecy, Roxy Jones; Class Will, Yvonne Hammons. There were 75 members of the graduating class.

(The above article from “The Last Black Kat” that was distributed at the All- Class Reunion held in Lexington, July 30, 2005.)

Picture 4 - 1984

Picture 4 – 1984

Picture 1. John Swisher; Picture 2. Dean Wilcox; Picture 3. Faith Armstrong; Picture 4. Ronnie Bowling; Picture 5. Barbara Poloskey; Picture 6. Dock Frazier; Picture 7. Danny Webb; Picture 8. Rita Jarrell; Picture 9. Wade Baker; Picture 10. Jennifer Lucas; Picture 11. John Bedwell; Picture 12. Judy Tyree.

Picture 5 - 1968

Picture 5 – 1968

Picture 6 - 1970

Picture 6 – 1970

Picture 7 - 1966

Picture 7 – 1966

Picture 8 - 1979

Picture 8 – 1979

Picture 9 - 1980

Picture 9 – 1980

Picture 10 - 1990

Picture 10 – 1990

Picture 1 - 1998

Picture 1 – 1998

Picture 12 - 1973

Picture 12 – 1973

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