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Moments and Memories of WHS



Can you identify these WHS graduates? Answers are at the bottom of the column.

The following articles are from a booklet entitled “Spirit of Imagination” — A compilation of WHS student writing published during the 1990-91 school year.

“ I Remember Yesterday” by Kathy Sparks.

I slowly walked up the cracked sidewalk toward my house. I didn’t feel much like hurrying today. Everything seemed to be going by so fast these days. I just wanted to slow down for a while and take a good look at the scenery and at myself. Usually Brad would be walking me home, but today he said something about going to the library to study, which is strange, since Brad hardly ever studies. This is the first time I’ve walked home without Brad since about fifth grade, when he moved here from New York.

See, Brad lives a few houses away from me and we’ve always been close, ever since the first day he moved here. I remember, I was out riding my bike, and I saw the moving van pulling up at the Petersons’ old house. I, being young I guess and a little nosey, decided to check things out, so I stopped over by the fence and watched the movers as they took pieces of furniture into the house. Out of nowhere popped this little boy riding a bike almost just like mine. He must have just recently learned to ride because his bike wiggled all over the sidewalk. He tried to stop when he saw me, but he didn’t quite have the hang of working the brakes, so he tried to keep from hitting me and wrecked, right in a big mud hole beside me.

Now, all this time, I’d been watching with an amazed look on my face, and when he wrecked, it was all I could take. I started to laugh! This, of course, did not please the “Mud Monster,” so he thought if I found it so amusing I would find it twice as amusing if I were covered in mud. This is when he picked up handfuls of mud and threw it all over me. This made me quite angry, so I jumped off my bike, and anyway, to make a long story short, we two “Mud Monsters” both got spankings from our mothers and we got new best friends — each other.

We’d always been best friends, well until lately. See, about three months ago, me, Brad, and a few other friends went to the movies. We had a great time, as usual, and since in our town everything is so close, Brad and I walked home together, like we always did. Except this time, the stars were out, the moon was bright, and something was different. We were no longer kids who shared secrets, but two teenagers who had shared lives. At the same moment he reached out to take my hand, I reached out to take his! We walked home, not saying too much.

The next day he called and asked me for a date, just him and me. We went out for pizza and went skating afterward. It was a blast! Since that night we dated no one else. We’d gotten to be very close, at least until a week ago. That’s when Carrie Anderson’s family moved into town. Carrie is really pretty, and she knows it, too. She is a cheerleader, who thinks every guy is in love with her. The minute she walked into Greenville High, smiled, and flashed her big blue eyes at Brad, he’d not been the same.

As I neared the house, Mom walked out the door. “Honey, I’m going to the store. Your supper in on the table. Oh, and Brad called. He said he’d call back.” Mom walked on down the sidewalk, as I stood wondering why Brad would call from the library. I really did not believe he was at the library anyway. I went into the house and sat by the phone, waiting!

Finally, it rang! It was Brad! I heard the words I had been waiting to hear. He said something about us being better off as friends and that it would be like it used to be. He was sorry, but he knew I’d understand. After this, I kind of went numb. We said good-bye, and I just sat staring out the window for awhile.

When Mom came home, she found me staring out the window with a tear-streaked face. I didn’t have to explain anything to her. She had seen Brad at the store, and he’d told her about the phone call. Mom and Brad had always been close. Carrie had been with Brad! Mom tried to comfort me, but nothing helped.

The next day, I didn’t see Brad much, but after school he was waiting for me where he always did. We walked home as always before, except this time we didn’t talk much. He said something about a party Friday and asked if I was going. I wasn’t! He was! With Carrie!

We separated at my gate and waved good-bye. As he walked away, I could see him that day with mud from head to toe. I could see us climbing trees and laughing. Something happened to me that day, I had to face ‘growing up’ and ‘changing.’ Brad, just yesterday, had said things would be the same, but I knew in my heart they never would!

“ Love Is” by Vanessa Hurt

Love is a flower, blooming in a field. Love is trees, tall and green on a hill. Love is stars, on a warm summer night. Love is the moon, happy and bright. Love is happiness, no worries, no greed. Love is a song locked in my heart, never to be freed.

“A Dedication to a Memory” by Larry Profitt

A broken heart silently going on its way cruelly split apart, Going along with nothing to say.

Remembering only, what it once knew, Letting the memories fly by, Treasuring those which are of you, Sitting alone watching the night sky.

A lost soul wandering around, finding no place to go, I soon shall be lying down, Alone with no one to hold.

I can only try to make it through the night, Lying alone in the cold chill, Nothing to warm me and make things right, My broken heart is that of an OVERKILL.

Morning shall come too soon, I dream of being with thee, I remember your face and see gloom, I lie here asleep with only me.

The new day arises now, I eventually awake, feeling my heart rot, Remembering you and trying to think how, When it was only love that I sought.

Picture 1, Herky Brooks; Picture 2, Phyllis Day; Picture 3, Frances Sparks; Picture 4, Sandra Day; Picture 5, Priscilla Duty; Picture 6, Toyna Tyler; Picture 7, Daniel Bates; Picture 8, Gerrard Collins; Picture 9, Jeanette Wampler; Picture 10, Jeff Sergent; Picture 11, Justin Reynolds; Picture 12, Nina Jarrett.

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